Obcasio Review – $2000 Per Day On Autpilot?

Obcasio Review

Site: www.obcasio.co
Price: Free to sign up (deposit required to use)Rating: (zero stars)

obcasio reviewThere’s no shortage of people who want to make money, and there’s also no shortage of people who want to make money without doing any work.  Obcasio founder Michael Watson says that you can do just that using his specialized software.  In fact, you’ll be able to earn $2000 per day, automatically, he says.

It gets even better.  According to the video on the Obcasio site, Michael turned 100 people into millionaires last year, and he intends to do so again by giving away his automatic moneymaking software to 100 people.  I lucked out; the site said there were only 12 spaces available when I signed up.  What did I find out when I joined?  Is Obcasio a scam?

Read on for the full Obcasio review.

Obcasio Overview

Michael Watson is rather coy about what Obcasio actually does, but the video on the site has a number of glowing testimonials from people who say that the software has changed their life.  As is often the case with products such as this, we get to see Michael show someone how easy it is to use the software, and we get to see how astonished they are to see thousands of dollars in their account just a few hours after signing up.


Once you do sign up, you’ll see $60 in your account and Michael will have his system conduct a trade for you automatically.  Within a few seconds, that $60 turns into $130, which he says proves that the system works.

The only thing you have to do now, he says, is make a deposit of at least $250 into your Obcasio account.  After that, the software will take over and automatically earn thousands of dollars for you each and every day.

That raises some questions – if the software will automatically generate two thousand dollars per day, why do you have to deposit money?  Why can’t you just work with the $60 that they gave you to start?  And what happened to that $60, anyway?  After the video ended, the $60 that had turned into $130 was gone.

What is Obcasio About?

obcasio binary tradingMichael Watson is deliberately coy about what his Obcasio software is or does, or how it works.  There’s a reason for that – it doesn’t actually do anything, and in all likelihood, it doesn’t even exist.

When you sign up for Obcasio, you’ll be taken to a screen where you’ll see a video where you’re asked to make a $250 deposit with a company called Omega Options.  Who are they?  They’re a company that is supposedly based in the UK that handles trading in binary options.  Binary options is a risky financial trading platform that is largely unregulated.  Binary options trading is a difficult way to make money, despite what Obcasio tells you.

You may think you’re on the Obcasio site when you log in, but you’re actually using the Omega Options site, which appears in a frame.  The entire point of the Obcasio site is to get you to open an account with Omega Options and deposit money.

That is all.  Once you’ve done that, Obcasio considers their work done.  There isn’t any software; once you make your deposit, you’ll be at the Omega Options dashboard where you’ll be free to trade in binary options on your own.  Yes, it’s true that Obcasio told you that you didn’t need to know anything in order to make money, but that wasn’t true.  If you don’t know how to trade in binary options, you’re going to lose whatever deposit you made with the broker.

What’s this all about?  The market for any financial trading is very competitive, and brokers are always eager to find new customers. They’re so eager, in fact, that they’ll pay a lot of money to people who can send new customers their way and get them to make a cash deposit.  How much?  We’ve seen brokers that were willing to pay up to $1000 for a single new customer.

I can’t say how much money that Omega Options is paying Obcasio for each customer that they send their way, but it’s likely, at a minimum, to be several hundred dollars.  So, they promise that you’ll earn thousands with their software, they promise that they’ll give it to you for free, and they tell you that the only thing you need to to do make all of that money is to pay a $250 deposit.

obcasio scamAfter that, you’re out $250, and probably more, as all of these brokers are absolutely relentless in calling their customers at all hours of the day to try to talk them into depositing more money into their account. Obcasio doesn’t care; they’re long gone and counting up the huge commissions they got from you.

There is no trading software for binary options that has proven to be effective at making successful trades, and in order to make money in that industry, you need to make a successful trade at least 55% of the time.  It’s hard.

So, the bottom line on Obcasio is that it’s really just a shameless attempt to talk you into signing up with an options broker and giving them money so that they, in turn, can earn a huge commission.

Pros and Cons of Obcasio


  • Free to sign up


  • Software doesn’t work
  • You can’t make money without knowing a lot about binary options trading

Obcasio Summary

I’ve reviewed a lot of products that are similar to Obcasio, and they all work pretty much the same way.  Some guy shows you a video with a mansion or an expensive sports car and he tells you that he’s going to give you some free software that will make you a millionaire without you having to do any work.

All you have to do is give them several hundred dollars.  Here’s the thing – if software like that which Obcasio describes really worked, no one would give it away for free.  They’d charge a fortune for it, provided that they made it publicly available at all.  Who’d be crazy enough to give away software that generates millions of dollars automatically?

Obcasio doesn’t work, and you won’t make any money with it.  There are better ways to make money online than Obcasio, and you should try one of them.

Obcasio is not recommended.

Rating: (zero stars)


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