My Commission Generator Review – $767,323 This Year?

My Commission Generator Review

Price: $47
Rating:(no stars)

my commission generator reviewHow would you like to earn $767, 323 per year?  That’s pretty promising, but what if you could earn that money by spending just $47?  That’s what My Commission Generator is promising.  Their Website has glowing testimonials from happy people who have purchased the product and who now say they’re earning more money than they know what to do with.

That’s promising, and seven hundred thousand dollars is certainly a lot of money, so I decided to take a closer look.  Is My Commission Generator a scam? Read on for the full My Commission Generator review.

My Commission Generator Overview

When you visit the My Commission Generator Website, you’ll be shown a 28 minute video that you can’t stop or fast forward.  Fortunately, you can provide your email address so you can be taken to an order form where you can buy the product for $47.


If you try to close that page, you’ll be given an opportunity to buy My Commission Generator for just $37.  If you try to close that page, you’ll be give a “last chance” offer to buy the product for only  $17.

my commission generator not workingSince I read elsewhere that people who have purchased My Commission Generator were subsequently unable to log in to the members area, I did not bother to actually purchase it.  There’s no point in trying to track down a refund when I’ve already been told that the site won’t work.

I did see some evidence that the site doesn’t work when I attempted to view the site’s privacy policy page.  I just saw a message indicating some major database problems.

In the meantime, I visited the site’s members login page.  That page had a brief description of what My Commission Generator does at the bottom.  I also noticed that it redirected to a site called 12 Minute Payday.  Apparently, My Commission Generator and 12 Minute Payday are essentially the same product, as that site shows a similar video that makes similar promises.

As it happens, I did have access to a PDF file that explains what goes on at 12 Minute Payday, and it’s safe to assume that the two sites have similar, if not identical programs.  The same company appears to own and run similar products called “Auto Wealth Formula” and “6 Figure Toolkit.”

What you get when you buy My Commission Generator is a number of “landing pages” which are essentially pages that are similar or nearly identical to the home page for My Commission Generator itself.  The purpose of those landing pages is to persuade people to sign up for your mailing list.

my commission generator scamOnce people sign up for your mailing list, you can then sell them things.  OK, that’s basic affiliate marketing, and there’s nothing unusual about that.

There are some unusual things about both My Commission Generator and 12 Minute Payday that should give you pause, however:

The home page video talks about a guy named “Andrew.”   All of the people giving testimonials talk about what a big help “Andrew” has been to them.  Of course, after you buy My Commission Generator, you’ll be taken to an upsell page where you’re asked to buy the 12 Minute Payday “Advanced.”   On that page, the site says that the guy you’re dealing with is named “Justin.”  What happened to Andrew?

The Website is registered anonymously; you can’t tell who owns it or where they are.

The only address on the site is one in Cyprus.

Parts of the site don’t work.

Payment for My Commission Generator is through a company called Clicksure, and that company seems to be the payment processor of choice for a lot of dicey products that Clickbank or JVZoo won’t handle.

The people in the video giving testimonials are paid actors hired from Fiverr.

my commission generatorThis product raises a lot of red flags.  When you buy a product, you expect to receive that product, rather than being redirected to upsells or logins at other sites.  The video never really tells you what you’ll be doing or how you’ll be doing it.

What you will be doing is routine affiliate marketing, promoting products sold through Clicksure.  That’s all.  Just routine affiliate marketing selling products that are very similar to 12 Minute Payday and My Commission Generator.

How will you earn $767,323 this year, as the video promises?  I have no idea.  It’s pretty unlikely that you’ll earn that kind of money promoting affiliate products through Clicksure if you have landing pages like the one they’re using for My Commission Generator.

Pros and Cons of My Commission Generator


  • Nothing; it’s routine affiliate marketing, presented as something that will make you wealthy quickly


  • You may not be able to log in after purchase
  • Multiple expensive upsells from a variety of companies
  • No idea who is actually behind the product (Andrew? Justin?  Someone else?)
  • No way the product will generate the kind of earnings the video is promising
  • Really annoying videos that you can’t stop.

All in all, My Commission Generator is one weird product.  You’d think that if people were taking the time to go to the trouble to create a video and build a professional looking Website to sell a product on how to make money that they’d at least take the time to make sure that the site works properly.

My Commission Generator Summary

my commission generator - thumbs downI’d stay away from both My Commission Generator and 12 Minute Payday if I were you.  The video is overly long and makes ridiculous promises about earning nearly a million dollars a year when in fact you’re just going to be promoting products from Clicksure as an affiliate and building a mailing list.   The little bit of information about how the program works was not particularly comprehensive, and I suspect that little, if any training is offered after you buy.

Oh, and you probably can’t even access My Commission Generator even if you do buy it.  Why would you want to buy a product if you can’t log in to get it?

If you’re looking to make money online, there are better ways to do it than buy buying My Commission Generator.

My Commission Generator is not recommended.


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