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30 Minutes to a Mailing List


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mailing listIn the course of writing a blog about making money online, there are a number of topics that are going to come up again and again, because they’re important to every Internet marketer.  One of those topics is the mailing list.  It’s been repeated endlessly that “the money is in the list” and to a certain extent, it’s true.  You can have the greatest sales page in the world, but even so, in order to make a sale, you must persuade the visitor to your site to make a purchase right now.  With a mailing list, you’ll have additional opportunities to persuade those who subscribe to make a purchase, as well as additional opportunities to make sales of related products down the road.

That’s all good and well, but there are a lot of people who don’t bother to create a mailing list.  There’s one blogger I admire who’s had a site for more than a year now who still hasn’t bothered to put together a mailing list.  There are many reasons why people don’t put together a mailing list, but one of them is that it’s generally perceived to be a huge hassle.  Another is that there is an expense involved, though it can actually cost a lot less to build a mailing list than you might realize.  It’s also not nearly as time consuming as you might think, and if you read on, you’ll learn how it’s possible to build a working mailing list that’s ready to attract leads in as little as 30 minutes.

Building a Mailing List

There are some things you’ll need to build a mailing list, and one of them is an autoresponder.  An autoresponder is a software tool that allows you to store the names and email addresses of the people who sign up for your mailing list.  It contains a database of names and addresses and when new people sign up or existing members cancel their subscription, the autoresponder updates the database automatically.


In addition, the autoresponder can store pre-written email messages intended for your list and can mail them out automatically at pre-chosen dates or intervals.  It’s possible to set up a mailing list, pre-load 10 or 20 or 100 messages in it, and have the messages automatically sent out to your subscribers over a period of days, weeks or months without any additional work on your part after you set it up.  You can also, of course, insert messages on a one-off basis, such as when you decide to alert your list to the release of a new product that might be of interest to them.

mailing list advantagesAutoresponders are useful tools and it’s really difficult to have a mailing list without one.  While there are standalone autoresponder programs that you can install on your PC, you’re better off subscribing to a professional service, as they provide better delivery rates.  A lot of commercial email is falsely categorized by some of the bigger email systems, such as Gmail, as spam, but the big autoresponder companies work with these email companies to ensure that their customers’ messages get delivered.

The problem with a lot of commercial autoresponders is that they’re expensive.  One of the biggest, Aweber, has a modest price that starts at $19, but that only covers the first 500 subscribers.  As your mailing list grows, so does their pricing, and many marketers are paying as much as $149 per month to use their services.  That’s why I use Trafficwave, which charges a flat rate of $17.95 per month regardless of the number of subscribers you have on your list.

Then there’s a simple matter of time.  There’s a lot to setting up an autoresponder, and a lot of people find the process daunting.  You’ve got a lot of forms to fill out, a lot of links to create, perhaps some graphics to include, and then there’s the matter of the messages themselves.  Plus, you’ve got to have some sort of offer in mind in order to entice people into subscribing to your mailing list.  All of this involves a lot of pieces and with some autoresponder companies, finding all of the help that you need to get this all set up can take some time and as I mentioned, most people who market online simply don’t bother.

That’s a shame, because a good mailing list can not only provide you with additional income, but it can also give you a great base of people who are interested in what you have to say.  If you write something interesting on your blog and you want to make sure that it gets seen, you can send out a quick note to your list saying, “I wrote an interesting article about X today and I thought you might want to read it.”  If you do that, and people read it, and find it interesting, they’ll share it with others and it can bring more traffic to your site.

30 minute list building challengeAbout That 30 Minute Mailing List

Brian Rooney at Trafficwave knows that it can be a headache to set up a mailing list and an autoresponder.  That’s why he’s created the 30 Minute List Building Challenge.  In the 30 Minute List Building Challenge, Brian will show you:

  • How to create a mailing list
  • How to create a “capture page” to get people to sign up (he’ll even host it for you!)
  • How to set up the autoresponder with 10 pre-written messages for your mailing list that are all set to mail out automatically
  • How to post links to your capture page so that people will sign up for your list
  • How to get additional traffic to your links so you can continue to build your list over time
  • How to get your first 30 days of Trafficwave for free
  • How to do all of this in 30 minutes or less.

That sounds like a lot, but I tried it myself and was able to get it all up and running in about 20 minutes.  The messages are written for you and are written so well that you won’t even need to edit them.  They’re set up to automatically mail out over a 10 day period.  And once you get subscribers for your mailing list, they’re yours to keep as your own.  You can then start sending them informative messages or sales offers for anything you like.

The information is presented in two forms – text with graphics, for those who like to read, and a 14 minute video that you can use to follow Brian while he walks you through the steps of the 30 Minute List Building Challenge.

If you’ve put off building a mailing list because you think it’s too expensive or too much trouble, you really should try the 30 Minute List Building Challenge.  You’ll be surprised at how quick and easy it is to build a mailing list of your very own.  And remember, the money is in the list.  If you don’t have a mailing list, you are missing out.

Click here to sign up for the 30 Minute List Building Challenge

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