Millionaires Challenge System Review – $100,332 Per Month?

Millionaires Challenge System Review

Price: $49 (plus thousands in upsells)
Rating: (zero stars)

millionaires challenge system reviewIf you’ve been in the Internet marketing business for a while, you’ll eventually end up on a lot of mailing lists.  I try to stay on the useful ones, and unsubscribe from the ones that peddle junk or offer no value.  Today, I received a message from a usually helpful list about a product called the Millionaires Challenge System.

“If you’re sick of the ups and downs in your business and really want to create a solid, predictable income flow online, watch this…”  I went ahead and clicked on the link and was taken to the Millionaires Challenge System page, where Shaquir Hussyin told me that he’d show me his system for earning $100,332.86 per month.  That’s certainly interesting, and I generally trust the sender of the message.  So what’s it about?  Is Millionaires Challenge System a scam?

Read on for the full Millionaires Challenge System review.

Millionaires Challenge System Overview

In the video, Shaqir tells me that he’s going to show me the system that has allowed him to earn $1.8 million in the past 18 months and he wants to “give back” to the community by helping 100 people become millionaires.  Not only that, but the site tells me that I can make $1000 in the next 7 days, guaranteed,


At that point, Shaqir tells me that I should watch a second video on the page that’s narrated by a guy named Matt Lloyd.  I did, and Matt told me that I could work just 30-45 minutes per day and take a vacation for two weeks every month.  I could earn commissions of up to $10,000 at a time, and he would even pay for me to drive a luxury car.

Not only that, but I could sign up for this system on the Millionaires Challenge System site for just $49.  OK, so what’s the system?  I clicked the button to get started, only to find out that I was signing up for something called My Top Tier Business.

This business is also known as MOBE.

Millionaires Challenge System mobeI’ve written about MOBE before, and as it happens, this is the second time I’ve written about MOBE this week.  For some reason, people no longer seem to be promoting this program directly; they’re now creating sites with new names and presenting this “opportunity” as some “brand new” moneymaking method.  In this case, Shaqir Hussyin is offering his Millionaires Challenge System to the public, but when you go to sign up for it, you’ll find that you’re signing up for MOBE.

And yes, it costs “just” $49 to sign up and yes, there is a guarantee in place.  The problem, as I’ve mentioned before, is that to make any money with Millionaires Challenge System or MOBE, you need to have the following:

  • $49 to get started
  • Money to buy upsells costing $2000, $5000, $10,000 and $20,000, plus monthly fees
  • A list of a lot of people who have the same money to spend themselves

Millionaires Challenge System MTTBIn the video, Matt Lloyd claims that “This isn’t one of those programs you have to drag others into.”  I rarely say this in my reviews, but that is an out and out lie.  MOBE is a multilevel marketing program.  While the $49 membership gives you the right to sell information products that are priced in the $49-$149 range, you don’t get $10,000 commissions from doing that.  You get $10,000 commissions from selling licenses to new members.

What are the licenses for?  They’re licenses for reselling the same licenses.  Licenses are priced at roughly $2000, $5000, $10,000 and $20,000 and in order to receive a commission for any of them, you must first by that particular license yourself.  Then you have to persuade someone else to buy one.  You must buy them in order, and if you want to receive a commission for, say, the $10,000 license, you must first by the $2000 license and the $5000 license.

You have to recruit people and then they, in turn, must buy those licenses in succession in order for you to get paid for them.  Must you buy those expensive licenses?  No, you can just pay the $49 and stick with that.  If you recruit other members, you’ll get a small commission when they pay their $49.  But if they decide to buy the $2000 license and you haven’t yet purchased one yourself, the commission goes to someone else.

Millionaires Challenge System scamAll you’re doing in either “Millionaires Challenge System” or MOBE is handing money to people, in hopes that someone else will eventually hand money to you.  The only upside is that while you do have to “drag others into” the system, you don’t have to make the sales.  MOBE has a bunch of salespeople who will do that for you, and they’re pretty much relentless.  Once you sign up, you’ll get constant pressure to buy the $2000 license.  If you agree to do that, you’ll get pressure to upgrade to the $5000 license.  This will continue until you’re “all in,” at which point you’ll have spent about $40,000.

Of course, after that, you’ll want to get that money back so you can earn those fat commissions they’re talking about.  How do you do that?  Get more people to join!  Get more people to pay!

It’s worth noting that MOBE is based outside the United States, and nearly all of the people who are promoting it heavily are also living outside the U.S.  That’s because we have laws in the United States that do not look favorably on programs like MOBE, and that’s why the program has a poor reputation in Internet marketing circles.  And that’s why you’ll see people trying to promote it under different names, such as the Millionaires Challenge System.

What about the Millionaires Challenge System guarantee?  In order to qualify for the guarantee, you must sign up and follow all 21 steps of the program within 30 days.  One of those 21 steps requires you to buy a $2000 license.  After that, if you haven’t earned $1000, they’ll pay you $500.  But to qualify to get the $500, you’ll have to spend $2000.  Not much of a guarantee, if you ask me.

Pros and cons of Millionaires Challenge System


  • Just $49 to join
  • Potential commissions of $10,000 per sale


  • Upsells total close to $40,000
  • Relentless pressure to upgrade
  • It’s really hard to get other people to sign up and buy upsells

Millionaires Challenge System Summary

millionaires challenge system - thumbs downWhile it presents itself as something new and radical, Millionaires Challenge System is really just MOBE in disguise.  You’ll have to spend tens of thousands of dollars to make the big money they’re talking about in the video and that’s only if you know a bunch of people who have tens of thousands of dollars to spend.  Do you?  If so, maybe there’s a future for you with the Millionaires Challenge System.  Otherwise, I’d suggest that you skip Millionaires Challenge System and find a better way to make money.

Millionaires Challenge System is not recommended.



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