News Behoof Review – $2000 Per Week?

News Behoof Review – A Way to Earn Fast Cash?



I get email messages from people all the time asking “How can I earn money?”  They’re not usually looking for a business method or anything long-term; they just need money now and want to know how to get it.  Ordinarily, it would be obvious to people that there isn’t a way to get cash quickly without working for it and on the Internet, that can take time.  But sites like News Behoof give people the illusion that it might be possible to earn a lot of money in a hurry without doing any work.

news behoof reviewNews Behoof is one of dozens of sites owned by a company in eastern Europe that offers to pay you for either reading short news articles or for taking short surveys.  In the case of News Behoof, it’s a news site, and they say that they’ll pay you for every article that you read and that you can earn up to $2000 per week on their site and that it’s free to join.  As with all of this company’s sites, I decided to register to see what’s going on inside to see if it’s on the level.  Read on for my full News Behoof review.

News Behoof Overview

It couldn’t be easier to sign up for News Behoof; in fact, it’s the easiest signup I’ve ever encountered anywhere.  They ask for an email address and a password, and once you provide it, you’re logged in.  News Behoof doesn’t ask you to repeat the password, nor do they ask you to confirm the email address.  Just type it in and you’re ready to get started.  Once you’re inside, you can start reading news articles, and News Behoof says they’ll pay you between $5 and $9 for every article you read.

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You can read up to 35 articles per day at News Behoof.  When I logged in, all of the articles were priced at $5, meaning you can earn $175 per day by reading the maximum number of articles allowed.  That won’t take long, as the articles themselves are quite short.  In fact, they rarely consist of anything more than a headline and a single sentence.  You pick the article from an available list that gives you titles, the time they were posted to the News Behoof site, and the amount of money they pay.  To read, just click an article title.  Once you’ve read the article, click the “confirm” button.  You’ll then have to complete a short math problem to prove that you’re human.  Then you’ll see $5 added to your News Behoof account balance.

news behoof scamNews Behoof says you can earn even more by referring friends to the site via Craigslist or Facebook.  They provide a referral link to you and if someone signs up for the site under that link, you’ll have $150 added to your News Behoof balance. You will also earn 20% of what your friends earn when they read news articles.  According to the site, you could earn $2000 per week this way, making it a fast and easy way to earn money.  After all, it can’t take but 20 minutes or so per day to read 35 articles, and if you can get one person per day to sign up under you, it might be possible to earn more than $2000 per week.

Of course, this all sounds too easy, and if everyone could earn $2000 per week reading articles at News Behoof, why wouldn’t everyone do that?  And how does News Behoof make money, anyway?

news behoof articlesAccording to the site, they make money because news agencies want people to read news articles and those agencies pay News Behoof to have people read their articles.  That might make sense, if there were some sort of pay-per-click arrangement between the news agencies and News Behoof in order to send traffic to their Websites, but it doesn’t work that way.  In fact, there not only isn’t a link from any article to a news agency Website, there isn’t even a link to the full article.  All you get is a headline and a single sentence.  No links, no photos, no “click here to read more.”  Nothing.

News agencies are in the business of selling news, so it’s pretty unlikely that they’d be interested in paying people to read their articles any more than Starbucks would be paying people to drink their coffee.  So what’s really going on at News Behoof?

First of all, News Behoof isn’t going to pay you.  They’ve been doing this for about six months now and I have yet to hear of anyone earning even $1 from one of these sites, no matter how much money they’ve accumulated in their account balance. News Behoof says you can get paid after you have $2300, but they aren’t going to pay you.  They make lots of promises, but they’re not going to do it.

What are they doing?  There are ads on the site, so they’re probably trying to get people to click on them.  Their referral program, with promises of $150 payouts for referring new people to the site, probably keeps traffic pretty high, so a fair number of people will probably click on ads on the site.

News Behoof is also collecting email addresses and PayPal and Payza account information, as well.  That means that they might be trying to hack PayPal or Payza accounts.  It also means that they are likely either sending out email spam or selling addresses to people who will send out email spam.

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News Behoof Conclusion

news behoof - thumbs downWhile getting paid to read news articles sounds like a fast and easy way to make money, it’s actually a waste of time.  You’re not going to get paid.  Even worse is that you might find your PayPal or Payza account hacked or you might find yourself receiving a lot more spam email than usual.   Of course, News Behoof is counting on that, because people are always excited by the possibility of earning easy money.  You can make money online, but you’re not going to do that by reading news.  If you’re interested in making money online, check out my #1 recommendation below and stay away from News Behoof.

News Behoof is not recommended.


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