Moneymaking Scams and How to Avoid Them

Moneymaking Scams – Don’t Be a Victim

moneymaking scamsIt’s actually a fair amount of work to make money online, but if you just do some casual searches, you’d think it was really easy.  There are thousands of site online that tell you that you can earn hundreds or even thousands of dollars per day by doing little or no work.  Unfortunately, these moneymaking scams often appear to be legitimate, and lots of people fall for them every day.

Obviously, if you’re interested in making money, the appeal of doing it without having to do much work is going to be strong.  We’d all rather do less work than more.  That’s why these moneymaking scams thrive; they’re taking advantage of our inherent laziness.  In this post, I’ll offer a few tips regarding how you can avoid becoming a victim of moneymaking scams online.

Tips to Avoid Moneymaking Scams

Most of what you need to do to avoid being a victim of moneymaking scams will be pretty obvious, but it’s easy to fall for a good sales pitch, especially if they’re showing you fabricated proof of earnings that makes it appear that they’re really making a lot of money by doing little work.


Here are some things that you might watch out for in order to avoid being victimized by moneymaking scams:

  • Vagueness – Does the Website actually tell you what it is that you’re going to be doing to make all of this money?  Lots of sites talk about “systems” or “methods” without actually explaining, in any detail at all, what, exactly, you’ll be doing to make the money.  Remember – if you’re making money, it has to be coming from someone else.  What is it that you’ll be asking someone else to do so that you can get their money? If the site doesn’t make that clear, watch out.
  • Appeals to Greed – Does the Website devote a lot of time and space to showing off money?  Lots of moneymaking scams involve sites that have photos of yachts, sports cars, and mansions.  The idea is to appeal to your sense of greed, and the sites suggest that the creator of the product is rich, and that you, too, can become rich if you only buy their system.Remember – anyone can hire a house, or a car, or a yacht, or buy stock photos of any of those things to put on their Website.  Don’t be distracted by the imagery; you want to know what it is that you’ll be doing and how much it’s going to cost you.  That’s what’s important.  Very few people are getting rich in online businesses, so don’t be fooled by the appearance of wealth on a Website.
  • making money online scamSuspicious phrases – Watch out for terms such as “push-button” or “automatic” or “done for you” or any other phrase that suggests that you’re going to be making a lot of money online simply because you paid money to someone else.  Real success in an online business is a lot of work, especially if you’re just starting out.  You’re not going to buy a method or a system and start making tons of money overnight.  The key to these moneymaking scams is to appeal to laziness, and laziness simply doesn’t make money for anyone except people who sell moneymaking scams.
  • Outdated methods – One clever trick involved in moneymaking scams is to sell you something that used to work, but doesn’t work anymore.  Google and Bing are constantly changing how they rank sites, as well as changing the rules for which sites they’ll allow in their indexes at all.  There are certain kinds of Websites that used to make a lot of money six or seven years ago that Google won’t even list today because they regard those sites as having “low-quality” content.  That doesn’t mean that there aren’t still people selling those systems, which did, at one time, make money.  Today, they’re worthless…but people still sell them.
  • Anything that involves “cycling” or a “matrix” – These are known as pyramid schemes, and there are thousands of them on the Web.  They promise that you’ll earn thousands or even millions just by paying a small sum (and recruiting hundreds or thousands of people, but they rarely mention that.)  These systems don’t work, and they’re illegal in many places.

    Don’t be fooled by the labeling, either.  Some of these moneymaking scams are both expensive and sophisticated.  A year or two ago, I encountered a blog by a guy who claimed to be earning $1000 per day by promoting one of the more elaborate moneymaking scams that only cost $49 to join, but promised commissions of up to $20,000.  Only after you pay the $49 do you discover that to earn the $20,000 commission, you must first spend $50,000 or so to “qualify.”

googleSimple research can help you avoid a lot of these moneymaking scams.  The first thing you should do when you encounter a Website with a way to make money is to do a search.  The obvious place to start would be to go to your search engine of choice, and type in the name of the product, followed by the word “review.”  This often works, but keep in mind that many of these “reviews” are actually written by affiliates and are  designed to get you to buy the product.  For some products, it’s nearly impossible to find a Website with a legitimate review.

In that case, you might search for forums devoted to the topic, and search there to see if anyone has any comments about the product in question.  That’s often a great way to find unbiased opinions.  Remember – it’s always better to make a decision if you’re well informed.

Moneymaking Scams Conclusion

Moneymaking scams are common on the Internet and they’re not going away.  They appeal to the inherent laziness and greediness that a lot of people have, and many of them are quite successful, because a lot of people want to make money without doing any work.

It is possible to succeed with an online business, but you have to acknowledge that it’s not going to come by pushing a button.  You’ll have to come up with product and a Website and find something that works for you.  Then you’ll have to treat it like what it is – a full time job.  The rewards are great, and many people find that it’s both enjoyable and profitable to make money online.  But the lure of moneymaking scams is strong, and you have to learn to recognize one when you see one.




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