Penny Stock Egghead Review – From $1000 to a Millionaire?

Penny Stock Egghead Review – $5.7 Million Cash Avalanche?



Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money online and it’s one I enjoy.  I talk about it a lot and I think it’s a great way to get started making money on the Internet.  But it’s not the only way, and from time to time, I review other products that I see out there that offer interesting alternatives to affiliate marketing.  I recently came across a product called Penny Stock Egghead that makes some pretty bold claims, including the fact that you can potentially turn $1000 into millions.  That’s certainly an attention-getter, so I thought I’d check it out.

penny stock egghead reviewPenny Stock Egghead was created and is sold by someone named Nathan Gold, and if you do a search for his name on the Web, you’ll frequently see references to him as a “math geek” or a “math genius.”  His system, which sells for $97 is pretty simple – once a week, Nathan will contact you and recommend one stock to buy.  You buy and sell when he tells you to and you’ll make money.  At least, that’s the plan.  Can you really make millions with Penny Stock Egghead?  Read on for the full Penny Stock Egghead review.

Penny Stock Egghead Overview

There’s not much to the Penny Stock Egghead product itself.  You’ll receive some information about how stock trading works in general and how penny stocks work specifically.  It’s true that you can potentially earn a lot of money trading penny stocks, which are generally regarded as those which trade for less than $1 per share.  Some stocks cost hundreds of dollars per share, so trading in those and profiting from them is difficult.  But if you’re trading in a penny stock that sells for 10¢ per share, and the stock rises to 30¢, you can triple your money fairly quickly.  Granted, a 20¢ profit isn’t much, but you’re tripling your money in a short amount of time and at those prices, even a thousand shares will only cost you $100, so the potential for profits in penny stocks is huge.


Once you’re up to date on the provided trading information, (which won’t take long, as it’s a single Web page) you wait.  Once a week, Nathan Gold will contact you with his pick of the week.  If you’re prepared to invest, you buy the stock when he recommends it and sell whenever you like.  According to Nathan, this weekly pick is carefully researched and he’ll be recommending a stock that’s virtually certain to go up in value by a large margin.

That’s really it.  In theory, yes, it’s possible to earn huge returns on penny stocks, as they tend to be rather volatile and dramatic price increases (and decreases; more on that later) are pretty common in the market.  That volatility is what scares a lot of traders away from penny stocks; they’re simply too unpredictable and few traders are prepared to put all of their money at risk with such trades.

penny stock egghead pickFor one example of the volatility of penny stocks, we can see an example of a company called DRMC.  At some point in the past, this stock was selling for fractions of a penny per share, and at one point, Penny Stock Egghead recommended it to the people on his mailing list, saying that DRMC was about to move into the aerospace industry and that big things were about to happen for this company.  While I don’t know the exact date that he made that recommendation, we can see how the stock has performed over the past five years and take a good guess as to when he recommended the stock.

In April of 2014, that stock abruptly jumped from about 5¢ per share to 50¢ per share.  Within a few days, the stock was again trading at about 3¢ per share.  This sort of thing is pretty common with penny stocks, especially if you’re using some sort of service that recommends particular stocks to buy.  The price of stocks is determined entirely by supply and demand.  When more people want to buy than sell, the price goes up.  When more people want to sell than buy, the price goes down.  The graph shown here demonstrates that the opportunity to make money on DRMC was pretty limited; it was just a couple of days.  In order to make money on the stock, you had to buy it before the huge spike, and you had to sell it before the price crashed again.

penny stock egghead scamWho knows when the prices are going to go up and down?  Only one person – the guy recommending that you buy.  This is something we’ve seen with all sorts of penny stock “systems”, and here’s what’s really happening.  The person doing the recommending buys the stock before they recommend it.  That way, they’re able to buy it very inexpensively before the price goes up.  Once the price starts to rise, they’ll immediately sell it before the price crashes.  If you’re participating in one of these systems, chances are that the person recommending the stock to you has already sold their stocks in the company they’re recommending to you before you’ve even had a chance to buy it.  By the time you get around to doing anything, the window of opportunity to make money on it is gone.  Rest assured, there are people who bought DRMC stock at 50¢ a share who still owned it when the stock bottomed out again at a penny or so.

We’ve yet to see a penny stock system that didn’t work this way.  It works really well if you’re the one doing the recommending, and the nice thing about that is that pretty much any stock will do.  There’s no “magic” to it, really.  Just buy something, persuade others to buy it after you do and then sell it before the price goes down again.

In this regard, Penny Stock Egghead doesn’t appear to be any different from Penny Stock Sniper or any of the other penny stock systems we’ve seen.  Are you going to get rich or become a millionaire by using one of these systems?  No, you’re not, though the person who sold it to you may do pretty well.

Penny Stock Egghead Summary

penny stock egghead - thumbs downPenny Stock Egghead appears to be just another “system” designed to promise millions of dollars to people who likely have only hundreds available to them that they can’t afford to lose.  The system isn’t likely to work and you’re not going to make money with it.  If you’re really interested in making money online, there are better ways to do it.  Instead of wasting your time with Penny Stock Egghead, you should consider visiting Wealthy Affiliate.  They offer legitimate opportunities that really work and you can sign up for free.

Penny Stock Egghead is not recommended.


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