Making Money Online – Who Succeeds?

Making Money Online – What’s the Secret?


If there’s one thing I see a lot in the course if this business, it’s desperation.  I see it on marketing forums and I see it in the email messages I receive from this site.  “I really need money.  Please help.”  “What can I do to make money today?”  Desperation comes in varying degrees, of course; some people are literally starving while others are simply out of work and have no income.  They’ve heard that there are ways of making money online, and they are hoping that someone, somewhere, will tell them “the secret” so that they can start earning piles of cash.

making money onlineThere is certainly no shortage of people who want to sell “the secret” to you, and it’s usually in the form of a system of some kind.  You buy an ebook or some software, and you do what the book tells you to do, and then the money rolls in.  There are lots of people selling such systems and most of them make a lot of money….selling the system.  I’m not so sure that they’re actually making any money from using the system.  The profits come from offering that system to desperate buyers.   There’s a problem with that, however, and if you don’t pay attention to it, you’ll have problems making money online.

Making Money Online Systems

There’s a problem with most of the systems for making money online.  Actually, there are two, and one or the other will pop up with every one of them.


The system doesn’t work.  You should automatically suspect this every time you see someone selling a system for making money online that they tell you earned them $10,000 in a month, yet the price of the system is only $27 or $37 or some other reasonable figure.  Most systems for making money online do work, at least for a while, but few systems are immune to saturation – if everyone is using them, they don’t work anymore.  If that’s the case, then why would anyone sell a system that could earn thousands of dollars per month for just a few dollars?  The most common reason is because the system doesn’t work anymore.  It used to, and then for some reason, it quit working, and instead of using the system for making money online, the product creator is now selling the system to the public to continue to make money from it.

making money online systemThe system will stop working.  This one pops up more often with more expensive systems, and I’ve encountered this on more than one occasion.  I have twice purchased software for making money online that cost me a bundle (one was $1500 and another was $2500.)  The both worked exactly as described, and one of them allowed me to build dozens of Websites per day, and most of them would rank on the first page of Google.  Within a couple of months of buying the software, I was earning close to that $10,000 per month figure, and I was certain that I could double that within the next six months…and then Google made an algorithm change, and all of my Websites disappeared from Google’s listings overnight.  Three months later, my income dropped to zero, and I was left with a very expensive piece of software that was absolutely worthless for making money online.

The problem when you buy these systems for making money online is that they only do one thing, and even if it works, it’s unlikely to continue working indefinitely.  When it stops working, what happens next?  You’re left knowing how to do one thing and that one thing is incapable of producing any income. That’s why pursuing some system of making money online usually doesn’t work, and if it does, it rarely works for long.

What does work?  Is there a way of making money online that actually works?

Yes, and I’ve covered it before.  Find something that people actually want and sell it, or promote it to them as an affiliate in exchange for a commission.

making money online scamThere are always going to be things that people want and are willing to buy.  They might be physical things – TV sets, blenders, exercise equipment, or video games, for example.  Or they might be downloadable products, such as a dog training manual or a method of losing weight.  If you can find something that solves someone’s problem or takes care of an immediate need, and sell it to them, you’ll be making money online.

You have to understand, however, that this isn’t a push-button system for making money online.  This is an ongoing business.  It’s a career.  It’s not something that you’re going to do in a few minutes a day and then forget about.  It’s something that you’re going to have to decide is your job, and you’re going to have to commit yourself to working on it full time.  My job is that I’m an online marketer.  One of the things I do with this job is write this blog, where I offer advice for people who want to make money online and review products that I think may (or may not) help them do that.

But this blog isn’t all that I do.  I own a number of other Websites.  Some promote affiliate products.  One of them involves direct retail.  When someone buys something, I actually have to put it in a box and mail it to them.  That project is actually a fun one, and it’s a hobby-related site that I really enjoy running.  That makes it easier, and it’s always easier if you’re doing something that you like.

Success at Making Money Online

The people who succeed at making money online are the people who realize that they need to build a business, not spend their days searching for a quick and easy “system” that’s going to throw a bunch of money their way.  Every successful online business uses the same model – find a product.  Build a Website to sell it.  Put content on the site that makes it clear to the public why they need that product.  Give them a way to buy it.  Making money online isn’t a magic system; it’s a time-tested process that requires full time attention.

The people who understand that are making money online.  The people who don’t are desperate and poor.  Which one describes you?


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