My Cash Duty Review – Easiest Way to Earn Money?

My Cash Duty Review


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my cash duty reviewI’ve learned a couple of things in my time running this site.  One of them is that lots of people want to make money online.  Another is that lots of people want to make money online by doing as little work as possible.  If you are in the second group, then you may have already heard about a site called My Cash Duty.

My Cash Duty says it is the easiest way to earn money online.  All you have to do, they say, is sign up and perform a task that takes just 30 seconds.  After that, they say, they will pay you $10.  That sounds interesting, so I thought I would take a closer look, sign up, and see what My Cash Duty is all about.  Is My Cash Duty a scam, or can you really make money with it?

Read on for the full My Cash Duty review.

My Cash Duty Overview

It couldn’t be easier to sign up for My Cash Duty, as it’s free.  All you have to do is give them an email address, a username and a password.  Then you’re logged in, and you can begin performing the “simple task” that they tell you will earn $10 for you (actually, they say you will earn 10$, which is one of the strange things about the site.)


I went ahead and signed up, logged in and was eager to see what was inside the My Cash Duty Website.  Once inside, you will see your dashboard, which shows you how much you have earned (they give you $25 to start) and whether or not you are eligible for payment.  You are eligible for payment if you have $300 in your account balance, and they say they will pay by check, PayPal, Payza and Moneygram.

The only other information on the page is a referral link.  Mine looks like this:

What is the work you are expected to do to earn money at My Cash Duty?  Share your referral link.

my cash duty scamThey suggest that you share it with family and friends and that you share it on social media sites such as Facebook.  Every time that someone joins the My Cash Duty site using your link, you will see $10 added to your account balance.  When the balance reaches $300, you can ask them to pay you.

That, unfortunately, is where the fun ends.  My Cash Duty will not pay you.

I don’t know who owns the site, but the site is almost identical to some other sites I’ve reviewed, such as Duty on Time and My Early Cash.  Those sites work the same way, and I’ve actually earned enough money to qualify for getting paid on both of those sites.

Neither one has paid me.  When you click on the link to get paid, you are taken to a “download page” which is actually a page from yet another site that this company owns.  Once you get to that page, you will be asked to complete an offer for such things as a $100 Wal-Mart gift card, a free trial of Amazon Prime, or free socks.  Even if you complete the offer, you still will not get paid.

my cash duty payoutWhat is going on?  What is going on is that the owner of My Cash Duty gets paid a couple of dollars every single time someone fills out one of those offers.  They own a bunch of Websites that are all the same and which all do the same thing – promise to pay people money if they share their referral link.

This brings hundreds of people per day to their site and they’re all sharing the link so they can make money.  Then, when they have enough money in their account balance to qualify for payout, they find that they have to complete an offer to get paid.  Then they complete the offer, the owner of the site gets paid for it, and ….nothing.

My Cash Duty will not pay you.  The site was built to trick you into completing offers for free gifts so the owner can make money.

Here is where it gets weird.  I’ve just written about how this site isn’t going to pay you and how you aren’t going to make money.  But after this gets published, people will read this article, they will click on the links to the My Cash Duty site, they will sign up and they will start sharing the links around.

Then, after they have earned enough money to qualify for a payout request, they will click on the payout link, complete the survey, realize that they are not getting paid, and then they will come back to this site and complain in the comments that the site did not pay them.

All kind of strange, because I am telling you, right here, that they are not going to pay you.  They will not.  My Cash Duty is a bad site and they do not pay.  Stay away.

Pros and Cons of My Cash Duty


  • Free to join
  • That’s it.


  • They will not pay you
  • You are wasting your time

My Cash Duty Summary

my cash duty review - thumbs downIs My Cash Duty a scam?  Pretty much.  They claim that they will pay you when you share your link with at least 30 people, but they will not.  The entire purpose of the site is to trick you into completing what is known as a CPA (cost per action) offer for a free gift card or something similar.  The entire idea is to get you to complete the offer so that the owner of the My Cash Duty can make money.

You won’t make money, because they won’t pay you.  People will ask “Why don’t we sue them?”  You can’t sue them because they are outside of the United States, and their domain name registration is hidden and it will cost you tens of thousands of dollars to track them down and sue them.  That’s too much trouble to go to just because someone did not pay you $300.

If you are interested in learning how to make money online, there are better ways to do it than by going to My Cash Duty.  I’d try one of those methods instead.

My Cash Duty is not recommended.


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