News High Review – Higher Payouts; Same Result

News High Review – Are Higher Payouts Better?



The people who have created a series of many sites that pay people to read news articles have another one – News High, and this one, while offering the same payouts for reading news articles, now boosts the claimed payout for recruiting new members from the $35-$40 range to a whopping $150.   They claim that you can now earn $1000 per day with the News High program.  Obviously, these high promised payouts have a lot of people interested in News High, so I thought I’d take the time to check them out.

news high reviewThe company that owns News High is the same company that owns dozens of other paid news sites, such as All News Round, Till News, Direx News and others.  The idea is the same for all, and all of the sites look identical.   You create an account, read short news articles, and have $7 added to your account balance.  Read on for my full News High review.

News High Overview

Signing up with News High is fast and easy.  Give them an email address and a password and you’re logged in and ready to go.  The “Your Balance” screen also asks for a Payza or PayPal address, supposedly so they can pay you.   I’ll go into more about that later.  To earn with News High, you need to read news articles, so you click on the “Read News” link in the upper right hand corner of the screen.  Then you’ll see a list of news articles, sorted by the time they were posted on the site.  You’ll also see the payout for each article you read, which at the time I visited the site, was $7 per article.

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To read the news, just click on an article.  When you’re done reading, click “confirm” and answer the security question.  You’ll then have $7 added to your account balance.  You may read 35 articles per day, for a total of $245, but the News High site says you can earn even more by referring friends to the site.   They offer a whopping $150 for every friend you refer, plus 20% of the amount that your friends earn when they read news on the site.  That makes it possible, they say, to earn thousands of dollars per day if you know a lot of people.  The News High site recommends posting your referral link on Craigslist or Facebook in order to get as many people to the site as possible and to maximize your earnings.

According to the site, the minimum payout amount is $2300, and you will have to wait “14 working days” to get paid via PayPal or Payza once you request payment.  You can speed up this process and avoid the waiting period of you get five friends to join the site.

news high payout scamBefore you get all excited at the idea of earning a bunch of money for becoming better informed by reading the news, you have to ask yourself a question – “Why would anyone pay me to read news?”  It really doesn’t make sense if you think about it.  Consider all of the places where you can ordinarily find news – CNN’s Website, for instance, or your local television station or perhaps your local newspaper.  Do any of those sources of news pay you to get the news?  No, they don’t.  You’ll have to pay cash to read a newspaper and you’ll have to watch commercials to see the news on TV and you’ll have to look at ads on CNN’s Website.  There’s a reason for that – news agencies are in business to sell news as their product.

Despite this, News High says that news agencies are paying them to get people to read news articles and that they’re passing on part of that income to you.  That doesn’t make any sense, and it makes even less sense when you see what the “articles” at News High look like.  They’re not deep, in-depth articles like you’d see at CNN; they’re usually just a headline and one sentence.  What if you want to read more?  Sorry, but the complete article isn’t available and there isn’t even a link to the complete article.  You’re just out of luck.  You couldn’t read the full article if you wanted to.

Given that there’s no links to the full articles at the news agencies’ sites, you have to wonder why any news agency would use a site like News High to try to get more people to read their news. The answer is a simple one – they don’t.  News agencies have nothing to do with News High; instead, it’s just a way for News High to make money from you.

How does that work?  Well, first of all, there’s the really important part – News High isn’t going to pay you.  You will not get paid.  Not today, not when you have $2300 in your account, not when you have $10,000 in your account, and not ever.  This company owns dozens of similar Websites, and I have yet to hear of anyone who ever got paid, even once. News High does not pay.

news high articleWhat does News High do?  They collect PayPal email addresses, probably to use to hack PayPal accounts or to sell the addresses to people who do try to hack PayPal accounts.  They also collect email addresses to try to send out spam, or to sell the addresses to people who do send out spam.  Look for lots of email from Russia if you sign up with News High.

They’re also probably making money from the advertising that appears on the News High site.  There’s good money in paid ads, especially if you can persuade tens of thousands of people to visit your site, and when you’re offering to pay people $150 each to send their friends to the site, it works pretty well, even if you’re not going to pay.

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News High Summary

Is News High a scam?  Yes.  You’re not going to get paid, and you’re going to be wasting your time.  You might even get your PayPal account hacked or find yourself receiving a lot of spam email.  There are ways to earn money online, but News High isn’t one of them.  If you’re really interested in making money or at least learning how to make money, you might visit Wealthy Affiliate instead of News High.

News High is not recommended and is a complete waste of time.



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  1. My name is Diana Morris. I have signed up with news high and have no gotten a payout yet. I stopped doing there surveys cause I have two payouts out and have not gotten paid. Is there anyway you can help me get somewhere with these sites. Please help me. Thank you

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