My Assembly Jobs Review – Build Crafts for Profit?

My Assembly Jobs Review – Build and Earn?


If you’re here and reading this, it’s likely because you’re interested in finding a way to make money working from home.  There’s nothing wrong with that; millions of people do that and it’s a lot of fun to be your own boss.  Finding the exact method that you’re going to use to make money can be troublesome, which is why products such as My Assembly Jobs always draw attention.

my assembly jobsMany products that are sold to the public need to be assembled, and according to My Assembly Jobs, they’ll pay people like you to assemble the products at home.  You enroll in a company’s program, receive parts or kits in the mail, assemble the parts into finished products, and return them to the company in exchange for payment.  That sounds pretty straightforward, so we decided to look into the My Assembly Jobs program and see what’s up.  You can read on for the full My Assembly Jobs review.

My Assembly Jobs Overview

My Assembly Jobs is sold at a relatively low price (less than $25 when we last checked) and it’s a one-time fee, rather than a subscription product.   Most products in the make money niche offer a method, or a system, or some sort of process by which you can earn money.  This is often a book delivered in PDF form, but these days, the products are often delivered in the form of videos.  Regardless, there is usually some set of steps to be followed in order to learn how to make money using the process that the product offers.  That’s not really the case with My Assembly Jobs.  What you’re buying isn’t a process and it’s not a set of instructions.


What you’re buying when you purchase My Assembly Jobs is a list of companies that will pay you to assemble products for them.  This list is available in the members area of the Website, and it’s not downloadable.  Instead, the My Assembly Jobs list is presented in good old fashioned HTML on the Web site.  A few of the companies have Websites or email addresses, and in those cases, links are provided.  We clicked on a few of the links (for the sites that had them) and found that most of them didn’t work.

Otherwise, you’re simply looking at text.  The My Assembly Jobs list includes the name of each company, the address where you can contact them, a short description of what you’ll be doing and a short description of what you need to do in order to sign up to work for them.

my assembly jobs scamThe My Assembly Jobs product lists are extensive; there are more than 100 companies listed.  Furthermore, the variety of products that you can assemble is fairly diverse.  We saw sites that listed such things as dolls, teddy bears, earrings, wooden jewelry boxes and kitchen chair pads, among many other things.  Don’t know how to build those sorts of things?  You don’t have to worry about that, because the companies that My Assembly Jobs recommends will send you complete instructions regarding how to assemble them, and all of these companies offer assurances that it’s easy to build their products.

So, you sign up with one of the companies, they send you parts, you build them, you send the finished goods back to them, and you get paid, right?  Well, that’s how the offer is described.  Unfortunately, that’s not how it actually works in real life.   We’re rather surprised to see My Assembly Jobs offering “build crafts at home” opportunities, as we thought this sort of thing went away back in the 1980s.  No, this is not a new method of making money.  It also hasn’t changed over the years.  The only people making money are the companies themselves.

Here’s how the money making method offered by My Assembly Jobs actually works:

  • You sign up with a company.   A good portion of the time, they will charge a small fee for you to join them as a partner.
  • You arrange for them to send kits to you for you to assemble.  There will be a fee for this; you’ll have to pay for the parts that you receive.  “Don’t worry!”, they’ll say.  “You’ll get the money back when you send us the finished product.”
  • You assemble the finished products.  You mail them back to the company at your own expense.
  • The company sends you a letter to inform you that the products you sent to them do not meet their quality standards, and that they cannot accept them or pay you for them.
  • They may or may not return the products to you.

At this point, you have:

  • Paid to join their program
  • Paid to buy their kits
  • Paid to send the finished products to them

my assembly jobsIn return for these expenses, you have received nothing.  If the company doesn’t return the assembled products to you, you might not even have the finished products to show for your work.  You’ll be out both your money and your time.

My Assembly Jobs has a list of more than 100 companies that do this (another similar company we found, Assemble Crafts Jobs, offers more than 250)  We can’t say that every company on the My Assembly Jobs list works this way, but it’s likely that most of them do.  We’ve read a lot of horror stories about the assemble crafts at home niche, and we’ve found that in many cases, it’s not even possible to assemble the products in a way that the company would accept, because the kits themselves are often of poor quality.  Some have missing parts, some have defective parts, and some come with incomplete instructions.

My Assembly Jobs Summary

my assembly jobs - thumbs downThe idea of making money assembling products at home is an old one; it’s been around for decades.  It hasn’t worked in the past and it doesn’t work now.  My Assembly Jobs has taken an old method, dusted it off, and put it online.  They do offer a list of 100 companies that say they’ll pay you to make products for them.  In all likelihood, only a handful, if any, will actually do that.  If you’re really interested in making money from home, you’d be better off avoiding My Assembly Jobs and checking out our #1 recommendation instead.

My Assembly Jobs is not recommended.

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