OPF Kit Review – Making Money Online Made Easy?

OPF Kit Review

Price: $47 or $67
Rating: stars25a

opf kit reviewLots of people will tell you that it’s not easy to make money online, but OPF Kit disagrees.  They say that it’s easy to do, and their program offers to show you how to do it in one of four different ways.  They offer four levels of opportunity, each with a different way of making money and each with its own set of tutorials so you can learn what to do.

The OPF Kit team invited me to take a look at their program, so in this review, I’ll let you know what you can expect to find in the OPF Kit members area.

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OPF Kit Overview

OPF Kit stands for “Online Profiting Formulas,” and the site offers online training for three of the four levels they offer.  They also have a new level called “My First $300 From Day 1,” which I’ll explain in a bit.


The four levels of OPF Kit are Starter, Intermediate, Pro and Elite.  Each offers a different way of making money, each has its own training and resources, and each has an increasing level of difficulty.  The easiest ways of making money are not going to produce the most revenue.  As you work through the program, you’ll find that the amount of work you need to put into making money increases, but then again, so does the potential amount that you can earn.

Each OPF Kit level includes an introduction lesson, a Sources of Income lesson that briefly describes each potential source of income within that particular level, and tutorials on how to make money using those income sources.

opf kit siteStarter Level – Starter level moneymaking methods are rather minimal in terms of how much you can earn but also in terms of the amount of work required.  The starter level programs are going to teach you how to earn money and gifts via pay to click networks and paid survey sites.  Not sexy, but they do pay you a bit to do these tasks.  OPF Kit will recommend some programs to join and show you what you need to do to maximize your returns.

Intermediate Level – The OPF Kit Intermediate level shows you how you can perform tasks for hire, using sources such as Fiverr, Freelancer, and others.  This module tends to emphasize doing voice work for hire, so if you’ve been looking at a product such as VO Genesis, you might want to consider this one, as I think it’s more practical.  The tutorials will show you how to sign up, how to create your site profiles, what sorts of services to offer and how to optimize them for better drawing attention to yourself and to increase earnings.  You can earn as little as $5 per job here or as much as hundreds, as one of the sites mentioned offers some pretty lucrative opportunities once you get some experience under your belt.

Pro Level – The Pro Level training at OPF Kit is about affiliate marketing, and you’ll learn the basics of finding an affiliate network, how to choose a product to promote, how to set up a landing page, and how to draw traffic to your site.  You’ll also learn about autoresponders and building a mailing list.

Elite Level – The Elite Level of OPF Kit is only available in the $67 version of the product, and this training is different from all of the other ones in that it comes in the form of a downloadable ebook.  It’s got quite a bit of heft to it, as it runs some 360 pages.  The LBB, or Lucrative Business Blueprint, shows you how to create products of your own and offers 12 different opportunities that have the potential to provide you with an income of $100,000 per year.

opfkit scamThe LBB provides a ton of information and was surprisingly thorough, covering pretty much everything you need to know about each of these business models.  Obviously, this is not where you want to start, but for most people who are serious about online marketing, creating your own products is where you want to end up when you’re done.  Affiliate marketing is nice, but creating your own products, and having affiliates sell your products for you, is better.

The LBB book is probably the best part of the course, as it provides a lot more information than the other levels of training do.

While the LBB is well written, I did find a number of typographical errors in the book.  I’ve made some recommendations to the OPF Kit team so they can fix that, as well as a couple of other minor problems with the site.

The newest addition to the training at OPF Kit is the “My First $300 from Day 1” lesson.  This lesson involves some affiliate marketing to promote a specific product using a specific method.  While this method may work, it’s probably not the place for someone to start, as the tutorials for it aren’t all that comprehensive.  I’d recommend leaving that lesson for after you’ve gone through the Pro Level affiliate marketing training.

All in all, the OPF Kit does what it promises to do.  It offers four different ways to make money at four completely different levels of interest and experience.  You’re clearly not going to make a lot of money at the starter level, but the program does offer people a good opportunity to see what options are available in the way of making money online.

I’m hoping that with time, the OPF Kit team will add more training to what’s already there, as most of the material covers the basics but could benefit from providing more detail.  Perhaps adding a user forum to the site would be helpful, as members could then help each other out.

Pros and Cons of OPF Kit


  • Four completely different methods of making money
  • Tutorials for each
  • Program NOT full of affiliate links
  • Each method has the potential to work


  • First lesson a bit too advanced for many buyers
  • LBB book is good, but needs polishing

OPF Kit Summary

Is OPF Kit a scam?  No, it offers what it promises – four different ways of making money at four different levels of effort and experience.  You won’t find everything you need in the program and you’ll find that it has a few rough edges.  I’m hoping that they’ll polish that as time goes an and improve some of the buggy parts, such as the typos in the otherwise-good LBB book.

OPF Kit is OK, and has the potential to become a lot better.  I hope they’ll improve it.

Click here to visit the OPF Kit Website.


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