News Range Review – Yet Another Paid News Site

News Range Review – Get Paid to Read News?


Note: We have no relationship with News Range.


It’s astonishing how many sites have popped up recently that promise to pay you for reading short news articles.  News Range is the most recent, but they follow Till News, Grade News, Direx News, All News Round and a host of others.  The sites all appear to have common ownership and they all work the same way.  You create an account, read some short news articles, and get paid $7 every time you do so.  They even offer ways to make money by promoting News Range to your friends.  Is News Range a scam?  Read on for our full News Range review.

news range reviewThe premise is simple.  News Range says that news agencies will pay them if they can provide people to read their news articles.  News Range entices you to read those articles by promising to pay you if you do.  They also make it easy for you to earn extra money by referring your friends – $40 per signup and 20% of what they earn, just for referring them.  This is on top of the $7 you can earn for reading articles, and you can read up to 35 articles per day.  Sounds pretty good, so how does it work?

News Range Overview

Signing up at News Range is easy enough; you give them an email address and a password and you’re good to go.  They ask for your Payza or PayPal email address if you want to get paid, and the minimum amount you must have in your balance to get paid is $1400.  That sounds like a lot, but you can reach that in about 6 days if you read the maximum allowable number of articles, which is 35 per day.  Plus, by referring a few friends, you can easily reach $1400 and more very quickly, especially since it only takes a few seconds to read the news articles.


You log in at Range News and click “Read News” to see a list of current news articles and the time they were posted.  Just pick one, or start at the top of the list, if you like, and you’ll soon see a short article.  In some cases, short is an overdescription; sometimes, the articles are nothing more than a headline.  Then you click “confirm” to indicate that you’ve read the article, and you’ll be asked to answer a short math question, such as “how much is 10+20?”  This is to confirm that you’re a human being and not a robot.  Once you’ve done that, you’ll have $7 added to your account balance.

news range scamYou can do this 35 times per day, for daily earnings of up to $245.   Then you can refer friends and earn up to 20% of what they earn, plus a $40 bonus just for signing up.  When you reach $1400, you can cash out by PayPal or Payza.
That sounds both easy and fun, and News Range looks like a great way to make money very quickly.  So is there anything wrong with signing up for News Range?

There are several reasons why signing up with News Range is a waste of time, starting with the fact that you aren’t going to get paid.  The company that owns News Range claims to be a couple of years old, but they’re not.  They’re just the latest in a series of cookie-cutter sites that all look the same and which are based in Ukraine.  What are they doing?  It’s hard to say exactly what News Range is doing, but they’re not paying you to read news it’s possible that they’re just collecting email addresses.

They suggest that you share your affiliate link on sites like Facebook and Craigslist, so they’re probably looking to harvest valid email address so they can send out spam messages to people by the thousands.  There’s a lot of spam coming out of that part of the world, so that’s the most likely thing that News Range is up to.

It’s also possible that they’re putting you to work; those short math problems you’re answering could actually be used by companies that pay to have those kinds of problems solved in order to post content on forums and other Websites.  These problems are known as a CAPTCHA, and when you try to post content on some Websites, you’re asked to complete one.  In order to automate that, some people use a paid service, where people are paid to solve CAPTCHAs for their clients.  So it’s possible that you’re doing free work if you join News Range.

news range article

News Range “article”

It’s also possible that the owners of News Range are collecting valid PayPal login addresses so they can try to hack them.  If they’re doing that, they are going to be successful with a few of them, so I’d stay away.

I’ve seen rumors here and there that all of these sites are actually injecting malware into their users’ computers.  I’ve yet to see any indication from any of my antivirus or spyware tools that News Range has malware.  Still, it pays to be cautious, and since you’re not going to get paid if you join, you might as well just stay away.

When you see sites like News Range that offer to pay you for something as simple as reading news articles, you have to ask yourself, “Is there value to anyone in what they’re paying me to do?”  If News Range is really going to pay you $7 to read a headline, then someone must be paying them more than that.  Why would anyone pay someone anything at all to read a news headline?  The articles don’t even include links to the entire article, nor do they indicate the source of the news in the first place.  Since there’s nothing of value there, why would anyone pay you to read it?

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News Range Summary

news range - thumbs downIs News Range a scam?  Of course it is.  Thousands of people are going to sign up and give away their email addresses, and then they’re going to waste a lot of time reading articles and then they’re going to complain when they don’t get paid.  It’s real simple – you’re not going to make money with News Range. If you really want to make money online, then skip News Range and pay a visit to Wealthy Affiliate.  This site will offer you a training program and online community where you can learn how to build your own business online.  It’s fun, it works, and you won’t get ripped off, like you probably will with News Range.

News Range is not recommended.


14 thoughts on “News Range Review – Yet Another Paid News Site

  1. News Range email address is not available .i need email address news range for payza account . i cannot apply for payment

    • This is one of the worst campaigns on the internet. They will not pay you no matter what. They will not acknowledge
      emails sent to them. I have sent 25 emails about my payments they owe me. As of today 10/2/15 they owe me a total for 27,000.00 for news articles that have been view by me.
      There are other sites that are fake also. jobrize, oceptsurveys, news-range, newssolid, concernnews I could go on but why beat my head against thewall. No one will do anything these or other prpgrams that steal money for the public.

  2. me too put account number in news-range, now unable to access news-range account.please tell me what can i do now, when i tried to change password its said email id not registered. I am worried now. Please help.

  3. Don’t waste your time on news range it use to be called Quest For News and you will never get paid no matter what your balance shows. A lot of people found out that Quest For News never paid them so they changed their name so they could sucker some new people. They just want all the information they can get from you including your email address for your PayPal account. Also they could be planting keyloggers into your computer to try to get your credit Card information.

    • News Range and Quest for News are two completely different sites, though they appear to be owned by the same person(s) and are identical in every way.


      • me too put account number in news-range, now unable to access news-range account.please tell me what can i do now, when i tried to change password its said email id not registered. I am worried now. Please help.

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