Making Money Online For Newbies

Getting Started Making Money Online


Tens of thousands of people are interested in making money online, and chances are that you are, too.  Working for yourself is a great way to earn a living, and there are numerous advantages to Internet marketing over having a regular job.  While it’s nice that there’s no one to tell you what to do; that’s also the downside – there’s no one to tell you what to do.  You’re going to have to figure it out for yourself or at least find some guidelines, or you’re going to find yourself unable to earn money.

making money onlineThere’s no real secret to making money online; you’ll find that what you need to do to earn a living in Internet marketing of any kind is to do what other successful businesses are doing.  Then you copy what works, add your own twists and personality, and take it from there.  The main thing that you need to understand is that it’s going to take some time.  you’re not going to get rich right away, and you may never get rich.  You can, with some time, effort, and patience, earn a decent living, however, and for most people, that’s good enough.

Misconceptions About Making Money Online

There are a number of misconceptions about making money online, and these are often exploited by marketers in the “get rich quick” niche.  I’ll go over a few of them here:

It’s easy, if you know the secret.  This is often used by people who are selling a product that they claim to be “the secret” to making money online.  There is no secret; the steps are always the same:

  • Build a Website with lots of interesting, in-depth content in a niche that will interest people.
  • Offer a product for sale or recommend a product as an affiliate that your site visitors will find helpful.
  • Take steps to ensure that people can find your site, that the search engines will index your site and rank it for keywords that are important to your niche.


Those are the three basic steps, and while they appear to be easy, they’re not, and that’s especially true of the third one.  Marketers that offer to sell you “the secret” to making money online the easy way are attempting to take advantage of you.  It’s not easy, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t possible.  It is possible; tens of thousands of people earn a living online, from individuals working part time to large corporations.  It’s possible; it just isn’t necessarily easy.

making money online quicklyYou can be making money online quickly. Along with “it’s easy”, the second most common misconception is that it can also be fast.   Here’s the brutal truth – you’re not going to build a Website today and be making money online tomorrow.   I hate to disappoint you, but that’s not possible at all unless you’re willing to spend a ton of money on paid advertising.  Otherwise, you’re going to have to be patient.  You’re going to have to build your site slowly, a page at a time and you’re going to have to accept that it takes time for the search engines to recognize that your site is helpful to their visitors.  A few years ago, Google refused to list new sites in popular niches at all until they’d been online for six to nine months.  They’re more lenient now, but there’s still a huge difference between listing a site in the search results and ranking it highly.  Building a profitable online Website takes time.

You can become a millionaire.  There are still too many appeals to greed in the industry, and too many products and Websites that have photos of yachts, models in bikinis, jets, beaches, fancy cars and mansions.  Yes, it would be nice to make a fortune online, and a handful of people have done it.  But earning even one dollar can be difficult; earning a million dollars is simply going to be beyond the reach of most people, regardless of how they’re making money online.  Claims of how a particular product, book, training course or software product are going to make you rich are a distraction, and I’ve yet to see a product of that sort that was helpful in any way, other than padding the bank accounts of the people who were selling them.  On the other hand, while you’re not likely to become a millionaire, you can still earn a good living, and there are lots of people with six figure incomes making money online.  It’s possible to succeed, provided that you can keep your expectations realistic.

making money online on autopilotIt’s automatic – Someone left a comment on my site recently that said, “Show me how to make money on autopilot.”   The word “autopilot” pops up a lot in discussions of making money online, and it’s a bit of an exaggeration.  It’s true that a properly constructed affiliate marketing site should be able to function properly without you having to sit by your computer 24 hours a day, but it takes time to get there.  There’s nothing you’re going to do today that’s going to have your site earning money without any effort from you tomorrow.  If you can get to that point, great, but don’t count on “autopilot” anything anytime soon.

First Steps to Making Money Online

The first steps to making money online would be this:

  • Understand how Websites work and how to build and maintain one.
  • Find a niche that interests you for which you can create a lot of content
  • Find a related product that you can sell directly or which you can recommend to earn money as an affiliate.
  • Learn about generating traffic and ranking a Website in the search engines.

There’s a lot to learn.  Your best bet, particularly if you’re new at this, is to find a good training program.  Not one that’s going to show you how to go about making money online, but one that’s going to show you how to build a successful online business.  There’s a difference between the two, and if you build a well-designed Website with good content, then the traffic will come and you can make sales from it.  It’s all about process and understanding how an online business works.

If you’re interested in building a business, dedicating time to it, and are willing to learn new skills, then I would recommend that you pay a visit to the Wealthy Affiliate.  I’ll grant that the product is overnamed; it’s really not about wealth.  It’s about learning how to build a business.  What you do with that business, what you sell and how you go about it is up to you.  The Wealthy Affiliate program isn’t about making money online, but it will steer you in the right direction and put you in contact with thousands of other people who have worked hard and seen success from it.

Making money online isn’t fast, easy, or automatic.  But it is possible, and you can do it, too.


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