Marketing Niche – Which One is the Best?

Marketing Niche – Finding the Best One

I’ve written before about how important it is to choose a marketing niche, and why it’s better to focus on something that’s popular but relatively narrow, rather than something broad.  After all, a niche, by definition, is “a shallow recess.”  It’s something small, rather than something broad.  That’s why I’ve suggested, for instance, that if animals interest you, picking a marketing niche around dog training would be a better choice than something relating to animals in general, or even dogs in particular.

marketing nicheStill, people tend to think in bigger terms than that, at least when they’re first starting out in online marketing.  That’s why you’ll frequently see people in marketing forums asking questions such as “What is the best niche?”  That would seem to be a straightforward question; the person asking simply wants someone to tell them what to do in order to make money.  The problem is that a question like that actually brings about more questions than it does answers.

Your Marketing Niche is Personal

The problem with asking a question like that is that it doesn’t take into account the human factor in choosing a marketing niche.  When you ask a question like that, what are you prepared to do with the answer?  What if you asked and someone said, “Online casinos”?  As it happens, online casinos do represent a profitable marketing niche, and one that can pay several hundred dollars per sale.  But are you prepared to jump in and start promoting online casinos just because someone told you that’s the “best niche?”  Do you know anything about online casinos?  Do you even care?  Are they legal where you live?  Are they legal where your likely Website visitors live?  If you’re in the U.S., for example, you’ll have a hard time in that marketing niche, because U.S. citizens don’t have access to such Websites.


Casual advice given regarding the choice of marketing niche could include a few things that are both profitable and “evergreen”, which means they’re always in demand:

Dating and Relationships
Health and Fitness
Finance and Credit
Betting and Gambling

Each of these is a marketing niche that has been proven over time to have high demand as well as high-paying affiliate products from which you can make money and each of these is a marketing niche in which a lot of people are earning a lot of cash.

marketing niche satisfactionBut before you run off to build a dating Website or jump in to promote health and fitness products, you should take the time to consider whether jumping into that particular marketing niche is right for you.  All of the niches above, as well as a hundred others, are potentially profitable.  All of them are also quite competitive.  If you decide that you’re going to create a dating site, you need to be aware that Google currently lists more than twenty million of them!  That doesn’t mean that you can’t make money in the dating niche, but it does mean that you’re going to have to spend a ton of time on it.  And time is a precious commodity.

Whatever it is you’re going to do, and whatever marketing niche you choose, is something at which you’re going to spend a lot of time.  It’s going to be work, and it’s going to be time-consuming work.  If you pick a marketing niche simply because somebody on some marketing forum says it’s profitable, rather than one that actually interests you, you’ll probably have a tough time making money at it.  Why? Because you’re likely to discover fairly quickly that you aren’t all that interested in the marketing niche you’ve chosen, and a lack of interest soon leads to a lack of effort.  That’s not a reflection on you personally; that’s a reflection on human nature.  We’re simply more inclined to do things when they interest us.

marketing niche isn't all about money

It’s not all about money

I’ve worked in all kinds of niches – health and fitness, casinos, eBay, finance, and legal, among them.  The legal site was one that was potentially huge; I built the site years ago when Google’s Adsense was new and I discovered that some keywords in that niche were worth nearly $100 per click.  I quickly built a Website around a legal niche and soon found myself tasked with writing daily articles about an obscure legal issue that I didn’t know much about and didn’t care about.  I got lucky with that one, however.  About the time that I was prepared to walk away out of sheer boredom, someone offered to buy the site from me for a sizable sum.  It’s the only site I’ve ever sold and I was quite relieved to be rid of it.

I similarly found myself bored in the health and fitness and finance niches.  If finance isn’t your thing, you can only write so many articles about day trading or FOREX before your eyes begin to glaze over.  Eventually, your lack of interest does show up in your work, and you’re going to find that you’re not making money and that you’ve likely been wasting your time all along.  Right now, this site interests me a lot, and I often find myself with more topics to write about than I know what to do with.  While there’s benefit in adding content to my site on a regular basis, more isn’t necessarily better, but I do keep a list of topics for future blog posts.  As for the product reviews, I get sales pitches in my inbox daily and it’s easy and interesting for me to sort through them to find products to write about.

Best Marketing Niche Conclusion

That’s what finding a marketing niche is all about.  It’s more than just finding something profitable; it’s about finding something profitable that interests you enough that you’ll work on it every day.  The most profitable marketing niche is useless to anyone who is ill-equipped to work in it or poorly motivated to approach it.  In the end, you’re better off finding something that you like and seeing if you can monetize it, rather than finding something profitable and hoping you’ll grow to like it.

Of course, finding a marketing niche is only part of making money online; you’ll also have to build a Website, find a product to promote, and find a way to get visitors to your Website.  That’s all a tough job, but if you don’t know where to start, it’s even worse.  If you’re new to online marketing and you want to learn everything you need to know, Wealthy Affiliate can help.  This online training program will help you build a profitable business from the ground up, and you’ll have access to training videos, a user forum and more.  And here’s the best part – Wealthy Affiliate is free to join.  If you have a great marketing niche but don’t know what to do with it, give Wealthy Affiliate a try.



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