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Marketing Twists – How You Do it Matters


Example site: (Warning! Strong language!)

In a previous post, I discussed some methods that you can use to promote products that are in competitive niches.  Niches such as dating, weight loss or the make money online niche are super-competitive, which might cause you to decide that you don’t want to pursue them.  From one perspective, that can make sense; why go where the competition is tough?  In a business where it can already be difficult to make money, it can be even harder to make money if you’re facing stiff competition from well-funded, experienced marketers.  On the other hand, there is a lot of money to be made in competitive niches, and that’s true even if you’re one of the little guys.

marketing twistsIn that previous post, I suggested a few ways that you could make yourself stand out from the competition, giving you a bit of an edge even if you didn’t have a big Website, a big mailing list, or a ton of advertising money.  Those methods are valid, and if you’re willing to take the time to pursue long tail keywords, offer something extra that the other guys don’t, and make the effort to offer superior contact and customer service, you can succeed.  But I forgot to mention the most obvious, and in some cases, the most effective way to succeed in competitive niches.

Use marketing twists to promote your product in a way that’s dramatically different from the way everyone else is doing it.

Marketing Twists Can Make the Difference

If you’ve been promoting products online for a while, you’ll have a natural tendency to find a method that works and to use it all the time.  Most marketers do that.  Present the product.  Explain the benefits to the customer.  Offer them an opportunity to buy it.  That’s pretty much it, and it works.  After a while, however, people can tire of seeing the same old approach and if everyone is using the same old approach as everyone else, you’ll find that it can be difficult to make yourself stand out from the competition.  That’s why thinking outside the box and adding some marketing twists to the way that you present your product to the public can make a huge difference in your success.


Let’s take an example of a product that’s legendary in the make money online niche.  It’s a product called The Rich Jerk. This product was first introduced in 2007 and it was a good, simple, effective training program that showed people how to make money online.  The make money online niche is super-competitive, and even in 2007, people had seemingly run out of interesting ways to promote anything.  Telling people they’re going to make a lot of money was the standard approach, but after seeing a few hundred sales pages like that, everyone tended to think (correctly, I might add) that the sales pages were just exaggerating.

the_rich_jerkAnd then The Rich Jerk came along.  His product was good, but so were a lot of other, similar products.  His sales page did talk about making money, but he did it using some marketing twists that caught the entire industry by surprise.

His sales page basically told everyone “I’m rich, and you’re not.  Because you’re a loser.”

He had all of the same sort of imagery that other sites use – pictures of cars, beautiful women, and mansions, which were usually used to suggest how your life might be if you buy the product.  The Rich Jerk took a different approach, essentially saying, “I have a mansion, and I have fast cars, and I’m surrounded by beautiful women because I’m better than you.”

The sales page was a long one, and this approach went on and on and on, with The Rich Jerk arrogantly talking about how rich he was, how much better his life was than yours, and how you couldn’t possibly hope to ever have a life that was as good or as interesting as his.

Until, of course, he offered to share his secrets with you.  The last half of the sales page consisted of promoting The Rich Jerk course, again with the occasional reminder that you really weren’t worthy to buy it or to have access to the sort of success that he, The Rich Jerk, was enjoying on a daily basis.

the_rich_jerk_2The product was spectacularly successful, and was one of the most successful products of its day.  Even more amazing was the fact the product was relatively affordable and not one of those multi-thousand dollar courses like some of the big marketing gurus sell.  This was a course that the average person could afford to buy and it likely did make The Rich Jerk financially successful.

For the past few years, The Rich Jerk’s site has been dormant, but people still occasionally talk about his revolutionary marketing twists that made everyone rethink how they promote their products.  As it happens, The Rich Jerk has reopened his Website, improved and expanded his product, and taken his “I’m rich, and you’re a loser” sales approach to an entirely new level.  You really need to see it to believe it.  He’s even got a couple of celebrities in his video (warning – strong language that may not be safe for work.)  You can see The Rich Jerk video here.

Marketing Twists Summary

You can learn a lot from The Rich Jerk, even if you’re a completely different niche.  “I’m thin, and you’re not, because you’re a fat loser” might work in the weight loss niche, for instance.  Of course, you don’t have to mock your site visitors to sell the product, but what The Rich Jerk has done is to give us all a reminder that there are many ways to sell anything, and that you don’t have to do it the same way that everyone else is doing it.

Take a good look at whatever product you’ve chosen to promote and ask yourself, “Is there some way that I could promote this that’s different?  That could attract attention?  That could get people talking about my site?”  It’s worth asking, because right now, the Internet marketing world is again talking about The Rich Jerk.  He has again reminded us that we’ve become complacent and that there’s more than one way to sell something.

Marketing twists can be the entire difference between success and failure.  See what others are doing, and then find something interesting that makes your product stand out.  That’s what marketing twists are all about.


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