MOBE Shut Down by FTC

MOBE Shut Down


mobe shut down by ftcA few years ago, I came across a blog where a guy talked about how he was earning $1000 per day with a program called MOBE.

MOBE stood (at the time) for My Online Business Empire.  The guy said you could join the program, which was also known as MTTB (My Top Tier Business) for just $49.

I did some research, decided that MOBE was likely a scam, and it was just one of many scams that I’d found on the Web.

Not long after that, I created this Website to help people find ways to make money that do work, and MOBE was the very first product that I reviewed.

You can read my original MOBE review here.

A few months ago, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission shut down the MOBE Website, saying that the program, in their opinion, is fraudulent, and that it was making promises to members that were unreasonable regarding the amount of money that they might make from the program.

MOBE Explained

MOBE, with its ever-changing name, was a work at home program run by an Australian named Matt Lloyd (real name: Matt Lloyd McPhee.)

While it cost only $49 to join, once you joined, you’d be receiving frequent phone calls from MOBE staff, encouraging you to buy “licenses” that might cost $1000, $2500, $5000, $10,000 or even $20,000.


In order to earn the huge commissions that members said they were earning with the program, you had to buy those licenses.  If you bought a $1000 license, you then had the right to resell $1000 licenses.

To earn a $20,000 commission, you’d have to buy a $20,000 license, along with all of the less expensive ones.   People were spending $40,000 or more on MOBE licenses, all so they could resell those licenses to new members.

mobe scam

MOBE promised all kinds of wealth for doing little work.

The fine print of the MOBE site said that most members were earning less than $2000 per year and that income wasn’t guaranteed.  I mentioned in my review that since it appeared that MOBE had no actual products, joining the program and participating in it was likely illegal under U.S. law.

That is the case, and in June, 2018, the Federal Trade Commission charged the three founders of MOBE with taking more than $125 million from thousands of customers:

The FTC alleges that the defendants falsely claim that their business education program will enable people to start their own online businesses and earn substantial income. They claim to have a “proven” 21-step system for making substantial sums of money quickly and easily from internet marketing, which they promise to provide to those who join their program.

According to the complaint, consumers who pay the initial $49 entry fee for the 21-step program are bombarded with sales pitches for membership packages that cost thousands of dollars, which the defendants pressure them to buy in order to continue through the 21 steps. The defendants eventually reveal that their “proven system” for making money is for consumers to sell the same memberships to others in the hopes of earning commissions on those sales.

Most people who buy into the program and pay for the expensive memberships are unable to recoup their costs, and many experience crippling losses or mounting debts, including some who have lost more than $20,000, the FTC alleges.

Lots of people spent a lot of money to join the MOBE program, only to find out that:

  • The program that costs only $49 to join gets very expensive very quickly
  • That you had to spend a lot of money in order to earn the riches they promised on the sales page
  • That it’s really hard to get other people to spend $10,000 on a money making product

It’s hard enough in Internet marketing to persuade someone to purchase a really good moneymaking product that costs just $47.

Getting them to spend $1000, $10,000 or $20,000 is a whole lot harder, but people were spending their life savings on MOBE because they thought they’d be earning, like the blogger above was, $1000 a day or more.

mobe my top tier businessMOBE did promise training materials to show you how to make sales, but in truth, the training materials were nothing special and really, all you had to do was get people to spend the $49 to join.

After that, the MOBE staff did most of the selling via telephone.

The FTC complaint noted that MOBE was targeting military veterans and senior citizens, people who are often considered to be vulnerable to online scams.

The agency appointed a receiver to take over the operations and to secure MOBE assets.   This was done in hopes of trying to return some of the money to the people who had invested in the program.

This is just a civil suit and not a criminal one, so the U.S. government isn’t attempting to arrest the three people responsible.  At the moment, as far as I know, the whereabouts of all three people are unknown.  Since none of them are Americans, there’s little the FTC can do to compel them to bring their money back to the U.S.

MOBE isn’t unique

There have been a number of other programs that were similar to MOBE in recent years that all worked the same way.  They’d promise to show you how to make money quickly and easily.

They’d promise that they’d show you how to make a lot of money, and not just $50 a day or $100 a day.  They were talking about earning thousands of dollars per day.

Just prior to shutting down the MOBE site, the FTC also shut down a similar program that I’d reviewed called Digital Altitude.  This program worked in much the same way, selling licenses to members that they had to resell to new members in order to make money.

It’s good that MOBE is gone.  Matt Lloyd did a lot of harm by stealing money from people who didn’t know better.

But he also made things worse by giving thousands of people the impression that it’s easy to make a lot of money online and that you can do it without a lot of work.

You can make money online.  Lots of people do it.  Some do get rich.  Others struggle.

But the secret to making money online is not to take advantage of people.  It’s to find a product that people want to buy, present that product to them in a way that makes the product look appealing, and to sell them that product in an honest fashion.

That has always been the key to success, either in the brick and mortar business world or online.

Want to make money online?

  • Find something that people want and will pay for
  • Create a Website to let them know that you have it
  • Describe that product honestly
  • Be there to take care of problems if they’re not happy with their purchase

It’s really that simple.  There are lots of ways to make money online that don’t involve ripping people off like MOBE did.

Find one of those methods that works for you.  Try it.  Work at it.  Accept that you’re going to have to do a lot of work if you’re going to succeed, and accept that even if you do succeed, you may not become wealthy.

Do that, and you’ll come out OK.  But stay away from scams like MOBE.  If what they’re offering sounds too good to be true, it likely is too good to be true.


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