Marketing Niches – Solve Problems and Make Money

Marketing Niches – Address Immediate Needs


When deciding to make money online, a big part of that decision is choosing your marketing niche.  Marketing niches define what, exactly, you’re going to do and how you’re going to do it.  If you like dogs, you might want to build a Website around the needs of dog owners, though that’s a bit of a broad market.  What you want to do instead is choose from a number of marketing niches within the overall market of dogs.  Dog training, for instance, or dog toys, or perhaps dietary requirements for dogs might qualify as marketing niches, whereas the overall market for “dogs” is a market, rather than a niche.

marketing nichesOf course, when choosing marketing niches, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the potential number of possible things to do.  The list is nearly infinite, and that can make it difficult to pick a market segment that you’d like to address in terms of making money.  Granted, some marketing niches are going to be more popular than others – weight loss, for instance, is always going to draw more potential customers than a Website devoted to knitting.  If you’re just starting out, one of the best guidelines is this – pick a niche that involves solving people’s immediate problems.

The Best Marketing Niches Solve Problems

Ideally, if you want to make money online and get started quickly, you can do that most effectively by choosing from marketing niches that involve solving people’s problems.  Why? Because people who have a problem will gladly and willingly pay good money if you can offer a way to fix their problem right now. There’s money to be made in promoting luxury items, such as flat-screen TV sets or expensive watches, but people will shop for those things when they like and purchase them at their leisure.  On the other hand, if a buy has just broken up with their girlfriend and he wants her back, he will gladly pay money right now if you can offer a way for him to do that.


That’s just one example of marketing niches that solve problems, but there are dozens of them, and they all address needs that people have for which they’ll gladly pay money immediately if you can offer a solution.  In the list below, I’ll offer more than 40 such marketing niches, and here’s the best part – every single one of these marketing niches has one or more available solutions that you can promote as an affiliate and earn a commission when someone buys that solution.

Marketing Niches for Desperate Buyers

  • Stress management
  • Women with excessive body hair
  • How to quit a specific drug/pill
  • How to change careers
  • Get rid of acne
  • Civil charges
  • Women who can’t get pregnant
  • People who desperately need a job
  • Mortgage debt
  • Parents of children with mental disabilities
  • Students looking for college money
  • People with tinnitus (ringing ears)
  • People who need a good lawyer
  • Getting your ex-girlfriend/ex-boyfriend back
  • How to quit smoking
  • People with large/ugly birthmarks
  • Couples in home foreclosure
  • Business owners who are at risk of going out of business
  • Obesity/how to lose weight
  • Women who think their husbands/boyfriends are cheating on them
  • People looking for business loans
  • Guys who have trouble talking to women
  • Excessive medical bills
  • Divorce consultation
  • How to get rid of termites or another insect infestation
  • People who want to sell their house
  • People who need resume help
  • People who need cash advances/fast cash
  • Uncontrollable sweating
  • New parents who don’t know how to stop their baby from crying
  • Bad breath/Halitosis
  • People who are sick and can’t get better
  • Anger management
  • Social anxiety
  • How to get rid of your pet’s fleas
  • Major depression
  • Pregnant women looking for meal plans
  • Gambling debt
  • People who had surgery complications
  • Students who have failed or are afraid of failing some career-defining test
  • Tooth, back, headache pain
  • Families trying to plan a funeral
  • Parents with kids in legal trouble

marketing niches problemsI have listed these marketing niches in no particular order, and they’re all potentially profitable because they represent problems that people have on a frequent or even recurring basis.  Most people will encounter several of these problems in their lives and when you have one of those problems, you want a solution right now.

How can you monetize these marketing niches?  There are several ways to do it, and some of them are relatively easy.

Create a blog – Creating a blog over weight loss or how to get your ex back would likely work.  You can regularly write a series of articles or blog posts on topics related to the niche as a whole and offer links to products that can help solve their problems.  Clickbank products would be ideal for this, as they have lots of products in the “problem solving” niches such as weight loss.  These are “evergreen” marketing niches; they never, ever go out of style.  They’re not fads.  If you can make money online with these topics today, you can do it next week, next month, or next year.

youtubeYouTube Videos – You can create short YouTube videos that address the problem, and the video need not consist of anything more than a slideshow with narration.  You can talk about the problem and act as though you can personally relate to it.  Then you can direct them to a link at the end of the video that will take them to a CPA offer where you’ll earn a commission if they buy the product.  You shouldn’t use a CPA link in the video, though.  A better solution would be to buy a domain name and then redirect the domain name to the offer.  GoDaddy offers this option when you register a domain, so you won’t even need Web hosting.  After you’ve set up the redirect, a click on a link to the domain name would redirect straight to the offer.

Marketing Niches Summary

While it’s best to pick marketing niches that will keep you mentally engaged and not bored, it can take a while to find that sort of niche.  For beginning marketers or newbies who aren’t sure what they want to do and who are looking for profitable marketing niches right out of the gate, it’s best to stick with the proven niches, and for that, you want to solve people’s problems.


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