Paid Surveys at Home Review – Easy Quick Cash?

Paid Surveys at Home Review – Easy Money or Scam?


There seems to be no end to the number of sites online that are offering to tell people, for a fee, how they can earn fast, easy cash by taking surveys at home.  Sure, everyone would like to make money online, as it sure beats working a real job, and the idea of just answering questions and getting paid is pretty appealing.  But Paid Surveys at Home says it’s fast an easy and the more surveys you take, the more money you can make.  Is Paid Surveys at Home a scam?  Read on for our full Paid Surveys at Home review.

paid surveys at home reviewIt’s true that marketing companies do need information from the public.  When you spend millions bringing a new product to market, you want to know, ahead of time, if there are going to be buyers for it and if your advertising is going to reach your intended audience.  These are basic things that every company involved in commerce needs to know and the best way to find out what you need to know is to offer surveys to the public. Sometimes, they might need to entice the public to take those surveys and that’s where Paid Surveys at Home comes in.

Paid Surveys at Home Overview

paid surveys at home scamPaid Surveys at Home is a site that you pay to join, though the price seems to vary.  I’ve seen Paid Surveys at Home offered for as little as $7 and as much as $68.  That’s kind of odd; if you’re offering something of value, why does the price fluctuate so much?  Regardless of the price, you pay and then you log into the Paid Surveys at Home members area, where you’ll find out about the 300 companies that offer surveys for which you can supposedly get paid as much as $45 each.  In fact, they show a handy calculator that will show you how much you can earn each month taking surveys through Paid Surveys at Home.

As a bonus, you’ll be offered a couple of additional products.  A book called “Get Paid to Drive” as well as “over 300 additional work at home opportunities.”  Once you agree to buy Paid Surveys at Home, you’ll also be hit with an upsell.  For an additional $28, you’ll receive six additional products:

1. Get Paid to Shop & Eat – A program that will show you how to eat at restaurants and shop for free (likely the popular “mystery shopper” program)2. Get Paid to Blog – This course will show you how to create your own blog and make money from it.
3. Make Money on eBay – Yes, you can make money selling things on the world’s most popular auction site.  Who knew?  This course will show you how.
4. Make Money with Google!  While unspecified, this course of book will likely introduce you to Google’s decade-old Adsense program, which allows you to make money from ads you place on your Website or blog.
5. Make Money Marketing Online – This course will probably show you how to make money in affiliate marketing.
6. Work at Home Mom (or Dad!) – This course will show you how to create your own home-based business.

Upsells like this always make me suspicious, and they should make you suspicious, too.  You’ve just agreed to buy a product that the seller claims will show you how to make thousands of dollars per month at home.  In theory, their product fills your need.  You want to make money, and they’ve just told you that Paid Surveys at Home will show you how to do that.  Then you agree to buy it, and they tell you that they’re going to throw in, at no extra cost, two other moneymaking methods that have absolutely nothing to do with paid surveys.

On top of that, Paid Surveys at Home is offering an upsell that provides six more completely unrelated methods of making money online.  Why would you want or need these extra products if the original product, Paid Surveys at Home, gave you everything you need to make money online?


The answer, of course, is an ugly one.  Paid Surveys at Home doesn’t work, and you’re only going to find a handful of surveys, if even that many, that will pay you, in cash, for your time.  There aren’t many surveys that pay cash, and those few that do are long and involved and might take you hours to complete.  Most surveys are fairly short and will pay you in coupons or gift cards.  There simply aren’t that many surveys that pay cash, and there certainly aren’t enough of them to allow you to earn hundreds of dollars per year, let alone thousands of dollars per month.

paid surveys at home fake testimonialsThe Paid Surveys at Home has some glowing testimonials, by the way, from several people who claim to have used the program and are happily making money with it.  Just for fun, I took the image of one of those “happy customers” and plugged it into Google Images to see if that photo turns up anywhere else.  I found another site with the same picture of the person that Paid Surveys at Home called “Melissa Auhagen of Hamilton, OH.”  On that site, which sells computer, this same person was identified as “Laura Stegner.”  On that computer site, I also found a photo of someone named “Marta Healy” who appears on the Paid Surveys at Home site as “Francena Sargent.”

What does this mean?  It means that Paid Surveys at Home is using fake testimonials to sell their product.  They’re selling a relatively inexpensive product that they’ve been offering for sale for years.  They claim on their affiliates page to have paid out $2.5 million in commissions to affiliates.  That’s a lot of sales.  You’d think, with all of the memberships to Paid Surveys at Home that they’ve sold over the years that they could find two people who have actually made money with the program so they could post their testimonials on their site.

But no, they can’t, and the testimonials are fake.

Paid Surveys at Home Summary

paid surveys at home - thumbs downIs Paid Surveys at Home a scam?  Sadly, it is.  There just aren’t enough surveys that pay cash to make it worth your while to pay someone up to $68 to find out where to find them.  Plus, they’re trying to sell you a lot of extra junk that you don’t need that’s completely unrelated to the Paid Surveys at Home product.  The product is junk and the testimonials are fake, and the upsell products are likely at least ten years old.

There are ways to work online from home and there are ways to make money online and they do actually work.  Instead of joining Paid Surveys at Home, you should visit Wealthy Affiliate.  Wealthy Affiliate is an online community and training program that will show you how to create your own online business through affiliate marketing using video tutorials, a great user forum, and more.  It’s a fun way to learn about making money online and you can join Wealthy Affiliate for free.  That’s a better way of spending your time than trying to make money taking surveys.

Paid Surveys at Home is not recommended.


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