Magic Submitter Review – Can One Tool Do it All?

Magic Submitter Review – Automated Backlinks?


If you’re building a Website, you’re going to need visitors.  It’s possible to get traffic from the search engines via search engine optimization, or SEO, but it’s a lot easier if you give the search engines a reason to send traffic to your site.  One good reason is because a lot of other sites are linking to you, as the search engines consider a link to a site to be a vote for that site.  It’s hard to get backlinks naturally, but Magic Submitter says it can do it for you automatically.

magic submitter reviewObtaining backlinks naturally is a time consuming process.  You have to create compelling content, hope people will find it, and hope the people who do find it like it enough to post a link to it on their own site.  Of course, if there aren’t any links to your content anywhere, how is anyone going to find your site in the first place?  That’s a problem that many Webmasters encounter, particularly with new sites.  That’s why Magic Submitter was created.  It can post content to article directories, video sites, blogs, press release sites, forums, PDF sites and more, and you can schedule it to work automatically.  Does Magic Submitter work?  Or is it just a scam?  Read on for our full Magic Submitter review.

Magic Submitter Overview

When it comes to backlinks, more isn’t necessarily better.  What you want is a good mix of links from quality sites, along with new links being built continuously.  Why?  Because this will simulate the way a popular site that gets natural backlinks acquires them. People who acquire their links naturally have no way of knowing where, when or how those links will popup.  If you’re creating your own links, you wan to do something similar, so that your links look natural to the search engines, which do not approve of artificial backlinking schemes.


A few years ago, a handful of backlinks to your site could help you tremendously in the search engine rankings.  Those days are gone, and today you’ll need thousands or even tens of thousands of links from a wide variety of Websites, forums, blogs, video sites and more if you want to make a dent in the search engines.  That’s even more true if you’re working in a popular or highly competitive niche.

magic submitter featuresWith Magic Submitter, you can post links to all kinds of different sites.  You can post articles to blogs and forums.  You can submit press releases to press release sites.  You can post content to video sites, such as YouTube and Vimeo.  You can post bookmarks to social bookmarking sites, such as Digg, Delicious or StumbleUpon.  The best part is that you can control this content.  You can create it, use the built-in spinner to make the content unique every time you post it, and submit it to the sites you choose on a schedule of your liking.

Nearly all sites that allow you to post content require that you create an account, add a username and password, and verify your email address.   Magic Submitter has the capability of doing all of these things automatically, saving you the trouble of having to create hundreds of accounts manually.   Many of these sites use CAPTCHAs to determine if the person posting the content is a human and not a piece of software.  Magic Submitter has built-in CAPTCHA breaking support, so that you can even post content to sites containing this type of verification.  You can also add in third-party CAPTCHA support for those codes that Magic Submitter cannot break by itself.

Proxies are supported (and recommended), as many sites keep track of the IP address of people who post to them. If you post too often, you could find yourself blacklisted from many sites, but Magic Submitter allows you enter the IP addresses of proxy servers to work around this problem.

magic_submitter_scamMagic Submitter is a standalone application that you install on your computer.  The Magic Submitter software receives regular updates, and by subscribing to the product, you’ll receive these updates automatically for as long as you subscribe.  Magic Submitter is very similar in function to the popular SENuke Xcr program, though it costs much less.  You can even get a trial of Magic Submitter for just $4.95

As Magic Submitter is a complicated program, it’s unlikely that you’d be able to just jump in and use it correctly as soon as you install it.  That’s why you’ll also have access to more than 60 videos that show you how to use Magic Submitter correctly.  In addition to the training videos, there’s a user forum, where you can ask questions and learn more about using the software.  Each month, the staff of Magic Submitter conducts a live training session, where they offer some new insights and tips on how to use the software effectively.  Should you still have problems with the software or questions about its use, you can always contact he support desk.

Keep in mind that there’s really no such thing as a “fully automatic” system for obtaining backlinks.   The links you get are only going to be taken seriously by the search engines if you take the time to create quality content that goes along with them.  You can’t just acquire some PLR articles, shove them into Magic Submitter and expect it to work miracles.  The best results will come from creating quality content yourself, taking the time to make sure that you spin it yourself so that the output of the spun content is both coherent and relevant to the topic, and then making sure that you’re posting to quality sites, rather than junk blogs.  If you do your part, Magic Submitter will get those links for you.

Magic Submitter Summary

magic submitter - thumbs upIs Magic Submitter a scam?  No, not at all.  It’s a very powerful and useful tool that, when used properly, will help you obtain backlinks to your Website and, in turn, get higher rankings in the search engines.  As with any took, Magic Submitter can be abused, and how you use it can make all the difference between seeing your rankings go up and seeing your rankings go down.  But if you study the training materials and take your time in creating your content, you can see great results with Magic Submitter.

Magic Submitter is highly recommended.  It’s a good product.


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