Part Survey Review – $1500 Per Week?

Part Survey Review

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part survey reviewIf there’s one thing I’ve learned from using the Internet, it’s that people like giving their opinions. That can be good or bad, but people like to tell people what they think.  In the marketing world, that’s a good thing, as companies like to know what the public thinks about their products.

For that, they take surveys, and they use that information to improve their product.  Most of the time, people are happy to give their opinions for free, but Part Survey, a relatively new Website, says they’ll pay you $14 every time you answer a few questions about a video that you can watch on the site.  They say you can earn up to $1500 per week, just for completing their surveys.

That sounded interesting, and I haven’t reviewed a site like that in a while.  Is Part Survey a scam, or can you really make money this way?

Read on for the full Part Survey review.

Part Survey Overview

Signing up at Part Survey couldn’t be easier.  You need to give them a username, an email address, and a password. Then you need to tell them if you want to get paid by PayPal or Payza.

Then you’re in!  Once inside, you’ll see your dashboard.  You can read the FAQ page, or click “Survey” to take a survey, or you can read about their affiliate program.  Part Survey says they’ll pay you $14 for each survey you complete and you can take three surveys per day.


Their affiliate program involves sharing a special link that they provide with your friends, or posting it on Facebook. If someone clicks on your link and signs up, Part Survey says they’ll give you $15 for every new signup plus 20% of their earnings.  With this, the site says you can earn up to $1500 per week.

What’s involved in the survey?  You watch a short video and then you answer some questions.  They’re not real complicated and they don’t ever change.  For the first survey I took, my questions were these, and they were all multiple choice:

  • Are you watching this video for the first time?
  • What do you think of the quality of the video?
  • Have you seen this product before?
  • Have you been interested in the product you watched in the video?
  • Would you like to buy the product you watched in the video?
  • Have you watched other video of this product?
  • Does this video motivate to buy this product?
  • Can this video attract new customers?

part survey ripoffOnce I’d answered those questions, I was told that $14 had been added to my Part Survey account.  You get $30 to start, and Part Survey says that you can cash out by Payza or PayPal once you have $700 in your account.

Why do they do this?  According to the site’s FAQ page, they do this to help advertisers learn how to create better products.

All in all, Part Survey is easy to use, and since the surveys only take about a minute, you can do your three surveys each day in five to ten minutes, tops.

That all sounds great, but it also sounds too easy, right?  There must be a catch!

There is a catch, and it’s kind of a big one – Part Survey won’t pay you.  Ever.

They won’t pay?  Then what’s it about?

There are a number of sites like this one, and I’ve reviewed quite a few over the years.  They’re doing several things, and none of them will help you in any way.

First of all, they’re collecting email addresses.  I always use a fake one when I sign up for these sites.  If you sign up and give them your real address, you’ll likely end up getting a bunch of spam, probably from Russia.

Since they also ask for your Payza and/or PayPal addresses, it’s also possible that they’ll try to hack your account.  That can be a bad thing if you have any money in your PayPal balance, or if you have a credit card tied to your PayPal account, since they would then have access to your credit card.

It’s also possible that they’ll try to steer you to complete a survey for a free gift card or iPad, or some other free offer.  These surveys are known as CPA (cost per acquisition) offers, and Part Survey would likely get paid a few dollars every time you complete one of those surveys.  I’ve seen this done on some similar sites when you click on the “get paid” button.  It takes you to a page that says, “Before we can pay you, you must complete the following offer…”

They get paid, and you don’t.  What about the affiliate program?  They’re using that, not to pay you, but to get even more people to visit their Website.  When you get hundreds of people signing up and they’re all sharing their link on Facebook or Twitter, those hundreds of visitors today can turn into thousands of visitors tomorrow.

That means that they get a lot more email addresses and a lot more opportunities to hack PayPal accounts.

It doesn’t mean anything for you, though, because they don’t pay.

Funny thing – when I went to take my survey, the page said the video wasn’t available.  They couldn’t even get that part right.

part survey scamAs usual, people will read my review, and then go sign up and then complain here that they’re not getting paid.  Kind of funny, really, since I’ve said more than once that Part Survey will not pay you.

And they won’t.

Part Survey Summary

Part Survey is a site built by some people in Russia who have built dozens of sites just like this.  They promise to pay you money for doing something simple, and people like the idea of getting money for doing little or no work, so they flock to the site, spend time there completing surveys, and then get angry when they haven’t been paid.

You can make money online, and there are better ways to do it than with Part Survey.  I’d look into that instead.  As for Part Survey, it’s a waste of time, and I’d stay away.

Part Survey is not recommended.


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