Millionaire Biz Pro Review – Easy Thousands Per Week?

Millionaire Biz Pro Review

Price: $47 (plus numerous upsells)

millionaire biz pro reviewWhen you first visit the Millionaire Biz Pro Website, you’ll see a video where Megan Elizabeth of Erie, PA, tells us that she earned $1179.17, and a few moments later, someone else, whose name is also shown as being Megan Elizabeth of Erie, PA, tells us that she earns $5000 per week from Millionaire Biz Pro.

What do these two people named Megan Elizabeth, who both apparently live in the same town, know about Millionaire Biz Pro that we don’t?  I had to find out.  The video went on for about 8 minutes, and lots of people talked about how much money they’re making with this system.  Great!  Let’s find out more.  So I looked a little more to see what it’s all about.  Is Millionaire Biz Pro a scam?

Read on for the full Millionaire Biz Pro review.

Millionaire Biz Pro Overview

I’m always a bit uncomfortable when I’m seeing a sales page that’s video-only, and the video tells me nothing about what I’m buying.  There’s no text; just people talking about how much money I’m going to make and how easy it’s going to be.  OK.  But I managed to do some poking around their Website (thank you, search engines!) and got a pretty good idea of what they’re selling at Millionaire Biz Pro.


It’s a membership site, of sorts, and there, you’ll learn a bit about online marketing.  They’ll teach you to sell things, and they’ll give you:

  • Multiple Websites
  • Free Website hosting
  • Products to sell
  • Training

millionaire biz pro scamThat all sounds good.  Oh, there are a few upsells when you agree to buy Millionaire Biz Pro for $47:

  • Platinum Club ($97) – This gives you better support, better hosting, tips from “millionaire marketers” and more training
  • Delta Club ($34.95/month) – More Websites, better hosting, video training modules, and higher commissions
  • Webfire ($49/month) – This is supposedly software that drives traffic to your site, but it’s actually more of a hybrid training and software program

OK, that’s a lot of money, but you’re going to be making a lot of money, right?  You have to spend some to make some, don’t you?  Well, yes, that’s often true, and that’s not necessarily bad.  But what’s happening at Millionaire Biz Pro is a bit different.

How will you make money at Millionaire Biz Pro?

millionaire biz pro websiteYou get Websites and products to sell.  Specifically, you get 15 different Websites (more with the upsell) and they’re all for products in the “how to make money online” niche.  They’re books that are going to teach people how to make money online by doing the same sort of thing that Millionaire Biz Pro is teaching you to do. When you make a sale, you’ll get some of the money and Millionaire Biz Pro will get some.  You can get paid via PayPal and Stripe.

All of the sites have the same graphics, though they do emphasize that you’ll be able to change the text if you like.  That’s nice, but there’s another problem.  You can’t host those sites anywhere but on the Millionaire Biz Pro servers, and you can’t use your own domain name.  So when you create a site, it’s going to be hosted on the same server as hundreds of other nearly identical pages that have virtually identical content.

The search engines don’t view these Millionaire Biz Pro pages as individual Websites; they view them as individual pages on a single Website, and they treat them as such.  They also treat them as duplicate content, which means they’re unlikely to be indexed by the search engines.  That means that people searching for whatever it is you’re selling won’t be able to find it.

That means that you will not get any visitors to your sites from the search engines…unless you decide that you want to pay for traffic.  It’s true that you can buy ads on Google or Bing to send people to your sites, but Google isn’t very fond of the make money online niche, and chances are pretty good that they’re simply going to refuse to let you run the ads at all.

After that, you’ll have to make posts on Facebook or Twitter if you want to get anyone to your site at all.  You’ll have plenty of company, as every other person who paid for Millionaire Biz Pro will be doing the exact same thing.

millionaire biz pro megan

Megan isn’t really Megan

But those other people are making money, right?  What about those Megans?  The ones from Erie?  They’re actors.  The first one is actually named Tamera, and she’s not from Erie, or even the United States.  She’s a paid actor who lives in Canada.  It wasn’t hard to find her; I went to Fiverr, clicked on “Video Testimonials,” and she was the very first person to show up on the page.

This Megan isn’t making $1179.17 with Millionaire Biz Pro; she’s making $5 for every 25 words she speaks on Fiverr, because that’s what she charges for authentic-sounding testimonial videos.

You can make money promoting products on a Website, but you have to have your own domain name and your own site if you want any chance of being successful.  You might be able to get traffic and sell things at, but you’re not going to get any traffic at  You’ll just get lost in the shuffle.

Pros and Cons of Millionaire Biz Pro


  • The affiliate marketing business model does work
  • Free hosting
  • Ready-built Websites


  • Ready built Websites are all the same
  • Sites aren’t unique
  • Products are junk

Millionaire Biz Pro Summary

millionaire biz pro - thumbs downIf you want to make money selling information products online, there are better ways to do it than with Millionaire Biz Pro.  If you buy that product you’ll be spending a lot of money for products that aren’t unique and Websites that aren’t unique, either.  You’ll find that it’s nearly impossible to get traffic to your Web pages.  You’ll be better off finding other, more unique products to sell and selling them on your own Website with your own domain name.

I won’t say that Millionaire Biz Pro is a total scam, but there are better (and cheaper) ways to make money online.  It could be worse; when I first saw the site, I thought it was MOBE.

Millionaire Biz Pro is not recommended.

Rating: stars1a


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