Make Money With Google Review – Is $25,000 Monthly Possible?

Make Money With Google Review – Simple and Profitable?

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The creator of Make Money With Google, a woman who identifies herself as “Jean”, says she used to be poor until she found the secret of how to make money with Google and Clickbank.  Because she loves helping people make money online, she’s going to show you her system that lets her earn between $3500 and $25,000 per month using Google & Clickbank.  Is that possible? Does Make Money With Google actually work, or is it just another attempt to take your cash away from you?  Read on for our full Make Money With Google review.

make money with google - jeanJean says she’s actually earning upwards of $50,000 per month now with her special Websites that she creates to Make Money With Google and she has some screenshots that show her earning as much as $1000 per day with Clickbank alone.  She also has some glowing testimonials from happy Make Money With Google customers.  She even pretty much tells you what the Make Money With Google program is all about, and how it works and how you’re going to make money with it.

Make Money With Google Overview

The key to how to Make Money With Google is to build a series of Websites, each of which has more than 300 pages.  Apparently, 300 pages is the “secret” and after that, all you have to do is build a bunch of these 300 page sites.  Each of the sites is going to be keyword-rich, and cover a specific topic.  Then you’re going to insert a “special link” that Google will provide in the code for each page on the site.  You’ll also insert code that places ads for Clickbank products on each page of the site.  In addition, Jean says that your sites will get “tons of traffic” without you having to do any promotion or marketing, because of her “secret linking strategy” with and  So, all you have to do is buy Make Money With Google for $47, read about how to build those sites and get the “special link” from Google and you’ll have a moneymaking machine in no time.  Then you just rinse and repeat and do it over and over again.

make money with google review

Jean is going to make it even easier for you.  In the upsell offer, she’ll build the Websites for you.  You won’t have to do any work at all.  She’ll build 2 300-page Websites for you for only $105 and 10 300-page Websites for just $185, and you can sit back and cash in.  She even has a picture of Kim and Jeff Collins of Houston, TX, who ordered the 10-site package 3 months ago and they’re already earning over $27,000 per month!

Sounds great, except…

…that the sites you are going to create with Make Money With Google are junk.  You can visit one of Kim and Jeff’s Make Money With Google sites here. These sites consist of an intelligible article on the home page and then hundreds of pages that consist of nothing more than a couple of hundred words of keyword spam.  They don’t even contain complete sentences; they just contain phrases having to do with the keyword for the page, repeated over and over.  The remainder of the page is loaded with ads.  One Make Money With Google page I saw had 3 Google Adsense ads and five different banner ads.

make money with google - kim and jeff

Kim and Jeff?

The “special link” that Google is going to provide for you is for their Adsense program, which puts context-dependent ads on your site.  Google approves new Adsense accounts manually.  They’re not going to approve a lousy site like the one listed above, and if you somehow have an Adsense account already and you put Adsense code on a site like that, Google is likely to cancel your account rather quickly.  The pages not only contain junk content, but they don’t have very much of it, so they’re keyword-rich and content-light. These kinds of sites haven’t worked well in at least a decade.

Here’s what’s going to happen when you buy Make Money With Google and pay them to build your sites for you.  They’ll take your money.  They’ll build your sites.  And then…nothing will happen.   Google (and probably Bing) won’t even bother to list your sites in their index, because they’ll decide that the content isn’t worthwhile and that the sites aren’t anything that would be useful to anyone.

What about Kim and Jeff Collins and the $27,000 that they’re supposedly earning? I can’t say, because there really isn’t any “Kim and Jeff Collins.”  The photo of Kim and Jeff is a stock photo, which you can find on hundreds of Websites around the Internet, mostly for promoting dental and dating offers.  What about all of the testimonials?  All of the photos of the happy Make Money With Google buyers are also stock photos.  I can’t speak for “Jean” the alleged creator of Make Money With Google; she may or may not be a real person.

No, not Kim and Jeff.

No, not Kim and Jeff.

In all likelihood, “Jean” or whoever she is, has a site-building tool that will allow her to create a 300 page Website like the one above in about three minutes.  The content consists of little snippets of text that have clearly been scraped from other Websites.  It’s worth noting that the content is of such poor quality that one of the Google ads that I saw was for something that was not related to the keyword for the page in any way.

Make Money With Google Summary

make money with google - thumbs downMake Money With Google is a surprisingly popular product on Clickbank, probably due to the fact that they offer to build ten sites for you at a very affordable price and they’re promising the potential to earn upwards of $250,000 per year.  In all likelihood, if you buy Make Money With Google, you’re going to earn nothing, because the search engines hate sites like that.  As I write, the site linked above is listed in Google’s index, but then again, this site appears to have been put online just four months ago.  I wouldn’t expect that site, or any site like it, to last very long once the search engines get a good look at it.

The bottom line?  Make Money With Google is not a good product, is likely to cost you several hundred dollars, and isn’t going to make any money for anyone other than the seller.  If you want to learn how to make money online the right way, avoid Make Money With Google and try Wealthy Affiliate instead.  That program is free to join and offers some real, useful training that will show you how to make money online without trying to fool the search engines into thinking that your lousy, auto-generated Websites have something of value.

Make Money With Google is emphatically not recommended.


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  1. Question for the 25 domain and the 75000 webpages how long would it take before i finally start making money with this

  2. I finally got it!!!!!
    And it didn’t cost me anything thanks to time and surching around!!! Amazing, Thanks Google!!!!!!

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