News Person Review – $1225 Per Week for Reading News?

News Person Review

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news person reviewI don’t know about you, but I, like most people, regard $1225 per week or $7000 per month as a fair amount of money.  That’s especially true if you were only working about 10 minutes per day to earn that money.  That’s how much time it will spend to increase your account balance at News Person, and the site says you can easily earn those amounts by doing relatively little work.

The work, they say, involves reading news articles, and that sounds easy, so I thought I’d take a closer look and see what’s going on at the site.  Can you really make $1225 per week reading news articles, or is News Person a scam?

Read on for the full News Person review.

News Person Overview

News Person is a membership site, but it’s free to join.  To sign up, just enter your email address and a password on their home page.  That’s it; you won’t have to confirm anything and you’ll be automatically logged in once you enter your password.

Once inside, you’ll see your dashboard.  “Your Account” shows your status and the number of articles that you have read.  “Your Balance” shows the amount of money in your News Person account and whether or not you have been paid.


“Referral Program” gives you your referral link, shows you the number of people that you have referred to the site, and the number of news articles that your referrals have read.

At the top of the page in the right hand corner is a link labeled “Read News.”  This is the link you click to read news “articles” and add money to your account balance.

According to the News Person FAQ page, you will receive $5-$9 every time you read a news article, and you can read up to 35 articles per day.  To read an article, you click “Read News,”  pick an article from the list, and read it.  That should take about two seconds, because each “article” is often no more than a single sentence, and sometimes, it’s less than that.  The article I read for the image shown consisted of four words.

news person articleWhen you have read the article, you click “Confirm.”  You’ll have to answer a simple math problem to confirm that you’re a human.  After that, you’ll have $7 added to your account.  While the FAQ page says articles pay between $5 and $9, every article I saw was paying $7.

Since it only takes a few seconds to read an article at News Person and since you can read 35 articles per day, you can add $175 to your News Person account balance every day for about 10 minutes of your time.  You can earn even more, however, by referring other people to the News Person site.

You receive a special referral link, and News Person says that you will receive a $160 bonus for every person that you refer, plus you will also receive 20% of their earnings when your referrals read news articles.  Obviously, this can add up very quickly if you refer a lot of people to the site.

News Person says that you must have $7000 in your account in order to qualify for payment, but as they pointed out, you can get there pretty quickly by reading 35 articles per day and referring a few people.  The site says that payment comes through either PayPal or Payza, and there’s a form on the site where you can provide your payment credentials to get paid.

I’ll admit that reading news articles on the News Person site is quick and easy, and it should be very simple to get a bunch of people to sign up so you can start earning a lot.

Sounds great.  So what’s the catch?  This sounds too easy, right?

Right.  Here’s the catch – News Person will not pay you.

News Person is run by the same person or company that runs a bunch of other news sites that all claim to pay you for reading news articles.   They claim that they are being paid by news agencies to get people to read news articles, and that they’re sharing part of that revenue with people like you.

newx person scamThat seems a bit strange.  When was the last time any news source offered to pay you to read or watch their news?  News agencies are in the business of selling news, so why would they pay you?  CNN doesn’t pay you to watch their news; they make you watch commercials in order to see it.

Your local newspaper doesn’t pay you to read it; they want you to buy it.

News is a product.  It’s for sale.  No one is going to pay you to take it.

News Person is registered in Russia, and it’s hosted there, too.   They’re interested in getting your email address and your Payza or PayPal account information.  When you try to cash out, they’ll likely try to get you to complete a CPA offer in order to get paid.

So, you might end up having your PayPal account hacked, or you might end up getting a bunch of spam in your inbox.  What you are not going to get is any sort of payment, because none of these sites actually pay people.  I’ve signed up for many of them and read enough articles to qualify for payment.  It never happens.

It won’t happen this time, either.

Pros and Cons of News Person


  • It’s free
  • It takes little time
  • You can watch your account balance increase very quickly


  • You won’t get paid
  • You might get hacked
  • You might see lots of spam

News Person Summary

news person - thumbs downNews Person is one of dozens of sites that all look the same that all promise that you’ll make easy and fast cash just by reading news articles.  That’s not true, because no one in the news business would ever pay anyone to read news articles.  Besides, these aren’t articles anyway.  They’re just a few words, and they don’t even provide a link to a full article so you can’t read more even if you want to.

If you want to make money, there are better choices than News Person.  I’d try that instead.

News Person is a waste of time and is not recommended.


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