Mailing List Optimization – Helpful Tips

Mailing List Tips – Testing and Timing

If there’s one phrase you’re going to hear a lot in the world of Internet marketing, it’s the phrase “the money is in the list.”  That means that if you’re running an affiliate marketing Website, you should be building a mailing list.  You can share information and tips with your subscribers, and of course, send them occasional offers when you think you’ve found a product that might be helpful to them.  While it’s certainly possible to make money without a list, having one helps, and some marketers have lists with more than 100,000 people on them.  When they mail to those lists, they get results, and they’re likely making good money, too.

mailing list optimizationOf course, there’s a difference between doing something and doing something well, and how you manage your mailing list and create your mailings can make a huge difference in your bottom line.  A lot of this comes with experience, but there are a few basic things that every marketer should pay attention to in order to maximize the results they get when they send a message to their mailing list.  In this post, I’ll go over a few of the more obvious things that can make a big difference between getting an average response from a mailing and getting a great response.

Mailing List Tips

Below are a few helpful tips for managing a mailing list that can sometimes make the difference between a so-so mailing and one that gets gets great results.

Use your own voice – If you’re promoting a product from Clickbank or JVZoo, chances are good that the creator of the product you’re promoting will offer pre-written email messages for you to send to your mailing list.  A lot of lazy marketers simply cut and paste those messages and send them out.  You’ll get some results this way, but you likely won’t get great results. Why?  There are a couple of reasons for that.  First of all, many people subscribe to more than one mailing list, and chances are good that they’re going to receive these pre-written messages from more than one marketer.  When you get the exact same message from more than one person, it’s going to be obvious to the reader that the sender is simply using cut and paste, and they’ll probably just ignore the message altogether.


The second reason is that many of these messages are written like sales pages and use over-the-top language that many readers are simply going to find implausible.  If a sales page offers a video and you receive a message that says “I saw this video and I simply couldn’t believe it!”, they’re likely to think “He’s trying to sell me something.”  Instead of using pre-written messages, try to write your own and use your own voice.  Don’t push so hard to make the sale but instead suggest to the reader that what you’re offering can help them in some way and that the video will explain how and why.  In my experience, you’ll get better results that way, as people in this industry quickly become numb to hype and over-the-top promises.  A little bit of time writing your own messages or at least rewriting the pre-written ones to use your own words and phrases can make a big difference.

mailing list testingTesting – The marketers that get the best results will do a lot of testing.  Generally, this involves sending out multiple mailings using different headlines to see which ones produce the best results.  In time, you’ll learn what sort of headlines produce the best open rates, though it’s also possible and worthwhile to test other parts of the message, too.  Something worth testing besides the headline is the “call to action” – the phrase that you use to get them to click the link and visit the Webpage.  If you’re going to test anything besides the headline, the call to action is probably the next best thing to test.

Timing –  What you send is important, but so is when you send it.  People have busy lives, and the time of day and day of the week when you send an email message to your mailing list can have a huge impact on your open and clickthrough rates.   Weekdays tend to work best, and clickthrough rates seem to be slightly higher on Fridays.  Weekends tend to get lower open rates, though messages sent on Sundays tend to get rather high click rates.  You won’t get a lot of people to read your messages on Sunday, but among those that do, you’ll get higher click rates.  As a rule, sending Monday-Friday works best.

mailing list timingAs for the time of the day, mid-day, from roughly 10 AM to 2 PM tends to get the best results.  Messages sent early in the day have a greater tendency to get discarded, probably because many recipients are just getting started at work and are quickly deleting messages that don’t require immediate attention.  By sending a bit later, you’ll get more focus from the people on your mailing list, but you don’t want to wait too late in the day, because by then they’ll already be thinking about going home.  Keep in mind, too, that in the United States, most of the population lives east of the Mississippi, so you’ll likely want to send your messages based on the Eastern time zone.

Don’t forget mobile – A lot of people read email messages on mobile devices, and if you’re not making sure that your messages are readable on a phone or tablet, you’re going to have significantly lower open and clickthrough rates.  A surprising number of people say that they simply delete messages that they can’t read on their phones, so keep that in mind.

Mailing List Optimization Summary

When creating and maintaining a mailing list, you want to keep your subscribers engaged and of course, you’d like them to respond to offers that you send them.  Be sure that the messages you send to your mailing list are written in your own voice, as your subscribers want to hear from you and not from the creator of some product you’re offering.  Be sure to test headlines and calls to action to get the best results.  And be cognizant of the time at which your messages are sent.  You want to send them at a time when your subscribers are interested in reading them, and that’s how you get the best results.

A good mailing list can be a huge boost to your success.  Be sure you’re using it as efficiently as you can.




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