Marketing Niche – Why Your Choice is Important

Marketing Niche Choice – It Matters

I’ve written before about choosing a marketing niche, which is basically deciding which category of interest you’d like to choose for making money online.  Your marketing niche is basically the portion of the market that you’ve chosen as your target.  There are limitless choices when it comes to selecting a marketing niche, but it turns out that your choice will make a difference, and it will matter a lot.

marketing nicheA marketing niche is generally considered to be a fairly narrow segment of a larger portion of the overall market.  When you’re trying to work online from home, you’ll find that you have greater success if you can choose a marketing niche that’s fairly narrow, but not so narrow as to have no potential customers.  That means that you’re going to have to find a segment of the market to target as your source of income.

Marketing Niche, Not a Category

Let’s say, for instance, that you’re interested in the health and fitness area.  Health and fitness is a marketing category, rather than a marketing niche.  The distinction is that health and fitness is quite broad, and perhaps too broad to try to work with unless you’ve got a lot of time and resources.  You’ll be better off by finding a segment of the health and fitness niche that you can focus on.  Perhaps you might want to choose exercise equipment.  That’s fairly diverse, but far more narrow than the category as a whole.  Exercise equipment for women might be a better choice, as women and men have different needs when it comes to exercise, and you can focus on a specific area of the overall exercise equipment market.

marketing niche - health and fitnessThe problem with choosing a marketing niche that’s too broad is that you may end up trying to appeal to too diverse a group of people.  A further problem with such a choice is that it makes it more difficult for you to refine your Website to attract visitors.  A more narrow marketing niche makes it easier for people to find you.  A Google search for “exercise equipment” returns 11 million results.  On the other hand, a search for “exercise equipment for women” returns 102,000 results.  If you were targeting exercise equipment for women as your marketing niche, you’d have a much greater chance at ranking highly in the search results, and thus a greater likelihood of getting visitors from the search engines.


You need to be careful, of course, to make sure that you’re targeting a marketing niche that’s broad enough that you can find enough products to promote as well as one that’s going to appeal to enough people that you’ll be able to make money with it.   The point is to carve out a special place in the market where you can specialize and where you won’t have to compete with the big companies that have a broader scope and better brand recognition.  That’s why you want to leave the overall categories, such as health and fitness, to places like Amazon.  They’re going to outdraw you and out rank you and you can’t compete with them.  You can, however, do pretty well with a well-chosen marketing niche.

The other reason that you want to choose your marketing niche very carefully is less about your business and making money than it is about you.  You want to choose something that interests you and ideally, something that interests you a lot.  It’s easy to do a search for affiliate programs and find products that pay a lot of money and choose them because they pay a lot of money.  There’s nothing wrong with wanting to promote high ticket items; in fact, we regularly visit a Website that’s devoted exclusively to affiliate programs that pay a lot of money.

marketing niche - don't make it about moneyThe problem with “chasing the money” isn’t the money itself, it’s the work that’s associated with promoting the product.  Despite what all of the Internet marketing gurus say, it’s a lot of work to promote any product, and no matter what you decide to do to make money, you’re going to be spending a lot of time with it.  You’re going to be spending a lot of time learning about it, a lot of time thinking about it and a lot of time writing about it and promoting it.  Whatever it is, you’re going to be involved with it on pretty much a daily basis.

And if you’re going to be doing something on a daily basis, you’d better like it a lot.  I’ve promoted products before just because they paid a lot of money and doing it for that reason alone leads to boredom pretty quickly.  A while back, I decided to promote a membership site that cost buyers $1000 to join.  The commission for me as an affiliate was $500, which is a pretty good payday just for talking someone into joining a membership site.  The product was a good one, and it provided a lot of value to the customers.  In fact, joining that site would probably save anyone who signed up for it more than the cost of the membership each and every year.

Marketing Niche Summary

While it was a good product and offered a good value, the marketing niche for that product was one that bores me and I had a lot of trouble finding a way to force myself to do anything with the site I’d built to promote it.  I wasn’t interested in doing the research, or in writing blog posts on related topics, or really in doing anything to do with that subject at all.  It just isn’t something I’m passionate about and as a result, my marketing (and profits!) relating to that particular product have suffered.  If the area of interest surrounding the product interested me, I’d be jumping out of bed every day, eager to do something to bring that product to the attention of the world.

That’s the way you need to feel about anything you’re working on when it comes to making money online, and that’s why the marketing niche you choose is vitally important.  Don’t pick something because it pays a lot.  Choose a marketing niche because you love it and you want to spend your days immersed in it.  That’s where you’re going to find the most success.

If you really don’t know where to start, you might want to consider joining an online training program like Wealthy Affiliate, which can show you everything you need to know in an easy to follow, straightforward manner with tools, training and help from other members.  It’s a great place to start.


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