AffiloBlueprint – Step by Step Moneymaking

Note: AffiloBlueprint has been retired.  A new, more affordable product, Pathway to Passive, has replaced it.

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I’ve got a lot of information on my site about how to make money online and I’m more than willing to help anyone who needs it.  Not everyone learns the same way, though, and some people need more than just information.

You need a process.  You need Affiloblueprint.


When trying to accomplish anything, a list of things that you need to do is useful.   A comprehensive, step-by-step set of instructions that says:

1. Do this first.  Here’s how you do this?  Did you do this?  Good, then…
2. Do this next.  Did you do this?  Good, then…
3. Then do this….and so on.

There are lots of sources on the Web for learning about how to make money online, but most of them try to overload you with information, rather than guiding you though it.  All the information in the world is useless if you can’t make sense of it or don’t know what to do with it.

Affiloblueprint is different.

Affiloblueprint was created by a marketer who now earns an eight figure income online.  It’s the exact same, step-by-step program that he uses to create his own affiliate Websites.

Affiloblueprint takes the confusion away.  This twelve-module course covers how to pick a niche, find a product, how to build a Website and how to drive traffic to it.

Affiloblueprint gives you over 90 video lessons that show you how to perform each step.  Each lesson is followed by a “homework” assignment to complete the task yourself, so you can follow along.  PDF files of the lessons are included for those who prefer to read.

Affiloblueprint includes a custom WordPress theme called Affilotheme that makes it easy to create highly optimized and highly converting Websites as well as one year of free Website hosting.

Affiloblueprint includes tech support and access to a user forum to get your questions answered quickly.


It’s easy to get lost when you’re trying to make money online.  You’ll end up doing things you don’t need to do or buying products you don’t need to buy.  Affiloblueprint eliminates the confusion and helps you remained focused.

If you follow the step-by-step guide that Affiloblueprint provides you, you’ll have a solid, attractive, functional affiliate marketing Website using the same methods and tools that Affiloblueprint founder Mark Ling has used to make millions of dollars online.

What do you need to make Affiloblueprint work?

1. Basic computer skills.  Can you do a basic search using Google or Bing?  Can you use a mouse and keyboard?
2. $10 per year for a domain name. This is the only expense you’ll encounter after joining Affiloblueprint.
3. Can you follow easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions?  This is a hands-on program and you’ll actually have to do the work in order to proceed to the next part of the course.
4. Can you focus?  Affiloblueprint works, but only if you have the ability start, follow directions, and see the course through to completion.  90% of people who buy online moneymaking courses never finish them.
5. Patience.  Despite what you’ve heard, no system works overnight.

The secret to making money online, consistently, is to have a plan, and to follow it.  Affiloblueprint can help you do that.  I can vouch for Affiloblueprint; I own the course myself.

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