My 24 Hour Income Review – Easy Around the Clock Profits?

My 24 Hour Income Review – Easy Cash?


my 24 hour income reviewMy 24 Hour Income is a site that offers the opportunity to make money around the clock using a business system called revshare.  They claim that you can make money in three different ways, and that you can earn up to 130% of your investment, over and over again.  It’s free to sign up, and the entire process looks pretty simple, so I decided to take a closer look at My 24 Hour Income to see what it’s all about.  Read on for the full My 24 Hour Income review.

My 24 Hour Income Overview

My 24 Hour Income is a program known in the business as “revshare,” which is short for “revenue sharing.”  The My 24 Hour Income company sells something, and people invest in it and other people buy, and the profits are shared with the investors.  At least, that’s how it works on paper.  In practice, it’s all a bit more complicated, but in the end, what’s happening is that you’re investing money and persuading other people to invest money, and when you’ve done that, you’ll get some money back.

The mechanism for making money through My 24 Hour Income has to do with the only product that’s sold on the My 24 Hour Income site – something called “ad packs.”  An ad pack is the opportunity to place a 468×60 advertisement in the My 24 Hour Income traffic exchange network.  Ad packs are priced at $5, $15, $35 and $75, and you can purchase more than one of them at a time.


Each ad pack can earn money as other people buy their own ad packs, and the amounts each ad pack can earn as as follows:

  • $5 ad pack – 10%
  • $15 ad pack – 15%
  • $35 ad pack – 20%
  • $75 ad pack – 30%

Each pack can earn up to 3.8% daily until they mature, at which point they pay out.  At that point, you can cash out your profits or reinvest them in more ad packs.

my 24 hour income scamYou can also earn money through My 24 Hour Income by persuading other people to join the My 24 Hour Income network, and you’ll receive a 12% commission on any ad packs that someone who has signed up directly underneath you purchases.  This is a single-tier commission structure; you don’t receive any commission for purchases made by someone who signed up under one of your signups.

You can also earn money by simply looking at ads that pay you to click them.  Of course, you’re not likely to earn much money that way, as pay to click (PTC) ads generally don’t pay much money.

So, there are three ways to make money with My 24 Hour Income:

  • Buy ad packs – The higher the value of the ad pack, the higher the potential earnings.  You can earn up to 30% of the price of the pack.
  • Persuade others to join My 24 Hour Income and buy ad packs themselves, for which you’ll earn 12% commission.
  • Click on pay to click advertising

My 24 Hour Income uses four payment systems:

  • Payeer
  • Perfect Money
  • Payza
  • Bitcoin

Notice anything missing?  They don’t accept PayPal.  More on that in a bit.

In order to earn money on your ad packs, you’ll also have to click on and look at a minimum of 8 ads per day, which you can do through your My 24 Hour Income dashboard.  Conveniently, you can avoid this little bit of inconvenience by purchasing “vacation time,” which is basically a way to pay to not look at ads.

My 24 Hour Income promotes itself as an advertising network, and they’re pretty much forced to do that, as the ad packs are their only product.  When you join My 24 Hour Income, you’re being offered an advertising opportunity, rather than a chance to make money, which the site will remind you is not guaranteed.  Furthermore, they don’t offer refunds, so if you buy in and you’re not happy, you’re out of luck.

my 24 hour incomeIt’s interesting to note that there’s virtually no information on the site about the advertising itself, aside from the mention that buying the ad packs allows you to create a 468×60 banner and advertise.  Are people actually getting clickthroughs on their ads?  Can you use My 24 Hour Income as a genuine advertising medium to sell products to people?

Not likely.  While the My 24 Hour Income product is ads, the ads aren’t likely being shown to anyone who isn’t already participating in a revshare program.  That means that your ads aren’t being shown to anyone who is likely to want to buy whatever you’re advertising.  Furthermore, the ads aren’t likely to be targeted to any particular audience.  If you’re running ads for weight loss products, there’s no guarantee that anyone who’s interested in that will see your ads.

In all likelihood, the only people who will see your ads are people who must see your ads due to the requirement that they click on at least 8 ads per day.   People are looking at your ads because they have to in order to get paid.  If there’s any demographic group that’s less likely to act on an advertisement, it’s one that’s forced to look at it.

Can you make money with My 24 Hour Income?  The answer is…maybe.  Revshare programs have a tendency to have a fairly short life.  The reason is that the company is sharing revenue with people who have already paid to get in.  In order for that to work, more people have to keep buying ad packs.  Of course, the ad packs aren’t going to generate money as ads, they’re only going to generate revenue from buyers who choose to buy more ads.

In the end, My 24 Hour Income is just another way of making money by persuading other people to join My 24 Hour Income and buy ad packs.  If you can do that, you’ll get a commission from the sale.  If lots of other people do that, you’ll earn money on the revenue from the ad packs themselves.  The people who usually earn money on revshare programs are the people who get in early and who invest a lot of money.  I’m not talking about $5 or even $75 ad packs; I’m talking about people who invest thousands of dollars.

True, you could simply reinvest your earnings and make money on that, but after a while, the system will consist of nothing more than existing members handing money back and forth to one another.

Why doesn’t My 24 Hour Income use PayPal?  PayPal has little tolerance for most systems for making money online.  They likely declined to participate in this one, as revshare and multilevel marketing programs just create too many hassles from disgruntled customers.

My 24 Hour Income Summary

my 24 hour income- thumbs downCan you make money with My 24 Hour Income?  In the short term, you might make a bit, but you won’t earn any serious amount of money unless you can invest thousands of dollars or persuade hundreds of people to buy in.  If you can’t do that, and most people can’t, then you’re simply going to invest in ads that won’t produce and which won’t earn any revenue.  Most revshare programs fall apart in pretty short order as interest wanes.

There are better ways to make money online than My 24 Hour Income.  See the recommendation below if you’re interested.

My 24 Hour Income is not recommended.


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