No-SEO Simple Affiliate Marketing Money Making Method

No-SEO Affiliate Marketing System

A lot of people who would like to make money online are afraid, for whatever reason, of getting involved in search engine optimization, or SEO.  I’ve written before about SEO basics, and I’ve never found it to be particularly difficult to attract traffic based on search engine optimization alone.  Still, a lot of people are scared of it and they’d rather find some way of making money online that doesn’t involve spending a lot of time tweaking a Website.

no seo moneymaking systemThat’s fine; we all have to work within our own comfort zone, and if you’re not comfortable with SEO, then you need to find another way to get traffic to your Website without the benefit of optimized pages.  I came across a method recently that has been proven to work with time and I’ve used variations of it over the years and I can attest to the fact that it will work.  It isn’t even all that difficult to do, but you will spend a bit of time doing some off-site work in order to get the visitors to come to your site so that they’ll buy your products and allow you to make money.

Non-SEO System Overview

This is a system that some marketers have expanded to earn six figures per year, so don’t be fooled by its simplicity.  It works.

The short version of this non-SEO system is that you’re going to create a review site that reviews four or five products within a given marketing niche.  Any niche that has a lot of interest and profitable products for affiliates will do – dating, weight loss, self-improvement, exercise equipment, FOREX, etc.  Find something popular, and ideally, something with a number of popular and well known products.

For this, you’re going to build a WordPress site that has all of the basic pages (privacy policy, contact page, legal, etc.) and then the content of the site is going to consist of:

  • One review page of 1000+ words for each product you’re reviewing
  • Home page with overview of what the site is about, preferably with 1000+ words of content and a link to each of the review pages

That’s it.  The site is going to be just a few pages in size, and each of the reviews, of course, will be favorable and will recommend to the site visitors where they can buy the recommended product.  For this, you need to join one or more affiliate programs so that you can make money when the visitors click the links and buy the products you’re recommending.

review sites - wordpressFor building the site, just use WordPress and try to find a theme that’s tailored to review sites.  You can find a lot of affordable WordPress themes at, so you might want to start there.  For each review, write up 1000+ words about the item, including the price range, and pros and cons of the product.  It always helps to find something bad to say about a product, as people tend to be suspicious of reviews that are all praise.  Try to make it sound real and believable.  Then conclude the page by offering a place where they can buy it.   Use the Pretty Link WordPress plugin to make your affiliate links more attractive.

That’s pretty much it for building the Website.  You just want a lot of content, a few nice pictures, and favorable reviews of 4-5 good products that pay a decent commission.

So, how are you going to get traffic to this site without benefit of SEO?  This is where you’re going to be doing your daily work, and you’ll have plenty of time for it, because your site is done and there’s nothing else to do there.

wa_bannerThe work you’ll be doing is posting links to your site’s pages around the Web, but you’re going to do it in a way that will be helpful and relevant to others.
Here’s the process:

Go to and create alerts for the name of each product you’re promoting.  Create an alert for competing products.  Create an alert for the niche itself.   If you’ve chosen a popular niche and popular products, you’ll probably get 50-100 alerts each day.

blogs and forumsMany of these alerts are going to point to blogs and forums.  These are sites where you’ll likely be able to post comments about the niche in general or the products specifically.  Try to catch these alerts as they come in and visit the sites mentioned in the alert.  If it’s a blog, post a relevant comment and include a link to one of the pages in your site.  Don’t just post something like “Visit my widget site here.”  Try to contribute something meaningful to the discussion, such as “I’ve tried a lot of products in this niche, including (name of the product under discussion) and I’ve found some really good reviews of that product and others here (put your link here.)”

By making a quality comment, you’re less likely to have it deleted.  Do this for every alert that comes in.  This might take an hour or so per day, but over time, you’ll have a lot of high quality links pointing to your site.  You’ll want to mix up the links to point to each of the pages on your site, rather than just the home page, and you’ll want to vary the link text, using words like “weight loss reviews” or “a great weight loss review site” instead of “name of weight loss product.”  The more you mix up your links, the better the results you’ll see.

If you do this every day, after a month or so you should start seeing regular traffic to your site.  Not every blog or Website is going to allow you to post a link and not all of your links will “stick”, as some sites quickly delete comments with links.  But many of them will work and over time, the search engines will start to see your site as being interesting and authoritative without you having done one bit of search engine optimization on it.

And, of course, you should start making some sales over time, too.  This is a system that you can repeat over and over, simply by changing the niche and the products.  Try to find products that pay fairly high commissions, rather than those that just pay $10-$20 or so.  It’s easy to build sites like this for products that pay $50-$100 per sale, and this system works well for continuity programs and subscription products, too.

Non-SEO Affiliate Marketing System Summary

There aren’t many ways of making money that are effective and simple enough to be explained in a single blog post, but this one works.  Of course, if you’re new to affiliate marketing and don’t entirely understand all of the terminology or the step by step process involved, you might benefit from some training.  For that, I recommend Wealthy Affiliate, which offers training, a helpful forum, video tutorials, and even an “earn while you learn program.  You can even join Wealthy Affiliate for free.  If you don’t know what to do first, I’d pay them a visit.


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