My Camera Biz Review – Earn Hundreds Per Day Taking Pictures?

My Camera Biz Review – Click and Get Paid?


The Internet provides lots of opportunities to make money online, and while most of them involve building a Website and selling something to the public, that’s not always the case.  A new product called My Camera Biz, created by someone named Raven Jackson, says that you can earn hundreds of dollars per day by taking pictures.  You don’t necessarily even have to buy a camera, either, as most modern cellphone cameras offer good enough pictures.

my camera biz reviewThe My Camera Biz sales page offers glowing testimonials of people who say they are earning “a lot of money” using the techniques taught in this ebook, and it also shows examples of some photos that earned thousands of dollars for the people who took them, so I thought I’d give it a try.  Can you really earn a lot of money taking pictures?  How hard is it?  How do you get paid?  I was curious about all of this, so I grabbed a copy of My Camera Biz and decided to check it out.  Read on for the full My Camera Biz review.

My Camera Biz Overview

Unlike a lot of products in the make money online niche these days, My Camera Biz is an old-fashioned ebook in the PDF format.  That works for me, as I’d much rather read a book or skim a PDF file than listen to a series of videos that goes on and on and on.  My Camera Biz is affordable, too, as the current price is $37.  That’s a reasonable price, I think, for a book that’s ostensibly going to show you how to earn hundreds of dollars per day.


The 82 page My Camera Biz book is divided into nine chapters, so it appeared that this was going to be a rather meaty volume with a lot of content.  Eighty two pages is pretty lengthy for an ebook product these days; you’d be surprised at how many books in the make money online niche run 20 pages or less.  The chapters of My Camera Biz are as follows:

  • Introduction
  • What is stock photography?
  • Income stream
  • Getting started
  • Photography techniques
  • Which images to use
  • Got the shot, now what?
  • Submission techniques
  • Legal concerns

my camera biz testimonialThe basic method for making money with My Camera Biz is this.  You take a bunch of photos, using a digital camera or a cellphone with a high quality camera.  You then submit them to Websites known as stock photo companies.  If they accept your photos, you’ll be paid in one of three ways:

  • Per download – each time someone downloads a copy of one of your photos, you earn a royalty
  • Per image – sometimes, the photo companies buy the photo from you outright for a set amount of money
  • Per view – sometimes, you get paid a small amount of money every time someone even looks at your photo

Stock photography is a big industry, and every year, people spend billions of dollars on stock photos for use in print media and on the Web.  People need pictures of nature, buildings, and people for various uses, both private and commercial and there’s a lot of demand for quality photography.

Raven Jackson explains this in the My Camera Biz book and shows a number of examples of photos in some 36 different categories to show you the sorts of photos that are in demand.  There’s a chapter on photography techniques, and a bit of information regarding what sort of camera you need to use.

my camera biz scamA big part of the My Camera Biz book is devoted to showing you how to make money from your photos, and obviously, that means learning about doing business with the stock photo companies.  She lists about a dozen companies that will give you the opportunity to make money from your pictures, and outlines the process for registering an account with each of them.  Then she tells you what you need to do to submit work to them, and how you’ll get paid if they accept your work.

A final chapter  of My Camera Biz covers various legal aspects of taking photos and submitting them to the stock photo agencies.  Each site has their own terms and conditions, so you’ll want to read those carefully to make sure you’re in compliance.

Can you make money using the techniques in My Camera Biz?  I’m suspicious, but not because the business model is suspect.  Stock photography is a huge industry, and some of the bigger sites, such as Getty Images, have photos for which they charge a lot of money.  There are people making a lot of money selling photos to people who need stock images.  Who are these people?

They’re professional photographers.  They’re people who own five thousand dollar cameras who have spent years or even decades taking pictures for a living.  And even they’re not necessarily getting rich doing this, because there’s a ton of competition in this industry.   When you go to a stock photo site, you’ll find that there are literally hundreds of thousands of images there, and you only get paid if someone downloads yours.  That means that you’d better have some pretty terrific images there, and you’d better have hundreds or even thousands of them if you hope to have any of them noticed, let alone purchased.

While the My Camera Biz book is reasonably well written, the 82 page length is rather deceiving.  There really isn’t a lot of content there, as nearly half of the pages in My Camera Biz consist of example photos at one photo per page.  In fact, the entire text of the book is just a little over 1000 words.  To put that into perspective, this review will have more text in it than My Camera Biz does.  Even more surprising is the fact that the chapter of My Camera Biz that covers photography techniques only runs three pages and a mere 257 words.  That’s not a lot of information regarding how you learn to take photos for which people are going to pay you.

My Camera Biz Summary

vo genesis - mehI’ve got mixed feelings about My Camera Biz.  Yes, the book is well written, in that it covers a plan that could potentially make money.  It’s easy to read and it’s not too expensive.  It is possible to earn money using the method outlined in the book.  But it’s not likely, as the industry is competitive and you’ll be competing with people who are better photographers than you are.

While My Camera Biz is not a scam, I can’t wholeheartedly recommend it.  I rate it so-so.


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