Mobile Binary Code Review – $12,000 Per Day?

Mobile Binary Code Review

Price: Free to join; $100 (or more) to participate
Rating: (zero stars)

mobile binary code reviewAnytime anyone is offering a product that says you can earn thousands of dollars per day, I’m interested.  I’m even more interested if you tell me that I can sign up for that program for free.  That’s what Howard Kessler is promising with his Mobile Binary Code program.  He says that he needs a handful of beta testers for his binary trading software and that I may qualify.

I did qualify, so I thought I’d take a closer look at the product to see what it’s about.  Is Mobile Binary Code a scam?  Read on for the full Mobile Binary Code review.

Mobile Binary Code Overview

When you visit the Mobile Binary Code Website, you’ll see a video that shows you cars, yachts, mansions and champagne.  Then you’ll meet Howard Kessler, who says that he earns some $12,000 per day trading binary options, and that you can become one of his beta testers for his “set it and forget it” Mobile Binary Code software that will make trades for you around the clock, automatically.


The site has glowing testimonials from people who say they’ve earned thousands per day with the software and the site even has some blurbs that suggest that the Mobile Binary Code has been featured in Forbes, Money magazine and on CNN.

mobile binary code ripoffYou can sign up for free, so I went ahead and tried it.  All I had to give them was my name and my email address.  Once I signed up, I was taken to another signup page where they also asked for my phone number and a password.  From there, I logged in and was taken to my dashboard, where I was greeted with a video featuring Howard Kessler.

He explained that in order to use the software, I have to make a $350 cash deposit with a binary options broker “just to get the process started.”  He assured me that once I started trading, I’d be making money and future trades would be made with my profits.

Howard then told me that as a special deal, he was taking $250 off of the deposit requirement, and that I could get started by depositing as little as $100.  Of course, he added that I could earn money more quickly if I deposited $500 or $1000 instead.  He also added that if I didn’t earn $50,000 within the first 60 days using Mobile Binary Code, he’d personally refund all of my money up to $1000.

That’s great, especially since the Mobile Binary Code software supposedly wins trades some 98% of the time.

This is clearly one of those situations where something sounds too good to be true.  I’m getting free access to software that is going to make me thousands of dollars per day and I’m guaranteed not to lose?

What’s Mobile Binary Code really about?

mobile binary code scamThe Mobile Binary Code software may or may not work.  It almost certainly doesn’t, as you just won’t find any mention of anyone trading binary options that has the kind of success rate that this software promises.

What’s really going on is that whoever owns the Mobile Binary Code Website is being paid by a broker to send new customers their way.  The trading business is a cutthroat one, and there is a lot of competition for new customers.  Brokers will pay anywhere from $100-$500 for each new customer that makes a deposit through CPA (cost per action) networks.

So the owner of Mobile Binary Code earns hundreds of dollars every time someone signs up and makes a deposit.  It doesn’t matter if the Mobile Binary Code software works or not, since they gave it to you for free.  In all likelihood, you would sign up, make a deposit, make some trades, lose some money, and move on to something else.

In the meantime, “Howard Kessler” (he’s an actor, and not a real guy) has earned a few hundred dollars in commission because you made a deposit.

What about the guarantee?   The Mobile Binary Code has an affiliate program, and I found the page where you can sign up for that.  Guess what the affiliate page promises in big, bold, letters?  NO REFUNDS.

mobile binary code guaranteeThat means that “Howard’s” guarantee is pretty much worthless.  You could complain, if you could find him.  The Website is registered anonymously, but it appears that the company is based somewhere in the Caribbean.  That’s probably where whoever is actually running Mobile Binary Code is living, enjoying the beach with the huge commissions they’re making from people like you.

I’ve reviewed quite a few of these binary options programs, and they’re all designed to do one thing – get you to deposit money with a broker.

Think about it – if you had a piece of software that could automatically make trades around the clock that were successful 98% of the time and earned thousands of dollars per day, would you give that software away for free?

No, you would not.  You’d hang on to it and keep your mouth shut.

Pros and Cons of the Mobile Binary Code


  • It’s free to sign up
  • They offer a money back guarantee


  • You have to deposit $100 or more to start
  • The software doesn’t work
  • The guarantee doesn’t really exist
  • You’ll never be able to contact the company

Mobile Binary Code Summary

mobile binary code- thumbs downMobile Binary Code is one of many programs out there that promise big bucks by trading in binary options.  In the real world, it’s a hard and very risky way to make money, and no one succeeds 98% of the time.  The entire goal of Mobile Binary Code is to get you to deposit money with a broker so that the owner of the site can earn commissions for signing you up.

If you’re interested in making money online, there are better ways to do it than by joining Mobile Binary Code.  That program is going to be a waste of time and a waste of money, and you’ll never see the yachts, mansions or champagne.

Sorry to disappoint you.  Mobile Binary Code is not recommended.


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