News Level Review – Can You Make Money Reading News?

News Level Review – Read and Get Paid?



There’s an old saying about newspaper headlines – when the headline asks a yes or no question, the answer is always “no.”  That came to mind while I was starting to write this review of News Level, a site that offers to pay you, and pay you quite a bit, for reading news articles.  It’s just the latest site in a series of similar sites from a company in Russia or Ukraine, and chances are good that you’ve stumbled upon a link to the site somewhere.

news level reviewWhy? Because News Level, like their sister sites, offers to pay you even more if you can persuade other people to join.  You get a special affiliate link that you can share with friends and family, and if you know enough people, you can potentially put thousands of dollars every week into your News Level account balance.  That sounds great, but as always, there’s a catch.  Read on for the full News Level review.

News Level Overview

You can sign up for News Level quickly; just give them an email address and a password.  To read news, just click the “read news” link at the top right hand corner of the page.  You’ll see a list of news articles, listing the headlines, the time they were posted and the amount of money that will be added to your account balance when you read them.  As of the time of this writing, News Level will add $5 to your account balance every time you read an article.  That doesn’t seem like a lot of money, but the articles are usually only one sentence long.

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Once you’ve read the article, you click the “confirm” button and then you have to answer a short math problem to prove that you are a human.  Once you have done that, you will have $5 added to your News Level account balance.  You can repeat the process until you have reached the maximum of 35 articles per day, which means that you can have up to $175 in your account every day.

You can earn more by sharing the special referral link that News Level provides, and according to the site, you’ll receive $150 for every friend that you refer to the site, plus 15% of the amount that they earn when they read articles.  That allows you to potentially add thousands of dollars every week to your account balance.

To get paid, News Level requires your PayPal or Payza account and says that they’ll pay you within 14 business days once you reach the minimum payout amount of $2300.  They say that you can get paid immediately if you refer 5 friends to the site, which certainly provides incentive to refer people to the site.

news level scamThere’s just one problem with News Level – remember that bit in the opening paragraph about headlines that contain a yes or no question?  That comes into play here.  The title of the page asked, “Can You Make Money Reading News?”  Perhaps you can, but not at News Level.  This site is like dozens of other sites, all owned by the same person or company.  Their domain name registrations are private, but their IP addresses trace to Ukraine.  They’ve been building sites like News Level for months, and getting people to actively promote them by offering to pay ever-increasing amounts of money for referrals.

The problem is that News Level is unlikely to pay, as none of the other sites have.  I get comments on this site every day from people who want to know when Direx News or Quest of News or Till News is going to pay them.  Sorry, but they’re not going to pay.

news level articleWhy won’t News Level pay?  Because the way that they claim they earn their money isn’t possible.  The site says that news agencies are paying them to get people to read their articles and that News Level is giving 80% of that money to you in order to maximize readership.  That’s fine, but news agencies don’t pay people to read their news.  They’re in the business of selling news stories at a profit, not in paying people to read them.  There’s no way that these sites are making any money in this way, nor is there any way that the news agencies can get any traffic this way, either, since the “articles” consist only of headlines and a single sentence and provide no link to the original story.

What are they doing at News Level?  That’s hard to say, but I can make a few guesses:

  • They’re generating revenue from on-site advertising.  This one’s pretty basic; the site has ads and if you click on one, News Level gets paid.
  • They’re harvesting email addresses.  You need to use one to sign up; it’s possible that they’re using them to either send out spam email or they’re selling the addresses to someone who is doing that.
  • They’re collecting PayPal email addresses to hack PayPal accounts.  That’s possible; if you successfully hack someone’s PayPal account, you’ll have access to their funds, their bank account and their credit card information.  Could be lucrative.

None of these things are good for News Level site visitors, however, and if you read their news “articles” you’re not even going to become better informed, because their articles have no substance whatsoever.  In the end, the best possible outcome of signing up with News Level is that you’re wasting your time.

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News Level Summary

news level - thumbs downIs News Level a scam?  Well, they say they’re going to pay you and they’re not going to do that, so you can draw your own conclusions.  It amazes me that these sites pop up at the rate of two or three a week and every one of them seems to be drawing a lot of traffic.  Whatever it is they’re doing at News Level, it’s probably working pretty well for them, but not for anyone who visits the site.

There are ways to make money online, but you’re not going to have any luck doing it there.  Instead of News Level, why not pay a visit to Wealthy Affiliate instead?  It’s free to sign up and you’ll learn a lot about building an online business.  As for News Level, it’s a complete waste of time and you could possible lose money in the process.

News Level is not recommended.


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