My Top Tier Business Review (MOBE Review) – Is it a Scam?

MOBE Review, aka My Top Tier Business Review – A Good Opportunity?

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A lot of people on the Web, especially in marketing forums, are talking about a program called My Top Tier Business these days.  Also known as MOBE, and as My Online Business Empire,  and also known as My Online Business Education, My Top Tier Business offers their proprietary 21-step plan for making money online.

In fact, My Top Tier Business suggests that you can make a lot of money using their system. How much?  I first heard about MOBE on an Internet marketing forum where someone boasted that they are earning $1000 per day via My Top Tier Business.  Read on for our MOBE Review.

MOBE reviewThat’s pretty impressive, and if you’re going to work online from home, that kind of money sounds appealing, especially when My Top Tier Business says you can earn commissions of up to $10,000 per sale.  My Top Tier Business even guarantees that you’ll earn a commission within 30 days of signing up or they’ll pay you $500 in cash.

That sounds pretty appealing, and even more so when you realize that you can sign up for My Top Tier Business for just $49.

Wow.  You can sign up for $49, earn commissions of up to $10,000 per sale, and My Top Tier Business will guarantee that you earn a commission within 30 days or they’ll pay you $500.  That sounds like a pretty good guarantee.  Or is it too good to be true?

It is, and that shouldn’t surprise you.  Read on for the rest of my MOBE review, and no, I am not a MOBE affiliate.


How My Top Tier Business (MOBE) Works

You sign up for My Top Tier Business and pay them their $49 and for that, you get access to their training materials, including their 21 step MOBE system.  They’ll give you a personal mentor, and they’ll train you to sell their products.

On the surface, it appears that the My Top Tier Business products are a series of information packages that will teach people to make money online and if you sell these products, via the affiliate link they provide you, you’ll get a commission of 90%.  If you persuade someone to sign up for $49, you’ll get $44 of that.  Not a bad deal.

But what about the big commissions?  The $1000, $2500, $5000, and $10,000 commissions?  After all, $44 is small potatoes and you’re not going to earn $1000 per day like the marketer who introduced me to the system if you’re making $44 per sale.  How does your $49 membership allow you to earn the big commissions?

The License Model

The short answer is:  It doesn’t.  You don’t earn the big commissions by buying a $49 membership.  You earn the big My Top Tier Business commissions by selling very expensive licenses, and the licenses are priced at roughly $2000, $5000, $10,000 and $20,000.

What are the licenses for?  They are licenses for selling more licenses.  You can sell the $49 memberships all you want for the basic fee, but in order to earn the big commissions for selling those expensive licenses, you must first buy those licenses yourself. 

A $2000 license entitles you to $1000 in commission every time you sell a $2000 license.  A $5000 license entitles you to $2500 in commission every time you sell a $5000 license.

A $10,000 license entitles you to $5000 in commission every time you sell a $10,000 license and a $20,000 license entitles you to a $10,000 commission every time you sell a $20,000 license.

Can you sell these licenses to people without first buying them yourself?  Yes, you can.  There is a catch, of course – if you sell a license to someone and you have not already purchased that same license yourself, someone else gets the commission! 

That’s right.  You’re free to sell all of the $20,000 licenses that you want, but if you haven’t given $20,000 to My Top Tier Business yourself, the person who recruited you will earn the commission without doing any work for it and you’re out of luck.

Keep in mind, too, that in order to earn the maximum commissions through My Top Tier Business, you must buy all of the licenses.  You want to earn $10,000 commissions?  It’s going to cost you close to $40,000 for the “right” to earn commissions.

You’ll find that the pressure to start buying expensive licenses will come rather quickly via telephone once you sign up.  My Top Tier Business has a number of telephone salespeople on staff, and they do all of the sales work.  They are persistent, and they are persuasive.  After all, they’ll tell you – isn’t it worth a few thousand dollars to you to be able to earn lots and lots of money?

It might be.  The problem is that in order to make that kind of big money using My Top Tier Business, you’re going to have to find people who have $2000, $5000, $10,000 and $20,000 to spare and who are willing to spend it.  How many people do you know who have that kind of money lying around?  How many people do you know that have that kind of money and want to spend it on a moneymaking venture?

my top tier business reviewThe My Top Tier Business Website is very slick and polished looking and there are, indeed, people who are making money with the My Top Tier Business program.

There are not, however, very many people making money with it and that’s the problem.  It’s not possible for everyone to make money with My Top Tier Business because eventually, you run out of people to buy it.  There aren’t any actual products; the only real product is the license to sell more licenses.

In the United States, the government tends to frown on businesses that allow you to earn commissions by recruiting more members, rather than from selling actual products; these kinds of products are known as “pyramid schemes”.

In fact, such businesses are illegal in most states.  My Top Tier Business, not surprisingly, is based outside the United States, in Australia, and most of the people making the big bucks with the program also live outside the United States.  The guy who said he’s making $1000 per day lives in Asia.

The My Top Tier Business MOBE Guarantee

What about the $500 guarantee?  MOBE offers to pay you $500 if you don’t earn at least that much within 30 days.  Can’t you just try My Top Tier Business for a few weeks and see if it works for you?  The guarantee sounds promising, except that in order to qualify for the $500, you must first complete all 21 steps of the MOBE system.

What’s the problem with that?  At least one of those steps requires you to buy a license, and that license will cost you more than $500.   If you take My Top Tier Business up on their guarantee, you are guaranteed to lose money.

MOBE Summary

thumbs downIn fact, the fine print on the My Top Tier Business Website says that the average annual gross income for their affiliates is estimated to be less than $2000 and that less than 1% of all participants in the program will be able to earn a living using the My Top Tier Business system.

Are you willing to spend nearly $40,000 for the opportunity to earn between $500 and $2000 per year?

There are a handful of people making a lot of money with My Top Tier Business. They’re all working with one another and patting each other on the back.  You’re unlikely to become one of them.

There are some great ways to make money online.  You don’t have to spend $40,000 to do it.  In fact, Wealthy Affiliate will show you how to make money online, without scamming people, and you can join for free. Unless you live outside the United States and you know a lot of people with tens of thousands of dollars to spend, we recommend staying away from My Top Tier Business.


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