My Early Cash Review – Easy $1500 Per Week?

My Early Cash Review

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my early cash reviewI’m always interested in sites that promise to pay people for doing little or no work.  Not because I want to make money that way, but because they seem to attract a lot of attention and it’s sites that attract a lot of attention that I enjoy writing about.

I recently wrote about a site called Duty On Time, and that review got a lot of views.  That site has a sister site called My Early Cash, and they’re also offering a guarantee that you’ll earn $1500 in your first week for doing 5-10 minutes of work.  That’s easy money, assuming, of course, that they’ll pay you.  So what does My Early Cash require you to do to earn all that money?  It must be pretty amazing, right?  Or is My Early Cash a scam?

Read on for the full My Early Cash review.

My Early Cash Overview

My Early Cash has perhaps the world’s simplest Website.  Their home page says you can earn money easily by signing up, going to your dashboard, and “start work and request payout.” That’s pretty simple, and yes, it really is pretty much just like that.


You sign up and you’re instantly logged in to your dashboard, and once you’re there, you’ll see a large affiliate link, a stat screen that shows you how many visits your page has had, and your Total Earnings.  That will be $25 when you first sign up, because they put $25 in your account as a signup bonus.

my early cash is a scamDon’t get excited just yet, as you’ll never see that money.  The entire site consists of the home page and your dashboard, and your “work” consists of two sentences that tell you to share that link on Facebook, on forums, and on pretty much any Web page that will allow people to share links.

My Early Cash says they will pay you $10 for every person who signs up using your link.  They also say that they have members who are earning $300 per day this week.  Their explanation is that they want traffic for their “advertiser’s Websites.”  But there are no ads on the site, nor are there any links to any other Websites from the My Early Cash site.

So what possible reason could they have for wanting to pay you $10 for every person you refer to the site?  When I wrote my Duty on Time review recently, I speculated that perhaps they were simply collecting email addresses, which they undoubtedly are.  I suspected that they were either spammers who needed valid email addresses, or that they were simply collectors of email addresses who were selling them to people who are spammers.

I pointed out that Duty on Time will not pay, and neither will My Early Cash.  They say that once you have $300 in your account balance, that they will pay you via PayPal or Payza, but that is not true.  They will not pay.

What My Early Cash is really doing

I have, however, discovered what My Early Cash and Duty on Time are doing to make money, and why they want you to sign up.   Just for fun, I included my own affiliate link in the Duty on Time review, just to see if anyone would sign up.  I didn’t think anyone actually would, as I gave the site a zero star review and said that they would not pay and that they were likely just trying to steal your email address so they could send you spam.

Guess what happened?  Thirty nine people clicked on that link and signed up, and I now have a balance of $393 in my Duty on Time account.  Since that’s more than the $300 needed to cash out, I clicked on the link that said “Click here to get your earning.”

Here’s a screen shot of what I saw when I clicked on that link:

my early cash cpa

They’re saying that it’s a security protection to verify that I am a human.  But that’s not a security protection.  My Early Cash is asking me to complete a CPA offer.

If you click on the link to get a sample of Oreos or to register to win a Galaxy S7 Edge, you’re not proving that you’re not human, you’re completing an offer for which the owners of My Early Cash will get paid.  They might earn anywhere from $1-$10 for every person who completes an offer.  If you get hundreds of people doing that every day, it can add up to quite a lot of money.

It can really add up when you have multiple sites with the same offer.  It’s possible that the people who own My Early Cash are receiving thousands of visitors per day, and earning thousands of dollars per day, all from people who are filling out these surveys and contest offers just because they think they have to in order to get paid by PayPal for the work they supposedly did at the My Early Cash site.

No, you’re not going to get paid for sharing the My Early Cash link.  You’re just allowing them to trick you into completing a CPA offer.  They get money, and your email address.  You get nothing.

Pros and Cons of My Early Cash


  • Free to join
  • Little work involved
  • Watch your account balance grow!


  • They will not pay you
  • Once you fill out a CPA offer, you will get lots of offers by email.

My Early Cash Summary

my early cash- thumbs downMy Early Cash says you’re “guaranteed” to make $1500 your first week.  No, they’re not going to guarantee that.  They are lying.  You won’t make anything if you sign up and share your link with your family and friends.  If you are lucky enough to accumulate $300 or more in your account balance, you’ll find yourself staring at a CPA offer that will make money for them and will cause your inbox to fill up with offers for junk products.

And even though I’ve said that you will not make money with My Early Cash, people will sign up anyway, and then complain to me when they don’t get paid.  You can look for that in the comments below this review.  They’ll be there soon enough.  If you do want to learn how to make money online, there are better ways than by joining My Early Cash.

My Early Cash is not recommended.  Do not sign up there.


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