My Unfair Advantage Review – Is a $1000 a Day Possible?

Due to personal attacks and threats of litigation from the product creator, this review has been removed.

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4 thoughts on “My Unfair Advantage Review – Is a $1000 a Day Possible?

  1. LOL – You crack me up Charlie.

    The words you never wrote about “bonus bloat” are in the penultimate paragraph:
    ….sales page tries to overload you with what I like to call “bonus bloat”….
    and in the last paragraph:
    ….without the thousand dollar upsell and without the bonus bloat….
    The references to “greed” are:
    … page is really long, and focuses a lot on appeals to greed….
    and in the last paragraph as well.

    Its easy for anyone to see what you’re doing here.

    Your side bar looks like times square and you have a lead magnet smack in the middle of your “review”
    You are selling a product called “affilio jetpack” through a banner ad that points to this page
    [link removed] and with Clickbank affiliate ID: “[ID removed]” which according to your legal page “Retro Marketing” is also the name of your company.

    You are also promoting a product called “wealthy affiliate” on this page
    [link removed]
    with affiliate ID: [ID removed]

    As a matter of fact it is pretty clear to see that the sole purpose of this site is to leverage other peoples good brand names (like mine) with slanted “reviews” so that you can deviate unwitting consumers to products of your choice via an affiliate link through which you stand to leverage them and earn compensation.

    You should read up on the fair use act because the moment you started monetizing this site the way you are, you needed my permission to use my name and logo in it (which you didn’t ask for and I DID NOT AND DO NOT APPROVE). A review site for the SOLE purpose of reviewing or sharing your opinions is one thing… but that is NOT what you’re doing here. I’ll be happy to have my attorney send you a copy of fair use when you provide me your mailing address or that of your lawyer, whichever is more convenient.

    And AGAIN, to be clear about my product… there are ZERO upsells for my product at this time, I’d draw you a picture of how funnels work for you to understand but its tough to do here on a blog post so I’ll spell it out for you in caps with big spaces and just hope it sinks in… N O U P S E L L S.

    The page you linked to here in your flimsy and facetious attempt to discredit me is an old page from an offer I made available FOR 60 MINUTES only to existing members like 3 YEARS AGO. That thing is still on my nanacast account and my product is currently on JVZoo… I don’t even know how the hell you dug that old page up frankly. The offer was only open for 60 freaking minutes 3 YEARS AGO!!!! Even still says the times right on the page there.

    And as for your site attracting visitors…. well even a rookie knows that has nothing to do with MY SEO and your trying to make it look that it does either means your trying to make yourself out to look like you’re better at SEO than me ….Orrrrrr…… you simply have no clue of how SEO works. I think its the latter but I could be wrong.

    The only reason I found your site is because I sometimes Google my own name to take a look at the pond scum thats trying to rank for it in efforts to click bait people into their MLMs, ponzi schemes and their own offers. You know the type… the ones that try to come off like “the peoples champion” so they create bogus “review sites” to warn people about scams and then they tell people that pretty much everything out there sucks except what THEY are promoting.

    Listen Charlie, you should strongly consider removing my name, logo and product references from this site OR… remove anything that can lead to monetary gain for you. Because the 2 things together do not constitute “fair use”. You can not use my name and brand for commercial purposes as you’re doing here. I do not approve of you using any of my material or my name to earn money or acquire potential customers that may lead to monetary gain.

    Do the right thing.

    Omar Martin, CEO
    Higher Level Strategies, Inc.
    PO Box 111447
    Palm Bay, Florida
    Telephone: 866-205-3389

    • Thanks for the kind words and the civil discourse. It’s always a pleasure engaging my site visitors in polite, non-threatening conversation.

      I think we’ve covered the topic in detail, so I’m closing the comments. Best of luck to you, and thanks for visiting my site.


  2. #1 At this time there is NO upsell for MUA. None. Period. The Mastermind Advantage thing you mentioned was a private offer that I made to a small group of existing MUA members like 3 years ago and even back then it was never an upsell and it was never $997 per year. This information is simply FALSE.

    #2 Sales page focuses too much on “greed and bonus bloating” (whatever that means)… so you’re saying that the product is no good for newbies because you don’t like the sales page? Cause the page focuses too much on MONEY? LMAO. Really Charile? Meanwhile this site header has a picture of a girl working on a laptop while lying on a hammock next to a huge dollar sign and you are using this brouhaha of a “review” to promote a product a product called “wealthy affiliate” C’mon man.

    #3 You say… “These are the sorts of sales pages that were pretty common about ten years ago, but they’ve mostly gone away because prospective buyers have become a bit more savvy over the years” HAHAHAHAHAH. So consumers are savvy, but not savvy enough to realize that this fake slanted review was only published for the purpose of promoting something else.

    So basically… you use my good name, my brand and my product name on your website to attract visitors and then when they get here as a result of MY BRAND you try to manipulate them into buying something else that YOU ARE AFFILIATED WITH.

    Why not just write an article about THAT other product and sell it on ITS own merits?

    No wonder you’ve been doing this since 2003 and nobody’s ever heard of you.
    Lets see if you even post this comment.
    Good luck with this super legit business you’ve got going here dude…

    For anyone that would like a personal tour of my website and an ACCURATE live description…
    I can be reached at or at 866-205-3389

    Omar Martin, CEO
    Higher Level Strategies, Inc.

    • I’ll post your comment; I can’t think of a reason not to. After all, my site visitors are entitled to a second opinion and who could offer a more unbiased opinion of a product than the person who created and sells it?

      #1 Currently no upsell?
      Fine. I stand corrected, though the sales page for this nonexistent product is still online.

      #2 “Greed and bonus bloating”
      Not in my review; I can’t comment on words I didn’t write.

      #3 “this fake slanted review was only published for the purpose of promoting something else.”
      It wasn’t, and there isn’t a single review on this site that was created for that reason.

      #4 “So basically… you use my good name, my brand and my product name on your website to attract visitors and then when they get here as a result of MY BRAND you try to manipulate them into buying something else that YOU ARE AFFILIATED WITH.”

      Actually, I have no idea if your name is any good or not. Until I wrote this review, I’d never heard of you. If my site is attracting visitors that are searching for your product, then I’d suggest that your site has a search engine optimization problem.

      Every time I write a negative review of a product, I’m accused of saying unkind things about it just so I can “promote something else.” If that were true, every review on this site would be negative. That’s not the case.

      I promote lots of products on this site, and they all have one thing in common – they’re products that I think offer a good value to the buyer. If I think a product offers that, I give it a thumbs up. If I think it doesn’t I don’t recommend it. If I thought your product offered a good value, I’d recommend it.

      Other products that I may or may not be promoting don’t affect that one bit. While it’s true that most of the reviews I write are negative ones, it’s not because I’m biased. It’s because most of the products in the make money online niche aren’t very good.

      No wonder you’ve been doing this since 2003 and nobody’s ever heard of you.

      No one? Have you taken a survey? A few years back, both the New York Times and Money magazine published articles about me; perhaps you missed those. It doesn’t really matter; I’m not in this business to be famous. Relative anonymity suits me just fine.

      Funny thing, though – If no one has ever heard of me and I’m as unimportant as you suggest, then why should my review bother you in the least?

      I wish you well, but I stand by my review. Thanks for visiting my site.


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