Month of News Review – Quick Cash for Reading News?

Month of News Review – Quick Cash or Waste of Time?



month of news reviewIt’s been a while since I’ve reviewed a “get paid to do a simple task” site, and when one of my site visitors asked about Month of News, I decided it was probably time to give it another shot.  Month of News is a Website that says they’ll pay you to read short news articles.  They don’t pay much per article, but it can add up in a hurry, especially when you consider their generous referral bonuses.

Of course, these things are always a bit more complicated than they seem, and Month of News is no exception.  Can you really make money reading news articles?  Is it really easy?  Read on for the full Month of News review.

Month of News Overview

Month of News is one of dozens, or possibly hundreds, of sites owned by the same individual or company.  They seem to have two types of sites – sites that say they will pay you to take short surveys, and sites that say they’ll pay you to read news articles.


They both work the same way – you sign up, you perform a task, and you see money in your account balance.  That’s how it works at Month of News, too.  You sign up by giving them an email address and a password and you’ll be automatically logged in.  You don’t have to confirm your email address or anything.  Just sign up and get to work.

To earn money at Month of News, you have to read news articles, and you do that by clicking the “read news” link at the top of the page.  Then you’ll see a short list of articles, along with the time they were posted to the site and the amount of money that you’ll add to your account balance when you read them.

To read an article at Month of News, just click on the headline and you’ll see the “article.”  I put that word in quotes, because it’s not really an article.  It’s more like one or two sentences.  Once you’ve read that, and it shouldn’t take you more than three seconds, you click the “confirm” button.

month of news articlesOnce you do that, Month of News will ask you to complete a short math question, such as “How much is 24 + 30?” to prove that you’re human.  If you do that correctly, you’ll see cash added to your account balance.   When I signed up earlier today, all of the articles were paying $7 each.  That may not sound like a whole lot of money, but then again, it took about ten seconds to read that article and answer the question.

At Month of News, you can read 35 articles per day, which adds up to $255 per day from reading articles alone if you visit the site daily and read the full allotment of 35 articles.  There are other ways to grow your account balance at Month of News, though.  If you refer friends to the site using the special affiliate link that they provide, you can earn an additional $150 for every person you sign up.  In addition to that, you can also earn 20% of the amount that your friends earn when they read articles.  That’s a potential $51 per day for every person you refer on top of the $150 they give you for signing them up.

According to the Month of News site, you can earn up to $2500 per week.  To get paid, you have to have an account with either PayPal or Payza and provide that information to them.  The minimum payout amount is $7000.  You cannot get paid unless you have at least that much money in your account.

month of news scamWhat is Month of News all about?  The site claims that news agencies are willing to pay to have people read their news articles and that Month of News is simply sharing that revenue with you by having you read them.  That’s great, but what do the news agencies get out of it?  Nothing, as far as I can tell.  The “articles” are just one or two sentences, and there’s no link to the full article or even any sort of clue as to which news agency a particular article came from.  It’s hard to see how any news agency could benefit in any way from paying someone to read a sentence from a single article.

So, what’s really going on with Month of News?   Well, here’s the part you’ll really care about.  Month of News is not going to pay you.  I’ve never been paid for any of the work I’ve done at any of their sites, and that includes the sites where I’ve earned the minimum payout amount and more.  I’ve also never heard from anyone who has ever been paid from one of their sites.

Month of News does collect your email address, so it’s possible that they’re either sharing those addresses with spammers or that they are spammers themselves.  The site also has ads, so the mostly likely thing they’re doing is earning money by getting people who visit their site to click on their ads.  I’ve noticed that they’ve had a significant increase in the amount of money you have to have in your balance to “get paid.”  On the other sites this company owns, the payout amounts used to be as little as $500.  Now it’s $7000.  That’s likely so they can get you to spend more time on their site and click on more ads.

Month of News Conclusion

month of news - thumbs downCan you earn $2500 per week reading news articles at Month of News?  No, you cannot.  Don’t sign up there. You’ll just be wasting your time, and that’s likely the best possible outcome.  It could be worse if you start getting a bunch of spam email in your inbox.  There are ways to make money online that are better than Month of News, and I’d recommend that you try one of them instead.  If you’re not sure, just click on the recommended banner below and you’ll get the details.

Month of News is not recommended.  You’ll just be wasting your time.

10 thoughts on “Month of News Review – Quick Cash for Reading News?

  1. yes its a scam, i did it to just see what happens when i make it to $7000
    and you see, im still waiting lol

    2016-05-17 20:20:29 ITSPATBRUH@GMA $7106.5 in process

      • I never got the payment , it always said being processed nit about a week or so ago they lowered the cash out to $2000 and when i check the my payout it now says

        2016-05-17 20:20:29 ITSPATBRUH@GMA $7106.5 *Little partners
        *Little partners
        Important! Project needs new users for mass media. Payout of $7106.5 will be sent after involving 2 partners!
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