Money Mentors Club Review – $18,000 Per Week?

Money Mentors Club Review


money mentors club reviewHow would you like to earn $18,000 per week?  That’s a pretty good amount of money, and it comes in just shy of a million dollars per year.  Not only that, but according to the sales page for the Money Mentors Club, you can join them and use their moneymaking software for free.

I can’t imagine that anyone would pass up that kind of opportunity, so I quickly signed up to join Money Mentors Club to find out what all the fuss is about.  The site is full of testimonials from people who say they have earned a bundle with the Money Mentors Club, so I thought I’d check it out.  Is this program for real?  Can you really make that kind of money with Money Mentors Club?  Read on for the full Money Mentors Club review.

Money Mentors Club Overview

If you visit the Money Mentors Club site, you’ll immediately see a video of a guy on a yacht, opening a bottle of champagne.  He’ll spend the next 16 minutes telling you how much money you can make if you join the Money Mentors Club, and you can join it for free.

The sales page is full of glowing testimonials from people such as “Charlotte,” from the UK, who claimed to earn $11,620 her first month using the free software provided by the Money Mentors Club.  I eagerly signed up to see what it’s all about.   We’ll get back to Charlotte a bit later.


Signing up for Money Mentors Club just takes a minute; they want a name, an email address, a phone number and a password.  You won’t have to confirm any of it; just sign up and you’re in.

…and “in,” in my case, took me to another Website, where I could access my Money Mentors Club dashboard.  Funny thing, though – I now found myself at a site of a company called “Morton Finance.”  What about the Money Mentors Club?  No idea; there’s no mention of that anywhere.  I was immediately taken to a screen where I was asked to deposit money by credit card.

money mentors club scamWhat is the Money Mentors Club, exactly?  It’s not a club; Money Mentors Club a system for trading binary options. Binary options trading is both risky and complex, and well outside the scope of this article or even my site.  It’s not for the squeamish, and few people make money at it.  On the other hand, the guy with the yacht at Money Mentors Club says that their software will allow you to have winning trades some 88% of the time, which can probably produce some pretty fat profits, if it were actually possible.

The site says that this software is the same software used by all of the world’s richest people, but they want to keep it a secret…and yet the Money Mentors Club is willing to give it to you for free.

All you have to do to make money is to use their software.  Oh, and you’ll also have to deposit a minimum of $250 into a brokerage account in order to make trades.  I’ve read about Money Mentors Club elsewhere, and several people said that once they’d signed up with a broker, they were receiving phone calls at all hours of the day, asking them to make bigger and bigger deposits.

money mentors club morton financeWhat about the software?  Actually, I didn’t see anything about the software in my dashboard.  It just had places to deposit money and make trades.  I don’t know if the Money Mentors Club software even exists.

I know that Charlotte, the girl from the UK who says she’s making $11,000 per month, doesn’t exist.  The photo of her is a stock photo, and I found her picture on clothing sites and on a couple of Websites for dentists.

What’s really going on at Money Mentors Club?

money mentors club charlotteWhat’s really going on is this – they want you to sign up with a brokerage and deposit money.  Binary options brokers are desperate for customers, and the industry is quite a competitive one.  So competitive, in fact, that most brokers will pay anywhere from $100-$400 to anyone who can provide them with a paying customer.  So if you join Money Mentors Club and make a $250 deposit, the owner of the “club” is going to get several hundred dollars from you.

Some of these deals pay even more than that, and they’re known as “revshare.”  If you make repeated deposits, the owner of the Money Mentors Club may receive a percentage of each deposit that you make.

I’ve reviewed a few of these binary options products, and they all pretty much work the same way.  They promise “free” software that will earn a fortune for you.  All you have to do is sign up with a broker and make a deposit.  They get paid, and then you find that the software either doesn’t exist, or it doesn’t work.   You can probably cash out from the broker anytime you like, but most people will try the software and lose at least some money before they catch on.

What about Morton Finance?   I did some digging on them and they seem to have phone numbers in the U.S. and UK, but offices are in Bulgaria and the Marshall Islands.  They don’t seem to have a very good reputation in the trading community.  Good luck looking them up if you’re unhappy with how things turn out for you.

Money Mentors Club Conclusion

money mentors club- thumbs downCan you really make $18,000 per week with Money Mentors Club?  No, you can’t.  The people on the site are either actors or stock photos, and you can assume that if the people aren’t real, the income claims aren’t real, either.  They’re just trying to get you to sign up with a brokerage so they can earn a big commission when you sign up.  You won’t make money and you aren’t going to end up with a yacht.

There are better ways to make money online than Money Mentors Club, and if you’re interested, you should check out my recommendation below.

Money Mentors Club is not recommended.  Sorry.


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