Penny Stock Sniper – $100 into $10 Million?

Penny Stock Sniper Review – Big Profits from Small Stocks?


Jeff Avery, the creator of Penny Stock Sniper, says you can use his system to potentially turn a $100 investment into as much as $10 million dollars.  That’s a pretty bold claim, but there are people who have successfully earned good money with penny stocks.   The site is loaded with testimonials from people who have successfully made profitable trades using this system and Jeff Avery claims that Penny Stock Sniper is simple enough for anyone to use.

penny stock sniper scamStocks, Forex and other products in the financial markets are a bit outside of my normal arena, but I do review all kinds of products in the make money online niche, and in this case, Penny Stock Sniper certainly qualifies.  The system involves joining Penny Stock Sniper and then making online trades via various online brokers that Jeff Avery recommends, so it seemed only reasonable that I take a closer look at this product.  Besides, claims of being able to turn $100 into ten million dollars are too bold to be ignored.  Is Penny Stock Sniper a scam?  Read on for our full Penny Stock Sniper review.

Penny Stock Sniper Overview

penny_stocksThere’s not a whole lot of information about the Penny Stock Sniper product itself on the sales page.  The only content is a fifteen minute video, followed by a link to the order page.  Currently, the price to purchase a lifetime membership to Penny Stock Sniper is $97, which gets you the basic Penny Stock Sniper membership, plus the following bonuses:

  • Penny Stock Email Advisory
  • How to Minimize Risk and Maximize Profits report
  • How to Get the Absolute Best Deal on a Stock Brokerage Account report
  • When to Lock in Your Gains for Maximum Profits report
  • Two Dirt Cheap Stocks Set to Explode report

The reports are roughly 6 pages each, in PDF format.  The membership is really nothing more than a subscription to the weekly Penny Stock Email Advisory, which is essentially the product itself.  Jeff Avery claims to study the market eagerly, and each week, he’s going to recommend one or more inexpensive stocks that you should buy because he thinks that they’re going to go up in value soon.


The Penny Stock Sniper product involves the buying and trading of so-called “penny stocks”, which are defined in the U.S. as stocks that trade at $5 per share or less.  Because of their fairly low market price, penny stocks are popular with traders who don’t have a lot of money to spend.  If they go up even a little bit in price, you can make a fair amount of money if you buy them in volume.  After all, if you buy a stock today for $1 per share and sell it tomorrow for $1.25, you’ve made 25% on your investment.  The profits come by purchasing such stocks in bulk.

penny stock sniper reviewYour subscription to Penny Stock Sniper gets you the weekly advisory, and in essence, the Penny Stock Sniper system works like this:

  • You sign up for a brokerage (Jeff Avery will recommend a few), open an account, and deposit some money
  • You wait for your Penny Stock Email Advisory to show up in your inbox
  • You purchase as many shares of the stocks that Jeff Avery recommends as you like
  • You wait for the stock to rise in price
  • Profit!

That sounds like a pretty simple method, and if Jeff Avery is any good at predicting which stocks will go up in value, you should be able to profit from Penny Stock Sniper.  If that sounds good to you, then you can stop reading right now and go visit the Penny Stock Sniper Website.

What’s Really Happening With Penny Stock Sniper

Of course, you know that there’s more going on with Penny Stock Sniper than what I’ve described above, and there is.  Stocks don’t exist in a vacuum; many people buy them and sell them every day.  Penny stocks trade at relatively low volumes; that is, not many shares exchange hands every day.  Slight increases in interest (or disinterest) in a stock can cause the price to fluctuate wildly.

Jeff Avery is counting on that.

penny stock sniper jeff avery scamA quick look at the affiliate page for Penny Stock Sniper shows something remarkable.  On that page, Jeff Avery is trying to persuade affiliates to promote his product.  According to Clickbank, Jeff is paying affiliates 75% of the sales price, which is pretty good.  You send someone to Jeff’s site, and they buy Penny Stock Sniper and you get 75% of the sale, which is the most that Clickbank allows a vendor to offer as a commission.  But Jeff is going farther than that.  On his affiliate page, he says that he’s offering 100% of the sales price, plus a $50 bonus.

Think about that.  If an affiliate sends a visitor to Jeff’s site and they buy Penny Stock Sniper for $97, Jeff is going to pay that affiliate $147, effectively losing money on every single sale.  That doesn’t make any sense, does it?  Who would do such a thing?
The answer, of course, is: Someone who has another way to make money from people who buy the product.

That would be Jeff Avery, who has a terrific way to make money from people who buy Penny Stock Sniper.  What is that method?  He knows what stocks you’re going to buy before you buy them.  How does he know this?  Because he’s telling you what stocks to buy.

Here’s how Jeff Avery is likely making money:

  • Jeff decides what stock(s) he’s going to promote in this week’s Penny Stock Email Advisory
  • Jeff buys a lot of those company’s stocks
  • Jeff sends out his Penny Stock Email Advisory, telling all of his Penny Stock Sniper members to buy those same stocks
  • Because a bunch of people are buying those stocks, all on Jeff Avery’s recommendation, the stocks rise in price
  • Jeff Avery makes a bunch of money, because he bought at a lower price than his customers

penny stock sniper disclaimerWill the customers make money?  A few likely will, but only those who get in early.   Jeff has probably sold his stocks already by the time the last of the customers gets around to buying the stocks Jeff has recommended,   The people who bought late are probably stuck, as these stocks are likely rising in value only because Jeff Avery told a bunch of people to buy them.

Like any product in the make money online niche, the Website for Penny Stock Sniper has an earnings disclaimer.  It says right in the first paragraph that  “Never invest in any stock discussed by Penny Stock Sniper LLC (“PSS”), which includes communications on as well as in email and text message communications, unless you can afford to lose your entire investment”

Gosh, if Penny Stock Sniper was such a “can’t miss” opportunity, why is Jeff Avery telling us, in a legally required disclaimer, that you might lose everything?  Because chances are good that you will.

Penny Stock Sniper Summary

penny stock sniper- thumbs downIs Penny Stock Sniper a scam?  Pretty much.  Jeff’s going to tell you to buy something, and he’s going to make a lot of money from it when the price goes up because you bought it.  It’s you that’s making money for him.  He’s doing nothing for you, and if you buy Penny Stock Sniper, you’re likely to lose a lot of money, and as he points out, you might lose it all.

There are ways to make money online without losing money in stocks.  If you’re interested in a genuine way to make money online then you should stay away from Penny Stock Sniper and visit Wealthy Affiliate.  Wealthy Affiliate is a training program that will show you how to build a profitable online business.  They give you the training and the guidelines, and then you decide what kind of business to build.  It’s an online community that represents a great way to make friends online while learning how to make money.  That’s a much better way to go than by helping some guy you don’t know make money by purchasing Penny Stock Sniper.

Penny Stock Sniper is not recommended.


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