Paid Rocket Review – Turn $2 Into $111,328?

Paid Rocket Review

Price: $2 (to start)

Rating: stars1a

paid rocket reviewIf you’re new to Internet marketing, you may not yet have the experience to discern between that which is possible, that which is unlikely, and that which is impossible.  Sometimes the lines are blurred, and in those cases, it can sound pretty appealing when someone says that you can spend $2 and turn it into $111,328.

That’s what you’ll encounter when you visit the Website of Paid Rocket, a product that claims to be about Internet marketing and which claims that they’ll give you training and the ability to earn a ridiculous amount of money from a very small investment.  Of course, I’m as interested in earning a lot from a little as anyone else, so I thought I’d check this program out and see what’s really going on.  Is Paid Rocket a scam?

Read on for the full Paid Rocket review.

Paid Rocket Overview

I’ll get right to the point; Paid Rocket is a gifting program.  No, it’s not marketed as such, but that’s what it is.  It’s actually promoting itself as an Internet marketing opportunity, and even makes the briefest of mentions of “a resource center where anyone can download necessary ebooks and software, to be successful in online marketing.”

Great.  So what, exactly, are you going to be marketing with all of these training materials you’ll get in the Paid Rocket resource center?


Nothing at all.  Paid Rocket isn’t about marketing at all.  It’s about paying your $2 to sign up and then recruiting as many people as you can to do the same.   The site mentions a “forced 4×4 matrix” and what that means is that if you can persuade four other people to sign up and pay their $2, you’ll earn some money.  In fact, you’ll earn $8 if you can do that.

OK, that’s nice, but $8 isn’t going to excite anyone, even if they did spend only $2 (and some effort and time to persuade others to join) to get it.  But what about the $111,328?  Where does that fit in?

paid rocket compensationI’m not going to go into the complex math involved, because it’s late in the afternoon and my brain is tired. Basically, you need to keep recruiting people to join Paid Rocket, and the people who join under you need to do the same, and everyone in the resulting pyramid needs to keep paying.

Oh, and the payments don’t stay at $2.  The $2 is what you start with, but there are actually 8 levels in the Paid Rocket system, and no, they’re not all two dollars.   Subsequent matrices will cost you $5, $10, $20, $50, $100, $180, and $350 to join, and everyone who joins underneath you will also have to pay those amounts.  That’s $715 to go “all in,” as they say in the biz.

According to the Paid Rocket site, you’ll only need to get 340 people in your downline in order to earn that $111,328, and that’s a relatively small number of people, as these sorts of programs go.  But every single one of those 340 people will also have to spend $715 for you to see that money.  If anyone along the line doesn’t pay up at the appropriate time, then the whole system collapses.

It’s worth noting that the Paid Rocket sales page says that all the money is instantly transferred to members upon payment.  That is, if you sign up and pay $2, someone above you gets that full $2 immediately.  So how does the Paid Rocket site make any money?

Simple – the owners of Paid Rocket are invested in the system, so that when people pay in, they’re going to get their money first.  That’s important, because these systems never last for very long.  It’s easy to see why.  You might know of a few people who are interested in making money this way, but they also need to know people who want to buy in and recruit more people and they need to then do the same, over and over.

paid rocket scamEventually, you just run out of people to participate in the system, and when someone stops paying, then you don’t get paid yourself.  Of course, the people who set up the site do get paid, because they get paid first, as they’re already at the top of the pyramid.

When sites like Paid Rocket fail, as they inevitably do, the people who created them usually just move on and create another one.  That’s very common in the revshare industry, and those sites are frequently short-lived.

Is it impossible to make money with Paid Rocket?  No, it’s not impossible. In fact, it’s probably not all that difficult to make $8 from it, and possibly even $80, which is what you’d earn if you filled up your second level.  I get enough readers here that if I were to write glowingly about this product and encourage people to sign up, I’d likely make that in an afternoon.

Of course, eventually, you’ll reinvest that money, and more, trying to hit that big $111,328 payout, and that most assuredly will not happen.

But I’m not going to do that, because Paid Rocket is misleading.  It’s misleading in the sense that the product is not going to teach you to make money from Internet marketing.  Paid Rocket is also misleading in the sense that it’s not a sustainable business model.

If you’re going into any Internet business, whether it’s Internet marketing or something related that’s designed to help you make money online, you’re interested in something that will earn money and which will continue to make money in the foreseeable future.  You want an ongoing concern, and not something that might make you a little bit of money now and nothing later.

Pros and Cons of Paid Rocket


  • Buy in for just $2
  • Cashing out for $8 is possible
  • Training books included


  • Not sustainable business model
  • You’ll have to spend $715 to maximize your earnings
  • It’s really just a pyramid scheme

Paid Rocket Summary

paid rocket - thumbs downThere are plenty of good ways to make money online, but Paid Rocket isn’t one of them.  It’s just a way to persuade people to part with their money in the far-fetched hope that a little bit of money can magically turn into a lot when the Pyramid Fairy shows up.  It won’t work, and there are far better ways to make money online than Paid Rocket

Paid Rocket is not recommended.

Rating: stars1a


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