My Home Job Search Review – Real Jobs at Home?

My Home Job Search Review

Price: Free ($29 upsell)
Rating: (zero stars)

my home job search reviewEmployment is up, but there are still a lot of people who either don’t have jobs or who would like better jobs than the ones they have.  My Home Job Search says they can find jobs for you that pay anywhere from $14-$56 per hour, and you can work from home.

I stopped by the site and signed up to check it out.  After all, who wouldn’t want a job that let you work from home for $56 per hour?  Is My Home Job Search a scam?  Read on for the full My Home Job Search review.

My Home Job Search Overview

My Home Job Search is a membership site; you can join for free or you can spend $29 to get the “platinum” upgrade.  The home page on the site features a video about work at home opportunities, complete with logos for CBS, Forbes, Fox News, NBC and CNN right below it.    Such logos add an air of authenticity to the site, though if you watch the video, you’ll find no mention of My Home Job Search there.


The My Home Job Search home page has lots of glowing testimonials, too, like the one from Candy, of Mason, Michigan, who says she found a customer service job paying $18 per hour.   There are other testimonials at My Home Job Search, and they’re all happy and employed.

I went ahead and signed up for a free account at My Home Job Search after they told me that they found 27 employers who want to hire home workers near the small town in which I live.  Great!  Let’s see those $56 per hour jobs!

my home job search ripoffI know they must have jobs, too, because it says right on their site “Why find a home job with us?  Approved Jobs.  All of our work from home jobs are reviewed and verified legitimate before being allowed in our database.”

That’s comforting.  Then again, why wouldn’t a “job” be legitimate?  Then Iogged in to see what “jobs” were available to me.

In the My Home Job Search members area, I found my dashboard.  There was a welcome video that told me about the opportunities at My Home Job Search, and off to the left was a list of areas of the site that I can visit.  Unfortunately, the “Companies,” “Job Board,” “Affiliate Pro,” “Training,” and “Support” areas had a padlock over them, because you need to buy the $29 platinum upgrade to access those areas.

Bummer that you can’t get support if you’re a free member.  But still, there are jobs at My Home Job Search, right?

Not really.  When I clicked on the “Make Money” area of the dashboard, I was taken to a page that had links to sites such as:

  • Game Loot Network – Get paid to play games
  • Paid Social Media Jobs
  • Writing Jobs

These aren’t jobs, and they’re not even job opportunities, they’re products for sale.  Paid Social Media Jobs is a Clickbank product that I’ve previously reviewed on this site.

my home job search scamThe My Home Job Search “Paid Surveys” section tells me that I can earn $100 or more taking surveys online.  I’ve reviewed lots of paid survey sites over the years, and most of them don’t pay anything.  The “Paid to Surf” section includes links to such sites as Swag Bucks.  Swag Bucks isn’t a scam, but you’re not going to make any real money there, either.

Given that the only “jobs” I’ve seen so far at My Home Job Search are either opportunities to spend more money or opportunities to join free sites that won’t allow me to earn anything, I’m not willing to pay $29 to see if the platinum members have access to real, actual jobs.

my home job search fake testimonialsBut I don’t have to, because I can look under the hood at My Home Job Search and see what’s really going on.  Listed below are a few things that are pretty odd about this work from home job site.

  1. The site is privately registered.  Many sites do this, including a few of my own.  But companies that actively present themselves as a business to the public don’t usually hide who they are or where they are located.  The only clue I have to where these people might be located is the phone number you’ll find if you click the “support” link – it’s area code 208, which is in Idaho.
  2. The disclaimer at the bottom of the home page is interesting.  It says, of course, that the My Home Job Search site has nothing whatsoever to do with CNN, Forbes, or any of the other companies prominently listed below the video.  It also says that “The typical purchaser does not make any money using this system.”  That’s pretty odd, since I wasn’t told that I was signing up for or buying a system.  I was told that they would find me a job.  Who doesn’t make money at a job?
  3. The testimonials are bogus.  Listed below is a photo of “Candy,” from Michigan.  Except she’s not really Candy from Michigan.  She’s a woman in a stock photo that’s sold by Shutterstock, a company that provides stock photos to people who need them.  All of the testimonials are from people with stock photos.

The bottom line on My Home Job Search?  They’re promising to provide you with jobs, but they’re really just trying to sell things to you.  Oh, one other thing – the privacy policy page says that they will sell your email address to other companies, so once you sign up, you’ll likely get a barrage of email messages, as well as phone calls from people trying to sell you all manner of money making schemes.

My Home Job Search Summary

my home job search- thumbs downYou’re not going to find a job with My Home Job Search.  You’re just not.  They’re trying to sell things to people who are desperate for work.  If you really want to make money working from home, then skip My Home Job Search, as there are better opportunities out there that you can check out for free.

What these people are doing is shameful.  No, My Home Job Search is not recommended.  Not at all.


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