OK Quiz Review – Fast Cash for Surveys?

OK Quiz Review – Easy Cash or Scam?

NOTE: We are not affiliates for OK Quiz, nor are we promoting it in any way.

I have to admit that I’m pretty amazed at how quickly the owners of sites such as OK Quiz are putting new sites together.  Every time I log into one of their sites, a new one pops up in a new window.  The latest site from these guys is OK Quiz, which offers to pay you $18 for viewing a short commercial and answering 8 questions about it.  You can also earn money as an affiliate, as they are offering 15% of the earnings of anyone you refer to OK Quiz as commission.  Sounds like easy money, but does it really work?  Or is OK Quiz a scam?

ok quiz reviewMaking money from taking surveys has long been a popular topic in the make money online (MMO) niche. People are always attracted by the idea of earning money while doing little or no work.  Most paid survey offers are scams, however, as there are virtually no surveys that pay more than a couple of dollars for your time.  Most pay with coupons or gift cards, and the few that do pay cash can take an hour or longer to complete.  The OK Quiz surveys, on the other hand are quite brief, and you can take your daily allocation of four surveys and earn $72 in about five minutes.

OK Quiz Overview

Signing up for OK Quiz couldn’t be simpler; you just provide your username a password and your PayPal or Payza email address.  Then you’re logged in, and you’ll automatically be given an OK Quiz affiliate link that you can give out to friends or family.  You can take your four daily surveys by clicking on the survey link, and you’ll see a short video, followed by eight questions, which are always the same:

1) Did you see this trade mark earlier?
2) Does the advertising video create a good impression about the company?
3) How do you treat to the goods by this producer?
4) Do you perceive this advertisement as original, new, and differ from the other some?
5) Should the company place this advertisement in the Internet?
6) Appreciate the degree of importance of the information you got
7) Can this advertisement help in involving of consumers?
8) How does this advertisement look compared with competitive producers?

Once you’ve completed the survey, OK Quiz will tell you they’ve added $18 to your account.  Once you have at least $700 in your OK Quiz account, you can request a payout to your PayPal or Payza account, and they say you’ll receive payment within nine days.

Seems easy enough, and if you take longer than 5 minutes to complete the surveys, you’re taking too long.  If you have accounts at Up Survey, Survey Double, Survey Trendo and OK Quiz, you could be earning $250 per day for your time.  Assuming, of course, that they’re actually going to pay you.


Problems with OK Quiz

warningIt’s true that companies want to survey the public about commercials and the products that they advertise.  That’s how you make sure that the commercial can effectively sell the product and that the ad is reaching the intended audience.  After all, if you’re selling medicine to lower cholesterol, a commercial featuring teenagers on skateboards isn’t likely to be effective.   Sorting these things out via survey is a process that’s been going on for decades.

The problem is that the ads you’re seeing at OK Quiz are old ads.  The first one they showed me has been on the air for at least five months now, so there’s nothing the advertisers could possibly want to know from me.  Furthermore, the questions asked in the surveys are very generic, and don’t offer the kind of information that advertisers will pay for.  They don’t know anything about me, or my age, or where I live or how much I earn, and these are always the things advertisers need to know about the people they’re surveying.

More Red Flags

The home page of OK Quiz says they’ve been in business since 2013 and have paid out $8,930,500 already to people for taking surveys.  Wow, that’s a lot of surveys, especially when you consider that the domain name was purchased just yesterday.  Yep, OK Quiz is a brand new site, so they haven’t had time yet to pay anyone for anything.  You can see the registration information for the site here:

ok quiz registration

What’s Really Going on with OK Quiz

I’m not entirely sure what OK Quiz is about, but here are a few thoughts:

They don’t pay you.  I know that from experience with their other sites.  Once you ask for payment from OK Quiz, you won’t get it.  Period.

Their videos are hosted on YouTube, so it’s possible that they’re just trying to get a lot of views, perhaps to use for advertising purposes on that site.

It’s also possible that they’re harvesting email addresses.  All of these sites have Russian owners, and Russia remains one of the leading sources of spam in the world.

They’re also actively asking all members to promote their site on Facebook, so it’s possible that Facebook is where they intend to make their money.

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OK Quiz Conclusion

ok quiz scam - thumbs downIs OK Quiz a scam?  Pretty much.  At the very least, they’re wasting your time because you’re going to take the time to watch old commercials and answer questions about them and you’re not going to get paid.  You’ve given them your email address, so you’re likely to see a lot of spam coming in very soon.  But you’re not going to make any money.  That’s a shame, because while taking surveys doesn’t pay, there are ways to make money online that actually work.  If you’d like to work online from home and you want a real way to make money without participating in a scam, then you should join Wealthy Affiliate instead of OK Quiz.  Wealthy Affiliate is a training Website that will show you, step by step, how to create simple and effective blogs and Websites that can help you make money online.

Even if you don’t know anything at all about making money online or affiliate marketing, you’ll learn easily and quickly, because Wealthy Affiliate has dozens of easy to follow tutorial videos as well as a user forum with thousands of topics and lots of active members.  It’s a great way to learn how to work online from home by doing something that really works.

OK Quiz, on the other hand, is a waste of time and is not recommended.


5 thoughts on “OK Quiz Review – Fast Cash for Surveys?

  1. The ok-quiz website is definitely a waste of your time, everything this blog has on ok-quiz is exactly correct. Thank you so much and hopefully others will be informed and waste their time as well….

  2. The ok-quiz website is definitely a waste of your time, everything this blog has on ok-quiz is exactly correct. Thank you so much and hopefully others will be informed and won’t waste their time as well….

  3. Thanks for sharing and your research. I registered for that site and I began to rethink some things when I got locked out of the site and they claimed that their page was hacked.

  4. Thanks for sharing and your research!I registered for this site and I knew it was too good to be true.

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