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If you’re new to affiliate marketing or making money online, and you really don’t know where to start, then you should absolutely consider joining Wealthy Affiliate.

Click here to join Wealthy Affiliate now.  It’s free to join.

On this blog I try to provide help, advice, and tips for helping people work online from home, but the Wealthy Affiliate team of Kyle and Carson have been running their training program for nearly ten years.  There’s just no way I can provide the depth or breadth of information that they have to offer there.

Wealthy Affiliate offers training, video and tools.  But they offer more.  They offer a helpful community that’s always there when you need help.  Really.  Need a question answered about keywords?  Or graphics?  Or finding a good product to promote?  Just ask, and someone will likely answer you within a minute or two.  It’s that kind of environment that allows you to learn about marketing while making friends and building your online business.

Even better?  You can join Wealthy Affiliate for free.

Click the link above or the image below to visit the site:

Yes, you really can join Wealthy Affiliate for free.  I don’t mean “free for a week, but then it’s $1997” or “free for a few days but then it’s $97 per month”.  I mean it’s free, for as long as you like.  Period.

There is a paid version of Wealthy Affiliate, and it’s well worth the subscription fee.  You get more tools, more training, and more help when you need it.

If you like the free, or “Starter” version of Wealthy Affiliate, you’ll love the paid, or “Premium” version, as it offers a lot more features, including double commissions if you refer new paying members.  Double commissions can often pay for the membership itself, making joining Premium a no-brainer.

Still, you can learn quite a bit from the free version and then decide for yourself if you want to take it from there.  I highly recommend becoming a paid member, (I’m one myself) but that choice is up to you.

Here’s a chart that shows the differences between the free and paid versions of Wealthy Affiliate:

wealthy-affiliate-membership-gridThat’s a lot of free material, and you can host two Websites for free with a Starter membership.

When you sign in, you’ll be taken to your dashboard, where you’ll have access to your training program, which starts with a nice overview of how affiliate marketing works.

overviewYour training program consists of ten lessons and each comes with “homework” so you’ll be prepared for the next one.

  • Get Rolling
  • Understanding How to Make Money Online
  • Choose a Niche
  • Building Your OWN Website
  • Setting Up Your Website
  • Getting Your Site Read for SEO
  • Finding Content Ideas From Keywords
  • Understand Website Pages and Creating Your First Three
  • Creating Quality Website Content
  • Congratulations and Your Next Steps

Wealthy Affiliate comes with everything you need to succeed – training, tools, including a great keyword research tool, Web hosting, discussions, a user forum and more.

Wealthy Affiliate’s Site Rubix might offer the easiest, fastest way to build a Website ever devised.  You can literally build a site in seconds.

Perhaps the best part of what makes Wealthy Affiliate so useful is the community.  Every page on the Wealthy Affiliate site has comments and discussion on it, so you can instantly get feedback from other members regarding every aspect of the program.

Wealthy Affiliate also has a great affiliate program and you can promote the site and “earn while you learn.”

I think Wealthy Affiliate is a terrific course for both beginning and experienced marketers, and the Web hosting alone makes being a member worthwhile.

I know; I’m a Wealthy Affiliate member myself.

What I Like About Wealthy Affiliate

There’s a lot to like about Wealthy Affiliate, especially when you compare it to other training programs.  Here are a few things that I particularly like:

  • Totally free trial with no time limit
  • Easy to follow training videos and tutorials
  • 24/7 support (7 days only with the Starter membership)
  • Live chat (7 days only with the Starter membership)
  • Access to the owners – they’re actually available
  • Access to thousands of successful online marketers
  • Nearly instant responses to questions
  • Free Website hosting
  • No cold calling – you won’t have to call anyone, ever.
  • No recruiting -Though their affiliate program is good, recruiting isn’t required
  • No face to face selling
  • Will make you money online if you follow the steps
  • No up-sells – one product, one price

I won’t spend too much more time talking about Wealthy Affiliate.  It’s a great product.  You can join for free.  You should.

Click here to join Wealthy Affiliate now.

43 thoughts on “Wealthy Affiliate – Tools, Training and Community

  1. Nice to following Wealthy Affiliate. The first Question is how to simplified the course material, to get easier for study.
    Thanks Charlies.

  2. I really like your straight forward answers and they seem to be honest as well. The fact that you do not mention a figure earned over a period of time tell me that you are honest and not bragging. I am a South African, retired due to medical reasons and am trying to survive from a government pension of R1500 ($106) per month. I am certainly going to try your starter and take it from there. Just hope you will be able to teach me about computers and terminology.

    • Thanks for the kind comments. It’s illegal for me to say “if you follow this plan, you’ll earn $xxx dollars.” Everyone is different, and no two people will see identical results from doing the same thing.

      The basics of affiliate marketing don’t change, however – find a product, build a site to promote it, draw traffic to it, and get them to buy. If you can do those things, you’ll make money.


  3. Hello Charlie,

    I have one quick question. Can you possibly make money online with the Starter Membership? I am a newbie here, I don’t have any idea how this making money online actually works. Thank you!

    • Wealthy Affiliate is a training program that teaches you how to build Websites that earn money through affiliate marketing. There’s enough information available with the starter membership to give you an idea of what you’d be getting into. You also get free Web hosting for a couple of sites. So, yes, you could start making money that way, but there’s a lot to learn.

      Here’s what I tell everyone – Go check it out. It’s free to sign up. Take a look around. See what’s there. You’ll have access to enough material to decide if it’s right for you. If so, great. If not, you can move on.


      • yes, it is a great site and Kyle and Carson are right there to help if needed. However, I didn’t have the time to dedicate to the video training, and after one mistake after another setting up my website, I finally just asked for a refund. I am one of few that are not cut out for internet marketing. Good luck and God Bless in your endeavours!

  4. Hi Charlie. Please HELP me. I’ve opened an account with WA but I can’t login. I’ve sent a few emails requesting help but no no joy todate. What do I do now. Thank you for your time.

  5. Hey Charlie. Thank-you for the info you put out there on Wealthy Affiliate. I appreciate your candor, and the helpful information. Can you tell me if it’s possible to make money as an affiliate, list ads for companies, i.e., Best Buy, Walmart, etc? If so, what’s the best way to contact them, or to become one of their affiliate advertisers or marketers? Thanks again!

    • Walmart and Best Buy both have affiliate programs, as does Amazon. Just do a Web search for the name of the company, followed by “affiliate program” and you’ll find the details.


  6. Charlie, Great answer. I don’t understand why people insist on trying to find out what amount of money you or anyone else is earning in any particular program. It does not matter one iota because no two people are alike. You nor I have any idea how much time or effort any one person will put into a program. Wealthy Affiliate is a legitimate program with lots of benefits for both free and paid members. Anyone interested in earning money as an affiliate should take advantage of it.

  7. Hi Charlie,
    Just curious about something.
    Is this actually your own person landing page or Website per say for “Wealthy Affiliate” that you actually are utilizing as an Affiliate to Recruit people?
    Not that it’s a bad thing Im just curious after what I’ve read so far, and have seen, it seems to kind of fall into place. As well as makes sense. You definitely have seemed to found your “Niche” so to say..lol. If so how’s it working out for you?

    • I use this site to do a number of things. I try to help people learn how to make money online. I try to help people avoid moneymaking scams. I offer reviews of products in the make money online niche. If I think a product is a good one and represents a good value, I’ll recommend it.

      That’s the case for Wealthy Affiliate, as well as a number of other products, such as Affilorama. I did not create this site for the purpose of promoting Wealthy Affiliate, though I do recommend it, particularly for newbies.

      How is it working? In eight months, approximately 1000 people have signed up for Wealthy Affiliate via this site. I have yet to receive a single complaint about it from anyone.


  8. hello, please i need you to help me do some reviews about trafficmonsoon, the program is a paid to click ads as it seems but i need to know if it really pays or just another scam.

    • I haven’t researched that product in detail, but it looks like one of many revenue-sharing advertising companies. Most of them aren’t scams, really, but few of them allow their members to make much money. Shorter version: Not a scam, but probably won’t work.


  9. Sounds like a pyrimid a bit and I haven’t seen u write any other sites on here are there any others or arebjust working that one program

    • Wealthy Affiliate isn’t a pyramid at all. It’s a training program that teaches you how to make money online by promoting products as an affiliate. They don’t even recommend any specific program to join in order to do that.

      I have written about a lot of other products. Affilorama is also a good program; you can do a quick search of my site to find my review.


  10. Hi Charlie,

    I see you’re pretty knowledgable on online companies and products so I need your advice.
    Have you heard of Bitcoin Club Network? It’s a site which lets you invest in Bitcoins at three different levels of profit margins you choose from. I was thinking of joining and wanted your opinion on it. There’s a 500 dollar pack, 1000 dollar pack or a 1500 dollar pack to choose from which you can upgrade when you want.
    Please can you research this and give me your opinion of it? I would appreciate it very much.

    I await your reply.

    Thank you,

    Kausar Jabbar.

    • Based on the little bit of reading I’ve done on it, the program appears to be a combination of a bitcoin mining pool and a multilevel program that requires you to recruit other members. Very few programs like that make any money for anyone other than the people who created it.

      I would not invest money in such a program that I could not afford to lose.


    • You can sign up for free; your free membership entitles you to a number of features and one course of free training. Paid members get more features and more training. You are never required to pay, but you get a lot more if you do.


    • I think Wealthy Affiliate is a good program, and I encourage people who are interested in learning how to make money online to check the site out. Unlike a lot of programs out there, Wealthy Affiliate isn’t a scam. Plus, you can sign up for free and check it out. If you like it, you can stick around. If not, you can move on.

      But yes, the point of this page is to encourage people to visit the site and sign up. A lot of people have done just that, and I haven’t heard a single complaint yet.


    • Well, it said it was free….. but clearly the full version of it isnt free. So maybe this is another scam

      • I said “it’s free to join”; not “everything they offer there is free.” There’s a free membership, known as a Starter membership and a paid membership, known as a Premium membership. You get a lot with the free one; you get more with the paid one. There’s a chart on this page that shows the differences between the two memberships.

        Not a scam; they’re pretty up front about the fact that there’s a paid option that offers more than the free one. That said, there’s nothing preventing you from keeping your free membership for as long as you like.. I think the paid membership is worth it and I gladly pay the $47 per month to be a member.


        • Charlie,
          So , I dont want to get to personal, but I haven’t heard you mention anything about earns. Only that it can be done. I have a few other questions ,i hope you don’t mind sharing. How long did it take you to make money? How many hours a day did you invest? The more you learned has your “bottom line ” increased? And finally, has it impacted your life enough , to where there is a noticeable financial difference? Im still going to check it out…..just reluctant to pour energy into something that cant creat that “wow factor” in my families life. My time is important to me . Thanks for the info, wither you respond or not . Have a great day.

          • I’ve been earning a living online since 2005. The methods I’ve used to earn a living have changed over the years, and in many cases, that’s to be expected. things change on the Internet over time and you have to learn to adapt to them.

            The amount of time that it takes to earn a living online varies tremendously from one person to another. It depends on the niche, the method of monetizing your site, how much competition you have and a number of other factors. Because of this, it’s impossible to say how quickly you could make money and how much you can earn. There is no set answer.

            For nearly everyone, learning to make money online and doing it fulltime is going to require a gradual transition from working a job and creating a business online on the side. My suggestion to you is to sign up for Wealthy Affiliate, spend some time there and take a few of the lessons to decide if this is right for you. It won’t cost you anything but a few hours of your time.


          • Why is it so hard for him to answer the question? How much money has he made using this product? That’s a straight forward question but when people start to dance around the question that’s usually a indicator of foul play ija

          • It’s not hard to answer the question; it’s that the answer is irrelevant. If I said, “I work X hours per week and I earn XX number of dollars per month”, what benefit would you derive from my answer? None, because the amount of time I spend working and the amount of money that I earn has nothing to do with you, nor will it have anything to do with the amount of money you may or may not earn yourself. Furthermore, you have no idea how many Websites I own, what niches I’m promoting, or how my sites are monetized.

            Wealthy Affiliate isn’t a moneymaking system. It’s a training program that shows you how to find your own way of building a Website that makes money. How much money you earn is dependent on the niche you choose, the method of monetization you choose and a number of other factors, none of which have to do with how much money I make.

            I’ve said this before – while paid membership at Wealthy Affiliate is beneficial, you can sign up there for free. Why don’t you just go there, sign up, look around, and decide if the product is worth your time?


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