My Success Mastermind Review – Get Paid Every 12 Hours?

My Success Mastermind Review


Price: $25 minimum


my success mastermind reviewIt’s hard work making money online, which is why so many people in the business know they can make money easily by promising people opportunities to make money automatically, or on “autopilot.”

Most people would rather make money doing nothing than make it by working, and no one has ever gone broke promoting programs that would allow people to make money without doing anything to earn it.

A new program, My Success Mastermind, does just that, saying that you can join, sit back and do nothing and earn up to 6.7% per day.

Really?  Can you really make money this way, or is My Success Mastermind a scam?

Read on for the full My Success Mastermind review.

My Success Mastermind Overview

My Success Mastermind is a membership site, but you can join for free and it just takes a minute.

Of course, you can’t earn any money if you join for free; you’ll have to purchase one or more “Success Packages” in order to do that.

A “Success Package” is, according to the My Success Mastermind site, a package of advertising that you’re paying for.

In exchange for buying that advertising, you’ll earn money on your investment, and the site says that they’ll pay every 12 hours.


How much you earn depends on how much you invest and which “packages” you buy.

The minimum amount is $25, and the maximum amount is $50,000.  The site pays 2.25%, 2.75%, or 3.35% every 12 hours, and you can cash out any time you like, provided that you have a minimum balance of at least $5.

I wouldn’t start counting your money just yet.  2.25% of $25 is 56¢.  In order to make any serious money with My Success Mastermind, you’ll have to invest a lot of money, and with that comes a lot of risk.

You can also receive referral commissions of anywhere from 1% to 8% of the amount of money that the people you refer to the My Success Mastermind site spend there.

To buy in at My Success Mastermind, you’ll have to use Payeer, Perfect Money, or Bitcoin.  The site doesn’t take PayPal or any other similar payment processors, and for a good reason.

my success mastermind scamSo, what’s really going on with the My Success Mastermind program?

Supposedly, when you join My Success Mastermind, you’re just buying advertising packages.

What can you advertise?  Pretty much anything, as long as it’s not “adult content” or something illegal.

Where will these ads that you’re buying be seen?  That’s the problem – they’ll only be seen by other members of My Success Mastermind, and only inside the members’ area.

That means that you’re showing ads to people who are also showing ads, and no one is really interested in what the ads are about.  They’re interested in making money from the My Success Mastermind program.

How does that work?

my success mastermind revenue sharingBasically, when people join, they pay, and they agree to keep their money there for a period of time.   There are limits to how much you can withdraw at one time, especially if you deposit more than $2500.

The site says you can deposit up to $50,000, but you can only withdraw a maximum of $2500 per day, so some of your money is going to remain with My Success Mastermind for a while.

My Success Mastermind is really what’s known as a revenue sharing program, and they have some pretty big drawbacks.

For the most part, the money that you will “earn” from your investment in My Success Mastermind will come from the money paid by new members who join after you.

That’s why there’s a bit of incentive to get other people to join.  With programs like this one, no one makes any money if new members are not continuously signing up and investing money.

Eventually, these things always wind down, and when people stop signing up, then people stop earning money.  If you happen to have money in the system when that happens, you’ll be out of luck.

While My Success Mastermind claims to be about advertising, it really isn’t, and the ads don’t accomplish anything.

My Success Mastermind is a product without a product, and at the end of the day, the entire program is simply about new people joining the system and giving their money to people who joined before them.

That’s why you won’t see PayPal listed among the payment options on the My Success Mastermind site.  PayPal doesn’t like money making “systems” and they particularly don’t like systems that don’t have an obvious product to sell.

Concerns about My Success Mastermind

There are a few other things about My Success Mastermind that concerned me.   The domain name was registered just two months ago, and the registration is private, so we cannot see who owns the site.

A couple of the links on the home page, “Banners” and “Get Started” don’t work and lead to dead pages.

In the My Success Mastermind FAQ page, the answers claim that the owners of the site are based in New Zealand.   There’s nothing wrong with that, but the English used on the site is rather oddly written, given that people in New Zealand speak English as a first language.

The text reads as though it was written by someone who does not speak English as a first language.

One other thing about the site that concerns me is that they’re not even sure of their name.  The domain name is and there are mentions of that name on the site, but there are even more mentions of the program being called simply “Success Mastermind,” and that’s what the site’s logo says.

Pros and cons of My Success Mastermind


  • Invest as little as $25
  • Get paid every 12 hours
  • Do nothing to earn money


  • Only third-rate payment processors are available
  • Sites like this don’t last long
  • When people stop joining, you’ll stop getting paid
  • You may lose all of your money

My Success Mastermind Summary

my success mastermind - thumbs downIf you’re looking for a way to make money without doing any work, My Success Mastermind offers an opportunity to do that.

On the downside, you’ll have to invest quite a bit of money to make any substantial amount of money, and you will take the risk of losing all of it.

There are better ways of making money than by investing in My Success Mastermind, and I recommend that you try one of those instead.

My Success Mastermind is not recommended.


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