Making Money Online Isn’t Easy

The Realities of Making Money Online

I get a lot of traffic to this site from people who are searching for reviews of sites that are essentially scams.  The bulk of these sites are those that offer people ways of making money online for doing relatively little work, such as taking surveys or for reading news articles.  It’s not surprising that these sites attract a lot of attention; the amount of money they offer is considerable (sometimes as much as $1000 per day) while the amount of work involved is negligible.  I get it; lots of money for little or no work is appealing.

making money onlineUnfortunately, many of these people end up spending many hours or days at these sites, hoping to get paid and getting frustrated when they don’t.  Making things worse is the fact that many people who fall for these scams are already in financial trouble and they really need that money that isn’t going to come.  Then, as a result of the reviews I’ve written, I get email messages from people asking “How can I make money online fast?”

The Truth About Making Money Online

The short answer to that question is, “You can’t.”  At least, not if you don’t already have a lot of money to spend.  You could, in theory, build a Website today that offered visitors something to buy and spend a lot of money on paid advertising to drive traffic to the site and make money that way.  But that would assume that you have something to sell, know how to build a Website quickly, understand enough about how pay per click advertising works to run ads that don’t initially lose money, and have a lot of money to spend on that advertising.


If that’s the case, you likely don’t need to go about making money online fast, because you already have money.  It’s expensive running a pay per click campaign, so you’ll need money to do that.  Unfortunately, that is the only way I can think of to go about making money online right now.

making money online isn't magicThere’s nothing special or magic about making money online; it’s like making money in any other way – it’s going to take time and it’s going to take some skills, either ones you have already or ones you are willing to learn.  In other words, making money online is going to be a job and if you’re not prepared to look at it that way and take it as seriously as you would a job and devote the time and attention to it that you would devote to a job, then you’re not going to be making money online.

That said, making money online is no less valid or worthwhile than any other way you might go about earning a living and it does come with a few advantages:

  • You can choose your working hours.  You will have to work, but you can do it whenever you like.  There’s no schedule.
  • You can work from home or you can work on the beach.  If you’ve got a computer and an Internet connection, you can get the work done.  I’ve built Websites in airports, fixed problems while at sea on a cruise, and added blog posts while sitting by the pool in Mexico.
  • You usually get paid electronically, so you won’t have to mess with checks.  It’s all straight to your PayPal or bank account.
  • The potential to earn a lot of money is huge, provided that you’re willing to put in the effort.

If you’ve made the commitment to devote the time and energy to making money online, then the next question becomes, “How do I do it?”  There are a number of ways to do this, and some work better than others and some will be more suited to some people than others.   I’ll offer a few suggestions.

Retail sales – If you have a product to sell, then one way to go about making money online is to build an online store and sell things.  I have some success with that over the years; I’ve had four different sites where I sold physical products and shipped them to people.  It’s an “old school” way of making money, but it works. People need and want things and if you can provide some niche product that no one else is providing, then you can make money at it.  It’s easy to set up a store in WordPress and there are a number of plugins that make it easy to turn your WordPress site into a working eCommerce site.

Fiverr Gigs – The market on Fiverr is a lot more competitive than it used to be, but if you have skills that will allow you to perform some modest task quickly, people will pay you for it.  Fiverr used to be limited to $5 jobs, but you now have the opportunity to offer add-ons at higher prices.  While the market is competitive, there are still good opportunities for making money online at Fiverr.  Go check out the site and see if you can offer something there that will make people’s lives easier.

making money online with bloggingBlogging/Affiliate Marketing – Creating a blog and offering related products to your audience via affiliate marketing remains a viable way of making money online. It’s time consuming; you’re going to have to be prepared to write a lot and to do it on a regular basis.  I make an effort to add a post to this blog every day.  Some days it’s easy and on other days, I have no idea what I’m going to write about.  Find a niche you like and one you’re ready to work on every day and then find one or more products that are related to your niche that you can offer to your site visitors.  It can be a lot of fun, and it can be crazy profitable.  There are people with blogs that get fifty to one hundred thousand visitors every day and rest assured, they’re making money online from those sites.  So can you.

Making Money Online Conclusion

Don’t be discouraged by the “revelation” that you can’t be making money online immediately.  In all honesty, that shouldn’t have come as a surprise to anyone.  Then again, making money online is worthwhile, and it is possible and it’s a lot more fun than working a job that you hate.  I think the best bet for most people is to try affiliate marketing by creating a blog and for that, I recommend Wealthy Affiliate for learning what you need to know about making money online.

Making money online requires effort and patience.  It’s worth it.


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