News Copy Review – Read News for $2000 a Week?

News Copy Review – Read and Get Paid?


Everyone wants to make money online, but not everyone is interested in creating a Website or a blog and taking a lot of time to do it.  That’s OK; we’re all different and each of us has different needs and time availability.  One thing is for certain, though – when someone says you can make money fast, people pay attention.  That’s what’s happening with a site called News Copy, which says they’ll pay you in cash to read news articles on their Website.

news copy reviewNews Copy says you can earn $250 per day or up to $2000 per week just for reading news articles on their site.  You can earn even more by referring friends and family to the site, as they say they will pay you part of the amount of money that they earn when they read articles themselves.  The site is easy to use, so we signed up to see how it works.  Is News Copy on the level?  Read on for the full News Copy review.

News Copy Overview

News Copy is a pretty basic Website, and it’s fast and easy to sign up.  Just give them an email address and a password and you’re all set and logged in.  You’ll also need to provide a PayPal or Payza email address for payment (more on that later).  To read news, you just click the “read news” link at the top of the page and you’ll see a list of recently posted news articles, along with the amount of money you will be paid for reading each one.

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The news articles aren’t really articles, but are rather a headline and a single sentence.  That’s it; there’s no complete article, nor is there a link to the complete article.  News Copy says that they are paid by major news agencies to get people to read their news articles and that News Copy gives 70% of that money to their site visitors.

news copy articlesTo read news, just pick and article and click on it.  After a few seconds, a button that says “confirm” will appear.  When you click on that button, a CAPTCHA appears that asks you to complete a small math problem, such as “29+40=.”  Once you have done that, you will have cash added to your account balance.  In my case, the article paid $5.  You can repeat the process up to 35 times per day, and they say that articles pay between $5 and $9 each, though all of the articles that I saw paid $5.  Still, even at $5 per article, reading 35 articles gives you a daily amount of $175.

You can earn more at News Copy by referring friends and family to the site, which they recommend that you do via Facebook, Craigslist and other social sites.  News Copy will provide you with a special link that you can share, and when someone signs up using your link you will have $150 added to your account balance.  You will also earn 20% of the amount that your friends earn when they read news articles, which could mean an additional $35 per person, per day.  With that, it might be possible to earn up to $2000 per week in your account.

To get paid, News Copy says that you must first have $2300 in your account.  Then you can request payment, though there will be a delay of 14 working days.  They say that they will waive that 14 day waiting period if you refer five friends to the site, which gives you additional incentive to use their affiliate program.

All of this is fast and easy and it sounds like a great way to make money.  There’s just one problem with News Copy – what they’re offering is too good to be true.  Sure, you can read all of those articles and you’ll see a lot of money in your account balance, especially if your refer friends to the site.  The only problem with the system is that they’re not actually going to pay you, regardless of how much money you have in your account.

news copy scamNews Copy is a site owned by a company that owns dozens of similar sites that all look exactly alike except for the name.  They’re based in Russia, and it appears that they’re creating several new sites every week.  They’ve been doing this for the better part of a year now, and I have yet to hear of anyone actually being paid by any of their sites.

If you think about it, the entire premise seems a bit odd.  News is a commodity and businesses that gather news are in the business to sell it to the public.  If they’re doing this to make money, they why would they ever pay people to read their articles?  And even if they did, wouldn’t News Copy include a link to the full article on the news agency’s Website?  None of that happens, and that’s because it’s all a cover for what they’re really up to.

And what is News Copy up to?  It could be one of several things:

  • Collecting email addresses in order to send out spam.  When you have a site that offers payment for referrals, you’re going to get a lot of new members and each of them has an email address to offer.  That’s great for spammers, who are always looking for new email addresses.
  • Collecting PayPal and Payza addresses so they can hack accounts.  Those sites have pretty good security, but if you try to hack thousands of accounts per day, you’re occasionally going to be successful.
  • Advertising revenue.  There are ads on the News Copy site, and if they have a few thousand people passing through every day, a few people are going to click on them.

What News Copy is not up to is paying people to read news.  Sorry.

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News Copy Summary

Is News Copy a scam?  Well, they’re not going to pay you for reading news, so you may draw your own conclusions.  They’re just in business to make money in other ways and the offer to pay you to read news articles is just a red herring.  If you are interested in making money online, there are ways to do that, but instead of reading news articles at News Copy, you might want to try my #1 recommended program instead.

News Copy is not recommended.



10 thoughts on “News Copy Review – Read News for $2000 a Week?

  1. this sucks because i have two of these payments “in process” over 14 day, sucks i could really use the funds,. i just wasted my time. sure would be nice to get paid.

  2. I have completed the $2300 (the minimum sum) and it has passed more than 14 days. Yet, i didnt get my payment at PayPal. Forget it ! I think it is scam, and i will report to FBI website.

  3. You said you signed up and didn’t get past $5, I’m at $6.50 right now. Been doing it for two days and about to request payout. I like testing things before I refer people. My question is did you ever get to $2300 to request payout and what are their other websites?

    • I didn’t get to the $2300 payout threshold, at least not on this site. I first signed up for one of their sites last May, and that site had a $500 payment threshold. I did earn $500+, and they’ve never paid me. As far as I know, they’ve never paid anyone.

      I’ve reviewed dozens of this company’s sites, and there are lots of comments to my reviews from people who have earned enough money to get paid, but haven’t. I won’t take the time to list them here, but if you click the “Reviews” link at the top of the page, you’ll see them. Look for anything with “News” or “Quiz” in the product name.


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