Making Money in 2016 – The Secret to Success

Making Money in 2016 – Find a Plan

If you’re reading this, it’s likely because you’re interested in making money in 2016.  There’s nothing wrong with that; we all have to eat.  It’s much more fun and interesting to work from home than it is to work at a job you hate, so why not try to be your own boss?  The problem for many people is that they don’t know how to go about it or what to do.  While there is no “one size fits all” solution that works for everyone, there are some general principles that can help anyone who is interested in making money in 2016.

making money in 2016A common problem among people who are new to trying to make money online is to try to find a “system” that will allow them to make money quickly and without a lot of effort.  There are such systems that do make money, but the problem is that they usually only make money for the people who sell them.  The people who buy them are generally out of luck, because there are no simple “systems” that will allow you to make money easily.  The truth is that it’s had work to succeed online and it’s going to be a full time job to succeed.  That’s the bad news; the good news is that there is a general process that can apply to just about anything you want to do to succeed.  If you’re interested in making money in 2016, then read on and I’ll explain.

The Process for Making Money in 2016

There’s nothing revolutionary about what I’m going to describe; it’s the same process that every Website that is successful uses.  Every. Single. One.  The key to making money in 2016 is to understand how that process works and decide how to put it to use for yourself.  That’s the part that will differ from one person to another.  What you’re doing to make money will vary from one individual to another, but how you go about it is largely going to be the same.  That’s because the key to success for every moneymaking Website is based on a set of fundamental ideas that works no matter what you’re selling.


What’s this process all about?  It’s pretty simple, and I’ll describe it below:

find a productFind a product that the public wants to buy.  Ideally, find a product that will solve someone’s problem.  It doesn’t matter what the product might be; people need all kinds of things.  You’ll be more successful if you offer something that solves a problem, however, because when people have a problem, they are willing to pay money to make it go away as quickly as possible.

That’s why products related to weight loss or how to get your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend back sell really well.  Being overweight is a problem, and people will gladly pay money for a solution.  While I’ve just listed two such problems, there are literally thousands of things that people will gladly pay for if you offer an affordable solution to a problem they have.

The product doesn’t have to be something that you actually sell yourself or mail to them; you can make money selling other people’s products through a system called affiliate marketing.  With affiliate marketing, you enter into an agreement with the person or company that sells the product and they give you a special link that you can give to your customers.  When they click on that link and buy the product, you get a commission.

Build a Website to offer them a solution – Obviously, if you’re going to solve someone’s problem by selling a product to them, then you need to offer a place for them to buy it.  A simple Website built with the free WordPress blogging platform offers a great way to build a site.

By building a Website, you have a place where you can offer help, advice, tips, suggestions and general information about the solution to the problems that your site visitors might have.  Then you can also offer the solution, either in the form of a product you sell directly or one that you promote as an affiliate.  That’s where you’ll be making money in 2016.

creating contentProvide useful content – The key to getting visitors to your site is having valuable and original content on the site.  Search engines love sites that offer a lot of interesting, in-depth content on any topic, so you should strive to become THE authority for whatever it is you’re trying to do.  This isn’t something you’re going to be able to achieve overnight; it’s something that comes with time as you slowly add articles, tips and more general helpful information for your site visitors.

If you add one page or blog post per day to your site, within a year, you’ll have more than 300 pages.  That’s a lot of content, and over time, both the search engines and the public will notice.  It’s all about small steps, but if you stick with it, you’ll see that over time, your site will get bigger, you’ll start to get more traffic and you’ll eventually start to make sales.  People tend to get discouraged when they don’t see immediate success, but the Web is competitive and it takes time to succeed.  Remember – this is a career you’re talking about and you’re not going to become a success overnight.

website traffic

No, not that kind of free traffic

Get traffic to your site – Admittedly, this is the hardest part, but what I’ve found over time is that if you build out a site slowly, add content to it regularly and offer both content and products that have value to your site visitors, you will get traffic with time.  People will see that your site is helpful and they’ll put links to your site on their sites and that will help you establish credibility on the Web.  Of course, if you have the budget for it, you can get traffic more quickly by running ads on Google or Bing, but even if you don’t do that, the traffic will eventually come.

I built this site a little under a year ago, and I haven’t done any paid advertising.  In the time the site has been online, several hundred sites have linked to this one, simply because I offer useful content.  Be patient.

A Good Suggestion for Making Money in 2016

While the tips suggested above for making money in 2016 are overly broad, they do apply to every single money making site on the Web.  It’s a set of basic principles that applies to anything you want to do to make money online.  If you want to learn more, and you would like some formal training regarding how to make that process work for you so that you can create your own online business, I suggest that you check out my #1 recommended product.   It’s an online community of dedicated people who  want to help one another succeed in their online business.  You can even sign up for free.  If you’re serious about making money in 2016, you might want to check it out.



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