News Prof Review – Can You Get Paid for This?

News Prof Review – Read News and Get Paid?



People are always looking for ways to make money online, and I’m here to help.  When something new comes along that offers a way to work online from home, I’m ready to jump on it and give it a review.  A new site called News Prof offers a pretty interesting prospect – they say they’ll pay you $7 for every news article you read, and you can read 35 articles per day.  They even have a referral program that will allow you to earn thousands of dollars per week with News Prof.  That sounds interesting, but what’s involved?  Does it work?  Is News Prof a scam?  Read on for our full News Prof review.

news prof reviewNews Prof is but the latest in a series of similar Websites that have popped up in the past two months.  They all offer to pay you for either taking short surveys or for reading news articles.  They’re all pretty generous in their payouts and none of them require much in the way of work.  So what does it take to make money with News Prof?  First of all, you have to sign up.  That just takes a minute as they only ask for an email address and a password.  Then you click on the “Read News” article and you’re off to the races.

News Prof Overview

When you click on “Read News”, you’ll see a list of 15 headlines, along with the time they were posted.  To choose an article, just click on a headline.  When you’ve finished reading it, click OK.  You’ll be asked to answer a short math problem, such as “10 + 25=”.  This, they tell you, is to prove that you’re a human and not some automated piece of software that’s trying to game the News Prof system.  Once you’ve done that, you’ll have $7 added to your account balance.


You can read up to 35 articles per day, and that adds up to a potential $245 daily in reading news articles alone.  But you can earn even more, they say, by referring your friends to News Prof through Craigslist or Facebook.  If you do that, you’ll earn a bonus for each member you refer, plus 15% of what they earn when they read articles.  As you can see, this can potentially add up to a lot of money – possibly even thousands of dollars per week.

Problems with News Prof

Making money with News Prof seems to easy to be true, and that’s pretty much the way it is.  There are a number of problems with this site, and I’ll outline a few of them.

The company claims they’re based in Brooklyn, NY, but the site is registered in Russia, and the IP address routes to Ukraine.  So they’re not an American company, but you can easily figure that out by reading the poorly constructed grammar on the site.

news prof scamNews Prof says they’ve been around since 2014, but the site was just registered this week.  It’s brand new, though it is an exact copy of a half a dozen other sites that are owned by the same people – DirexNews, Till News, Grade News, News Range, All News Round and Quest of News come to mind.   All of these sites are identical.

There’s some disagreement regarding payment on the site.  The News Prof FAQ page says you can get paid when your account balance reaches $1500.  The Payout page says you have to have $2300 to get paid.  As for referrals, the FAQ page says you get a $35 bonus for each member you recruit, plus 15% of their earnings.  When you’re reading news, the page there says you get $25 plus 15% of their earnings.

Then there’s the simple matter of why anyone would pay you to read news articles.  They’re not really articles, anyway; they’re mostly just a couple of sentences.  Every now and again, the “article” is only a headline.  News Prof says that news agencies are paying them to find people to read their articles, but the articles don’t even contain links to the original source, and the original source isn’t identified.  So there’s no reason at all for anyone to pay News Prof to find people to read articles, because no news agency could benefit from this in any way.

news prof articleHere’s the part that always gets me in trouble in the comments section.  News Prof isn’t going to pay you.  They’re not.  You can sign up, read all the articles you like, recruit all of your friends, and do whatever you like to make your account balance grow bigger.  You’re not going to get paid.  And people in the comments section will say, “How do you know this?  You’re just speculating.”  This company has been building sites for at least three months, and I’ve reviewed about 20 of their sites to date.  I reached the payout threshold on one of their sites more than two months ago and they’ve never paid me.  Furthermore, I’ve never seen proof of anyone getting paid by any of those sites at all.  News Prof isn’t going to pay you.

So what is News Prof doing?  One of several things:

Harvesting email addresses so they can send spam.  Good, working email addresses have value to marketers.  They’re probably collecting them for use in sending out commercial spam.

Hacking PayPal accounts. You need to provide a PayPal email address in order for News Prof to pay you.  It’s possible that they’re trying to hack those accounts.  They won’t be successful often, but they’ll likely succeed every now and again.

Putting you to work.  There’s value in having people solve those math problems, which are known as a CAPTCHA.  Every few thousand solved problems are worth a few dollars to marketers.

Advertising.  This company usually keeps their sites free of ads for a couple of days, but then the banners and the Adsense ads pop up.  With a few thousand people visiting each day, they can make a lot of money from advertising.

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News Prof Summary

news prof - thumbs downIs News Prof a scam?  Yes.  They’re not going to pay you, so you’re wasting your time there.  They’re either going to spam you, try to hack your PayPal account or try to get you to click on ads.  But you’re not going to get paid.  If you’re interested in making money but you want something legitimate that really works, then you should skip News Prof and visit Wealthy Affiliate instead.  That’s a training program and online community that will teach you how to build your own online business.  You’ll make friends and find help and learn a lot.  That’s better than wasting your time reading news articles at News Prof.

News Prof is not recommended,


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