Ninja Affiliate System Review – Sneaky Autopilot Profits?

Ninja Affiliate System Review – Earn While You Sleep?



I’ve been in affiliate marketing for a long time, and I’ve seen a lot of products come and go.  Some of them are just variations of things that have been around for years; they just put a new coat of paint on an old method and label it “revolutionary.”  Every now and again, however, I find a product that either offers something new or adds a twist to it that makes it interesting.  That’s the case with Ninja Affiliate System, a new product from Andreas W. that claims, perhaps rightly, that you’ll be able to make money on autopilot while you sleep.

ninja affiliate systemLet’s make one thing clear – while Ninja Affiliate System might make it possible to earn money while you sleep, it’s not going to allow you to make money instantly right after you buy it.  The Ninja Affiliate System system is a bit complex, and it will take a while to set up.  Once you’ve done that, however, it should be able to work around the clock for you, because this system makes extensive use of autoresponders to do all of the heavy lifting.  Will it work?  Read on for my full Ninja Affiliate System review.

Ninja Affiliate System Overview

The Ninja Affiliate System is affordably priced; as I reviewed it, the price was $27.  The basic Ninja Affiliate System system is built around promoting products through affiliate marketing.  While you could, in theory, use just about any product with an affiliate program, Clickbank products work well with this system because many of the creators of Clickbank products provide their affiliates with a series of pre-written autoresponder messages.  These will come in handy after you set up your Ninja Affiliate System sales funnel.


The idea is this – you will use some marketing and advertising techniques that are included in the course to drive visitors to a simple Web page that you have created in WordPress.  This Web page contains a simple, three question survey that asks your site visitors some questions about how they’d like to make money, or lose weight, or learn a foreign language, or some other series of simple questions that relates to a product niche offered by Clickbank.

ninja affiliate system scamUsing a clever WordPress plugin called Viral Quiz Builder, you’ll create a squeeze page on your Website that includes the quiz.  Your site visitors will be asked three questions and their answers will send them to one of three different optin forms for your mailing list.  Each form corresponds to a different mailing list, and each list will then automatically send them messages relating to offers for specific Clickbank products that are related to the answers the gave for the quiz.

The nice thing about this is that each of the lists, and the associated products that you’ll be offering them, are related to the answers that they provided to the quiz.  This ensures that the product are relevant to your subscribers’ interests, and this makes them more likely to make a purchase.

Of course, none of this will work if you don’t have any traffic to your Web page, but Ninja Affiliate System also offers extensive training for generating traffic, including using both solo ads and Facebook advertising.

The entire Ninja Affiliate System course is presented in a series of short, easy to follow videos that are typically two to ten minutes in length.  While the creator of the Ninja Affiliate System is someone named Andreas W. who lives outside the United States, the videos are narrated by someone with an American accent, making them easy to understand and follow.  You’re given step by step, on-screen instructions regarding what to do and how to do it.  The video course can be either watched online or you can download the videos in MP4 format so you can watch them whenever or wherever you like.

ninja affiliate system quizI like the quiz idea that Ninja Affiliate System uses, as it solves a common problem.  There are lots of products on Clickbank or JVZoo that you can promote to make money, but not every product is suitable for every visitor, even within the same niche.  The make money online niche is huge, for example, and there are many different products in that niche and not all of them will appeal to everyone.  By using something called “Email segmentation”, the Ninja Affiliate System course shows you how to break down your mailing list into different mini-lists that are separated by product.  That makes it a fairly simple matter to tailor your product offerings to the specific interests of the people on your mailing list without having to build more than one Website.

As a bonus, Ninja Affiliate System also includes a prewritten quiz for you, which can allow you to get up and running a lot more quickly.

Sections in the Ninja Affiliate System video course include:

  • Course overview
  • Choosing your products and related sub-products
  • Setting up your autoresponder account
  • The importance of segmenting your email subscribers
  • Setting up your sales funnel
  • Creating your surveys
  • Building your squeeze page
  • Using a “soft sell” in your email messages for best results
  • Solo ad advertising
  • Facebook ad advertising

On the whole, I found the Ninja Affiliate System course both interesting and easy to follow, and I’m likely to incorporate this system into my own marketing efforts soon.

Ninja Affiliate System Summary

ninja affiliate system- thumbs upThere are a lot of ways to make money online in affiliate marketing, though some work better than others. What really works well is to use a method that not everyone is using, and the idea of using surveys to separate site visitors into subscriber lists with specific interests should be a great way to increase profits within a given niche.  Ninja Affiliate System provides a thorough, easy to follow course that’s offered at an attractive price.  Plus, by doing most of the work through autoresponder email sequences, you really will have the opportunity to make money while you sleep.  The Ninja Affiliate System is unusual in that it actually offers a unique twist on marketing Clickbank products.

Ninja Affiliate System is recommended.


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