No Cost Income Stream Review – Make Money Without Investment?

No Cost Income Stream Review -Money Without Money?


I write a lot of product reviews, and the ones that get the most attention are my reviews of products that purport to tell people how to make money without having to do work or make an investment.  Granted, most of those products are scams, but it’s clear that the appeal of those products is that people are looking for a way to make money online without spending a fortune. No Cost Income Stream is a product that offers to show you how to do that, and since that seems to fit the needs of my site visitors, I thought I’d look it over and give it a review.

no cost income stream reviewThere’s an old saying that “it takes money to make money” and that’s as true in the Internet marketing field, as it is anywhere else.  There are things that you have to pay for to make money online – software tools, domain hosting, autoresponder services, creation of artwork, and more.  The sad truth is that a lot of the big “gurus” in the Internet marketing world are making money by virtue of the fact that they already have money, which makes it a lot easier.  No Cost Income Stream says they’re going to show you that you don’t have to be Donald Trump to get started making money, and that you can actually profit in a number of ways in online marketing without having to spend much, or any, cash at all.  That sounds promising, so read on for my full No Cost Income Stream review.

No Cost Income Stream Overview

No Cost Income Stream is a video course, presented in the form of some 89 videos.  They’re downloadable, so you can watch them on your computer at your leisure.  I have the No Cost Income Stream course, and I’ve watched quite a few of these videos, and they are well done, and easy to follow.   Some are quite short, and others run a half an hour or more to cover the subject on an in-depth basis.  The videos are available for download in both MP4 and SWF formats, so pretty much everyone should be able to view them with little trouble.


The No Cost Income Stream course was created by Jeff Wellman, Eric Holmlund and Paul Counts, three longtime marketers that have a lengthy track record of creating products in the make money online niche.

no cost income stream creatorsWhile most training courses in the make money online niche tend to focus on how to do one thing, No Cost Income Stream actually offers five different methods of generating income without spending cash.  You might have to spend a little bit of money here and there, such as buying a domain name for $10 or so, but the required investments for each of these methods is truly minimal, and for several of them, the cost is literally free.  Some parts of the No Cost Income Stream course will offer suggestions for doing something for free, along with additional resources for those who want to use a paid option.,

The No Cost Income Stream course covers five different business models, spread over 26 modules and 89 videos.

No-Cost Product Launches – Without a doubt, the biggest money made in the make money online niche comes from creating your own products.  That’s how some of the “gurus” earn six figures at a time – by creating their own products and getting an army of affiliates to promote them for them.  This part of the No Cost Income Stream course will show you how to create your own product, generate your own content, create your own sales page and get your own group of affiliates working for you, all without spending any money on it.

No-Cost Freelancing – You can generate income by becoming a freelancer, doing work for others at rates of your choosing.  Yes, you can do that on Fiverr, but there are far better and more lucrative ways to do that, and this part of the No Cost Income Stream course covers that well.

Video Marketing – Video marketing is hot, and there are a lot of people creating videos for YouTube, Vimeo and other sites and using those sites to send traffic to either affiliate offers or squeeze pages where they can get people to sign up for your mailing list.  This part of the No Cost Income Stream course will show you how to do all of that, including creating the videos, without having to spend any money.  This one is worthwhile, as video software can cost you a fortune.

List Building – Yes, “the money is in the list” as they say, but creating squeeze pages and operating an autoresponder system both cost money.  Or do they?  No Cost Income Stream shows you how to build a list generating system and how to use an autoresponder – all for free.

Affiliate Marketing – Some of us, myself included, prefer to work in affiliate marketing, rather than create our own products.  Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money online, and this part of the No Cost Income Stream course will show you how to find products to promote, and how to build Websites to promote them, all for free.

An extra section covers the all-important topic of generating traffic, and these videos provide a number of ways that you can generate traffic without having to spend money on the process.

No Cost Income Stream Pricing

no cost income stream bonusNo Cost Income Stream offers pretty good value, as the entire course of 89 videos, associated PDF files, and a few interesting bonuses all currently retail for $37.  That’s a pretty good value, as the videos cover a ton of material and cover it well.  There is a single upsell – the opportunity to buy resale rights to the No Cost Income Stream course so that you can resell it or rebrand it.  It’s something to think about if you’d like to have your own product to sell.

While I do think that No Cost Income Stream is a good product, I do have a couple of gripes.  One has to do with the sales page itself, which has a 24 minute video on it that has no controls.  The link to the page where you can learn more and actually buy the product doesn’t appear until you’re halfway through the video.

Another problem with the course is that the videos are individually packaged as zip files.  Each video comes with an html page, so you have to download and extract each video and then click an html file within each video’s folder to watch it.  I find that a rather cumbersome method of handling the videos.  While I like the idea of the videos being downloadable, I’d prefer to just have the opportunity to download only the video file itself or the opportunity to log in to a member’s area and watch the No Cost Income Stream videos there.  Still, these are minor quibbles.

No Cost Income Stream Summary

no cost income stream- thumbs upOne thing I’ve learned over the years is that there are a lot of people who would like to make money online but who don’t have a lot of money to invest.  If that describes you, then No Cost Income Stream is a great way to discover a number of different moneymaking methods that won’t cost you anything to try.  If they work, you win.  If they don’t, you haven’t spent any money on the effort and you can try something from another module.

All in all, I think No Cost Income Stream offers a good product at a good price, and anyone who’s interested in making money online on a budget will get some value from this course.

No Cost Income Stream is recommended.

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