Paid Rocket Review – Turn $2 Into $111,328?

Paid Rocket Review

Price: $2 (to start)

Rating: stars1a

paid rocket reviewIf you’re new to Internet marketing, you may not yet have the experience to discern between that which is possible, that which is unlikely, and that which is impossible.  Sometimes the lines are blurred, and in those cases, it can sound pretty appealing when someone says that you can spend $2 and turn it into $111,328.

That’s what you’ll encounter when you visit the Website of Paid Rocket, a product that claims to be about Internet marketing and which claims that they’ll give you training and the ability to earn a ridiculous amount of money from a very small investment.  Of course, I’m as interested in earning a lot from a little as anyone else, so I thought I’d check this program out and see what’s really going on.  Is Paid Rocket a scam?

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3D Cart Review – Ecommerce Made Simple

3D Cart Review

Price: $19.99/month and up

3d_cart_reviewI mostly write about affiliate marketing here, but I’m still a fan of good, old-fashioned retail.  People still need things, and more and more people are buying things online, rather than heading down the street to the mall.  Of course, you can’t just type “I sell things” on your site; you need a way to sell them and for people to transact.

For that, you’ll need some ecommerce software, and there are a ton of programs out there that can do it.  One of the more prominent ones is called 3D Cart, and they’re saying that their software is both feature-rich and easy to use.  Sounds interesting, so I thought I’d have a look.

Click here to visit the 3D Cart Website.

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OPF Kit Review – Making Money Online Made Easy?

OPF Kit Review

Price: $47 or $67
Rating: stars25a

opf kit reviewLots of people will tell you that it’s not easy to make money online, but OPF Kit disagrees.  They say that it’s easy to do, and their program offers to show you how to do it in one of four different ways.  They offer four levels of opportunity, each with a different way of making money and each with its own set of tutorials so you can learn what to do.

The OPF Kit team invited me to take a look at their program, so in this review, I’ll let you know what you can expect to find in the OPF Kit members area.

Click here to visit the OPF Kit Website.

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Millionaire Biz Pro Review – Easy Thousands Per Week?

Millionaire Biz Pro Review

Price: $47 (plus numerous upsells)

millionaire biz pro reviewWhen you first visit the Millionaire Biz Pro Website, you’ll see a video where Megan Elizabeth of Erie, PA, tells us that she earned $1179.17, and a few moments later, someone else, whose name is also shown as being Megan Elizabeth of Erie, PA, tells us that she earns $5000 per week from Millionaire Biz Pro.

What do these two people named Megan Elizabeth, who both apparently live in the same town, know about Millionaire Biz Pro that we don’t?  I had to find out.  The video went on for about 8 minutes, and lots of people talked about how much money they’re making with this system.  Great!  Let’s find out more.  So I looked a little more to see what it’s all about.  Is Millionaire Biz Pro a scam?

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Spin Rewriter Review – Unique Content in 45 Seconds?

Spin Rewriter Review

Price: $77 per year
Rating: stars4b

spin rewriter reviewIf you’re involved in Internet marketing, you’ll have to do a lot with text.  You’ll likely publish a lot of articles here and there go get backlinks.  That’s important, but tedious.  If there was a way to speed up that process, you’d certainly want to take advantage of it.

There is, and it’s called article spinning.  That’s the process of rewriting an article so that it it says the same thing but in completely different words.  Spin Rewriter is one of many software products that will allow you do do that, and their new version, Spin Rewriter 7.0, says it’s even better than ever.  Is Spin Rewriter a scam?

Click here to visit the Spin Rewriter Website.

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Millionaires Challenge System Review – $100,332 Per Month?

Millionaires Challenge System Review

Price: $49 (plus thousands in upsells)
Rating: (zero stars)

millionaires challenge system reviewIf you’ve been in the Internet marketing business for a while, you’ll eventually end up on a lot of mailing lists.  I try to stay on the useful ones, and unsubscribe from the ones that peddle junk or offer no value.  Today, I received a message from a usually helpful list about a product called the Millionaires Challenge System.

“If you’re sick of the ups and downs in your business and really want to create a solid, predictable income flow online, watch this…”  I went ahead and clicked on the link and was taken to the Millionaires Challenge System page, where Shaquir Hussyin told me that he’d show me his system for earning $100,332.86 per month.  That’s certainly interesting, and I generally trust the sender of the message.  So what’s it about?  Is Millionaires Challenge System a scam?

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Easy Funnel Profits Review – Quick $210.92 Per Day?

Easy Funnel Profits Review

Price: About $10 (plus several upsells)

easy funnel profits reviewEveryone wants to make money online and everyone wants it to be a simple as possible to do. So we see a constant flood of products hitting the market with terms such as “simple,” “quick,” “fast,” or “easy,” in order to get buyer attention.  That’s certainly the case with Easy Funnel Profits, a new product from Michel Sirois and Jaason Lee.

They claim that their Easy Funnel Profits allows them to earn an easy $210.92 per day, and that they’ve made more than $150,000 with it in the last two years alone.  Sounds interesting, so what’s it all about?  Is Easy Funnel Profits a scam?  Read on for the full Easy Funnel Profits review.

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$5000 From Scratch Review – Just 15 Minutes a Day?

$5000 From Scratch Review

Price: $27 (plus upsells)
Rating: stars25a

$5000 From ScratchEveryone wants to earn money, and earning money online is even better, because you can do it from home.  What would be even better than that is if you could make money without having to put in a lot of time, because some of us are busy or have families or other jobs.

Ewen Chia’s $5000 From Scratch program says you can earn $5000 per month and more working just 15 minutes per day.  That’s quite a boast, so I thought I’d take a look.  Ewen says this is his first new product in 8 years, so I was curious to see what he might have up his sleeve.  Is $5000 From Scratch a scam?

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Coffee Shop Lifestyle Review – Easy Thousands Per Month?

Coffee Shop Lifestyle Review

Price: $49 (plus major upsells)Rating: (zero stars)

coffee shop lifestyle reviewI spend a lot of time here and there  on the Internet, looking for popular moneymaking products so that I can review them.  Some of them are interesting and some are not.  Most make outlandish claims of making money that just don’t hold up to scrutiny.  Of course, those are often the most fun products to review.

The latest weird one I’ve come across is called Coffee Shop Lifestyle.  I’m not sure what they name is really about, as the site doesn’t make that clear.  They do make it clear that you’ll be able to earn a lot of money without having to do much work, and that it’s really easy.  Great!  I’m just as interested in easy money as anyone else, so I decided to take a closer look.  Is Coffee Shop Lifestyle a scam?

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Tubeloom Review – $300 to $500 Per Day?

Tubeloom Review

Price: $39.95 (plus upsells)
Rating: stars25a

tubeloom reviewVideo is pretty hot these days, and there are a lot of courses out there that promise to show you how to make fat bank off of video.  I’ll freely admit that I’m not really a fan of video marketing, but I’ll have to admit that it can be effective, and the proof of that is that nearly everyone has video on their sales pages these days.

The sales page for Tubeloom says the creator is someone named Charlotte White, a stay at home mom.  She says you can earn $350-$500 per day by creating short, 2-3 minute videos, and that you won’t even need a camera or have to appear in the video yourself.  That sounds interesting, so I thought I’d take a closer look.  Is Tubeloom a scam?

Click here to visit the Tubeloom Website. (opens in a new window)

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